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Vicious Tiberius
Season 4, Episode 2
Vicious Tiberius
Air date October 1, 2006
Written by George Doty IV
Directed by Roger Christiansen
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Vicious Tiberius is the second episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh try their hand at a little house-sitting, but they weren't expecting to have to deal with a vicious dog.


In the opening comments, Josh was so stressed about blood donation while Drake was in his bedroom blowing up some latex balloons from a bag of balloons.

Mrs. Hayfer is going on vacation for the weekend and Josh volunteers to watch over her dog and her house while she is away, and Drake tags along. Meanwhile, Walter buys an elliptical machine, and starts working out in hopes of finally beating his arch nemesis, Bruce Winchill, in his TV station's yearly 5K Run. Drake and Josh arrive at Mrs. Hayfer's house, and they meet her dog, Tiberius, who is a vicious Rottweiler, and traps them in Mrs. Hayfer's bathroom.

When Megan shows up from oboe practice, Drake and Josh see that Tiberius happens to be calm. An animal control officer (Buddy Lewis) arrives and is about to capture Tiberius until the dog traps him in the bathroom as well. Drake and Josh then devise a successful plan to escape out of Mrs. Hayfer's house without getting mauled by Tiberius.

At the end, when Drake and Josh arrive home, Walter goes to Mrs. Hayfer's house to look for Drake and Josh, but unfortunately finds Tiberius. Walter becomes scared and he runs out of Mrs. Hayfer's house, with Tiberius still chasing after him while Drake and Josh relax at home.

During the end credits, Josh spills popcorn on Drake after he ignored his question. While Josh eats popcorn off of Drake's body, Drake also grabs the popcorn off himself, as he and Josh continue watching TV.



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  • Audrey is absent in this episode.
  • This episode aired one year after Paging Dr. Drake.
  • The song Walter was singing while working out is Highway to Nowhere by Drake Bell.
  • It is hinted from this episode that Drake is horrible at geography, but this could be pretty obvious since Drake does really bad at school.
  • In the book version, the Animal Control Guy's ID name is Stan.
  • When Josh helps Drake from hanging on Mrs. Hayfer's ceiling fan, Drake is on Josh's shoulders, but they're not exactly doing it just like in the theme song as the camera is in another position and Drake says "over your shoulder" in the theme song.
  • This episode is quite similar to "What's Bothering Bob" from Martha Speaks when Truman, Helen, Alice, TD, Kazuo, the pizza guy, and Bob's owner are trapped sitting in a tree's branch when Bob is a bit moody, barking a lot, and being a chaser, chasing anything and anyone.
  • Karen Franklin is also mentioned in the Zoey 101 episode The Election.
  • This is the first episode where Drake and Josh's bedroom isn’t shown. The second and third episodes would be The Wedding and Helicopter.
  • This is the last episode that Mrs. Hayfer appears in. She makes a cameo appearance in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. She would be mentioned in Megan’s First Kiss.
  • The exact same shot of Mrs. Hayfer's toilet reappears in the iCarly episode iLook Alike, where at one point Sam shows a picture of Freddie and the shot consists of Mrs. Hayfer's toilet.
  • The dog Tiberius bears a resemblance to Cousin Eddie's dog Snots from the 1989 Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation, due to the fact that they're both Rottweilers. But unlike Snots, Tiberius doesn't have a sinus condition.
  • It is revealed that Megan plays the oboe. She was previously seen with an oboe in Sheep Thrills.
  • When the animal control guy mentions that he fought in Vietnam, he was likely referring to the fact that he fought in the Vietnam War.
  • Tiberius makes no future appearances, so it is likely as a possibility that Mrs. Hayfer either gave him away or had him put down due to his violent behavior. It is also possible that he is calm and quiet when she is around or home alone, but when other people are around, he becomes violent.
  • Tiberius is the name of a Roman emperor in Roman mythology.
  • It's been revealed that Mrs. Hayfer isn't a funny person until Drake and Josh watch a video of her doing a comedy act at the time that she was a young woman before she became an English teacher at Belleview High School.
  • Search for the Stars is a play on Dancing with the Stars.


  • In Honor Council, Josh said that Mrs. Hayfer's full name is Alice Hayfer, but in the "Search for the Stars" video, it says that her full name is Linda Hayfer. Alice is possibly her middle name.
    • Or it is likely she changed her first name from Linda to Alice. 
  • When Drake and Josh are trying to get through the door, the stick Josh was holding was blocking the way. The camera shows the front of them and when it does, the stick is at an angle. However, the camera cuts to the back of them and now, the stick is straight.
  • Mrs. Hayfer's porch looks very different from how it did in Mean Teacher.
    • It's possible that she moved since that episode.
    • Mrs. Hayfer's toilet seat remains up the entire time while Drake and Josh take refuge in the bathroom, but later when the Animal Control man enters, the seat is down.
  • Josh claims he gets stage fright, but in Blues Brothers and The Great Doheny, he has no problems performing in front of an audience.
    • It's possible that he was lying.
  • When Drake and Josh are trying to keep the door closed in the bathroom, the wall shakes as Drake is holding the door.
  • It is highly unlikely that an animal control man who fought in Vietnam and been an animal control officer for 11 years would be scared of a dog. Though it could be that the animal control guy has only taken care of animals who are calm and not violent for his whole life.
  • When the dog catcher runs into Mrs. Hayfer's bathroom followed by Drake and Josh, all fleeing Tiberius, Drake's butt crack is briefly seen as they close the bathroom door.
  • The urination timeline feels wrong - Josh pees his pants (though there's no evidence to support this), then he has to pee so badly that he can hardly hold it (but can't go while there's another male in the room), then shortly thereafter he calmly doesn't have to go anymore when stuck in the bathroom with two other guys.
  • The phrase that Drake says while the toilet seat is up, "I'm not putting my hand in there. That's where Mrs. Hayfer pees." It makes sense for plenty of Nickelodeon fans to realize that Drake said it right on cue even though you got to add plenty of toilet humor to a sitcom that Dan Schneider created for Nickelodeon.
  • During the scene where Josh helps Drake down the ceiling fan, Drake's microphone is visible. It remains unclear whether the story has Tiberius as a genuinely mean, aggressive dog or just scary looking with misunderstood intentions. The dog scenes are highly edited to string together the filmed actions, with an inconclusive result that is not entirely satisfying but likely the best that could be made for many people who watched Drake & Josh growing up before it got cancelled.
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