If you have any sort of freedom, and want to use the freedom to express how you feel about a character online, you should not be oppressed by such users as there is one user who is a tattle tale that will take your freedom on here away from you and he apparently is a traitor to all online here and that traitorous tattle tale is name JohnnyThyroids.

He is a tattle tale, a rat, a stool pigeon. And if you post any comments that is your freedom of speech on here on how you feel about an episode or character of a show, he will be the first to tattle tale on you, he's a snitch. He is nothing but a child, a troll online who will tattle on you faster than the fastest speed limit on Sonic Hedgehog that can be tracked on a race track. So if you want to prevent him from bullying you online and prevent him from ratting you out and later bragging about it, than block this horrible little boy and don't ever speak to him. Because what he did to me will happen to you.

He's a pest, a menace, a selfish, spoiled little boy and we should shun him from our lives. He took something from me that I can never get back, something that means more to me than he ever will. I don't want to see him, I don't want to know him. We shouldn't see him or know him, so if anyone has any backbone, block him in all ways you can, don't talk to him, don't even include him in anything. He should stay out of everyone's way. Everyone on the internet should have their freedom and express it in any other way they can, and no one has any right to take that away from you. And this horrible little boy I am warning all of you about, don't trust him, he's a big mouth that needs to be shut and the only way is to shun him forever. This is my first and only warning.