Drake and Josh Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 13, 1989
Hair Color: Blonde
Mother: Yeesta
Father: Yonka
Boyfriend: Achboo
Ex-Husband: Drake Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Anastasia Baranova
Only Appearance: We're Married?

Yooka is a one-time character in Drake & Josh. She is Josh's e-pal who lives in Yudonia and Drake Parker's ex-wife. She and Josh have been communicating online for over a year until she comes to stay at their house. She is from a billionaire family and aspires to become a mother to nine children.


Yooka is a wise person who seemed to be happy with Josh. She happens to be known for her brief anger on Drake every time she asked every girl to stay away from him.


Yooka and Josh had been communicating through email for over a year and a half at the time of the episode, and Yooka emails Josh to say that she is coming to visit him in San Diego, much to his excitement. However, when Yooka does arrive, Drake falls in love with her and spends more time with her then Josh can.

Later, during Yooka's stay, Drake and Josh overhear her talking to her parents on the phone and mistranslate her words as if saying that she is homesick. As a result, Josh organizes a friendship ceremony, but it turns out to be a wedding ceremony, and Drake accidentally goes along with it, much to Josh's shock. Later, Yooka's parents come to visit the family and their new son-in-law, much to Audrey and Walter's anger. However, Josh comes up with a plan to annul the marriage immediately that night. However, Drake decides to remain married to Yooka when he hears that Yooka's family are rich billionaires, but Josh reveals that the meat they are eating is from goats, a sacred animal in Yudonia's homeland, much to her family's anger. As a result, Yooka's father ends the marriage by ripping the marriage certificate and his family leave immediately much to Drake's sadness.

In the end credits of the episode, Josh and Yooka still keep in touch, with her revealing that she fell in love with a guy named Achboo and the two became engaged, which saddened Drake further. However, since Yooka does not appear, or is mentioned, in subsequent episodes, it can be assumed that she and Josh eventually still keep in touch after the events of We're Married?.