Drake and Josh Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Interests: Dancing
Talents: #1 Dancer in Eastern Europe
Lives In: San Diego
Employment: Dancer
Friends: Josh Nichols
Nemesis: Emily Henderson
Drake Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Eliza Swenson
Only Appearance: Dance Contest

Vilga is a minor character on Drake & Josh.


Vilga is the number 1 dancer in Eastern Europe. She can be aggressive at times, insulting and starting fights with Emily and knocking sense into Josh when he is nervous. She and Emily fight backstage at the dance contest, causing both of them to get disqualified from the contest.

Plot Overview[]

Josh and Vilga become dance partners for the dance contest after Drake stole Emily from him. After she starts a fight with Emily, they both get disqualified from the dance contest.


Josh Nichols[]

Vilga was Josh's new dance partner.

Emily Henderson[]

Vilga insults Emily a lot, which leads to the two of them fighting.


  • "This is our competition?"
  • "You will lose."
  • "I have swallowed things more frightening than you."


  • She only appears in Dance Contest.
  • She is the number one dancer in all of Eastern Europe.
  • She already had a digital camera before she met Josh.
  • Her last name is never revealed.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, her name is changed to "Irina".