Drake and Josh Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 18, 1995
Hair Color: Brown
Interests: Pulling pranks on people
Friends: Megan
Production Info
Portrayed by: Skyler Gisondo
First Appearance: I Love Sushi
Last Appearance: I Love Sushi

Tyler is a minor character who appeared on the episode I Love Sushi. When Megan gets too busy to prank Drake and Josh, she hires a young boy named Tyler to assistant to prank them. Megan fires Tyler. He is portrayed by Skyler Gisondo.


  • He bought Drake and Josh nachos with a type of special "sticky cheese".
  • He threw an egg at Sergeant Doty's back and leaves the egg tray on the counter. Sergeant Doty forced Drake and Josh to do 50 pushups allowing them to take the blame.