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Two Idiots and a Baby
Two Idiots and a Baby
Season: 1
Episode: 4 (season)
4 (series)
Absent: Larry Thomas
Kimmy Robertson
Writer: Steven Molaro
Director: Virgil L. Fabian
Originally Aired: February 8, 2004
"Believe Me, Brother"
"First Crush"

Two Idiots and a Baby is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Drake & Josh and the fourth episode of the series overall.


When Mr. Nichols's boss calls off their dinner plans because of a last-minute babysitter cancellation, Josh offers his and Drake's services.


In the opening comments, Drake thinks Josh should cut loose and have more fun, while Josh thinks Drake should be more responsible.

Josh is sanding his catapult while Drake is trying to work on a song in their bedroom. When Mr. Galloway and Mrs. Galloway arrive, Josh offers to babysit Max, much to Drake's dismay while Audrey and Walter go out to dinner with the Galloways. Megan then pranks Drake and Josh by calling the house phone after applying glue to it, which wakes Max up, making him cry. Drake and Josh try many things to get Max to stop crying and reach out to Rina, Paul, and Scottie for help. After Drake and Josh struggle to get Max cleaned in the sink, the whole situation unfolds briefly again. The two then sing I've Been Working on the Railroad, which finally puts Max to sleep. When Drake leaves to play at a concert, Josh returns to the couch to find that Max is gone.

Josh desperately searches for Max around the house, and when Mrs. Galloway calls, Josh impersonates Max over the phone to fool her. Eventually, Josh ends up getting stuck on the roof after the ladder he climbs fall over. When Drake gets home after his concert got cancelled, he asks Josh about Max until Drake finally figures out where Max is. Drake goes to the garage to find Megan and he confronts her about Max. When Audrey, Walter, and the Galloways arrive home, they found Josh hanging on the roof until Josh lands on Mr. Galloway. Josh is very worried about Max when his parents and the Galloways try to go inside the house. Everyone arrives at the house to find Max with Drake and Megan. Mr. and Mrs. Galloway pick up Max as he continues to sleep, and Audrey and Walter thank Drake and Josh for babysitting Max all throughout the night.

During the end credits, Drake and Josh try to find a way to change Max's diaper. Drake asks Rina if she can change Max's diaper, but she ends up leaving the house right away as Josh realizes that she's not coming back.



  • The title is a spoof of the 1987 movie Three Men and a Baby.
  • As of September 2012, this episode from season 1 along with First Crush and Grammy no longer airs on TeenNick (when Johnny Lewis passed away due to his accidental death as a result of a fall). However, the episode is still available on Paramount+.
  • This episode has been shown on the Henry Danger episode, "Text, Lies, and Video."
  • Max does pee on Drake, Josh and Megan in this episode even though his penis isn't shown at all. When Audrey and Walter come home from dinner out with Mr. and Mrs. Galloway, she asks, "Why do the curtains smell like pee?"
  • This episode is the first Dan Schneider production to ever show partial nudity as Drake, Josh, and Megan were washing Max naked and his butt is briefly shown.
  • In the episode, during the Schneider's Bakery closing credit, Dan says "Mmmm!" slightly differently. Also, the Nickelodeon light-bulb logo hums 6 times for the first time in TV order, but not DVD order (on the DVD, episode 6 plays first then this).
  • The concept and idea of babysitting would later be the theme for a future Schneider's Bakery show, Sam & Cat.
  • Larry Thomas, the actor who played Mr. Galloway, previously played "The Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld.
  • This is the first episode where all scenes take place at night. This would happen again in The Wedding and The Battle of Panthatar.
    • Though the opening comment takes place earlier in the afternoon with Drake & Josh wearing the same clothes.
  • This is the first episode where Drake and Josh sing a song together.
    • This is also the first episode where the boys fight each other briefly.
  • Megan's Pranks: Gluing the phone together to make Max cry and hiding Max to worry Josh.


  • When Josh is trying to pick up the phone, the phone gets thrown across the room into the fish tank and breaks. Then, about two scenes later, the phone is back on the table fixed up.
  • When Max pees on Drake, Josh, and Megan, the pee can still be visibly seen on Josh, but not Drake. Max's pee comes from the sink and rotates.
  • There are never any vines or leaves surrounding Drake and Josh's window, but whenever we see them looking out, the leaves and vines are around it.
  • When Josh flings the football out the window, you see it go down, but later it's on the roof. If it bounced, it wouldn't have bounced that high.
  • When Josh is dangling from the gutter, you hear Josh say he didn't feed Sheldon in kindergarten, causing Sheldon to pass away. In the opening sequence of Playing the Field, Josh says that his pet turtle, Sheldon passed away when he was in 3rd grade.
    • It is likely that his 3rd grade class got another turtle named Sheldon and that one likely died as well.
  • It's not Josh that falls on Walter's boss when he jumps from the roof. If you look carefully, it's just a dummy with Josh's clothes on.
  • Scottie volunteered to smell the dirty diaper and he said that it smelled fine. After Drake smelled the diaper and he said that it smelled awful, Scottie smelled it again and then said it reeked.
  • When the girls asked why Drake smelled like dirty diaper, Drake explained that the smell came from the guitar player Paul. However, Scottie the drummer was the one Drake was looking at and Paul wasn't even in the shot.
  • After Josh smelled the diaper and fainted, you can clearly see the pad that he fell on at the bottom of the screen.
  • After Megan leaves to go upstairs when Audrey told her to, a few seconds later she can clearly be seen outside the door.
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