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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Lives In: San Diego
Brothers: Scottie (younger brother)
Friends: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Production Info
Portrayed by: Taran Killam
Only Appearance: Dune Buggy

Trevor is a minor character who only appeared in "Dune Buggy".


He is Drake's absent-minded friend and Scottie's older brother. He has been sporadically mentioned several times in the series, and his voice is heard over the phone in "Josh Runs Into Oprah". Trevor gets a brain scan every month, due to his unintelligence as found out in "Dune Buggy". In "The Wedding", the boys use his old car (a 1970s Chevrolet El Camino) to get to their great aunt Catherine's wedding, but it breaks down and later catches fire.


  • Taran Killam, who plays Trevor, also appeared in a show Dan Schneider worked on, The Amanda Show, where he played Spaulding in the sketch Moody's Point, and also appeared in the iCarly episode "iMeet The First Lady", as Agent Kimsey.
  • His parents make him get a brain scan every month.
  • He only appears in one episode "Dune Buggy," but he is sporadically mentioned throughout the series.
  • He and Scottie have never gotten either arrested or grounded by their parents off-screen, because of both their unintelligent behaviors and they're the ones who convinced their friend Drake get into legal trouble with his own parents in two episodes "Dune Buggy" and "Grammy"
  • According to Drake, he had two snakes and was going to make them fight each other.
  • He is a first-generation character.
  • He and Scottie almost get mentioned in Steered Straight when Audrey and Walter reveal Drake's law violation to police that one time when Drake took the dune buggy out with him "(Dune Buggy)" and Josh mentioned that Drake, Scottie, Rina, and Paul were detained at Rock Shock concert due to unsuspected counterfeiter the concert tickets. "(Grammy)".
  • His only seasonal appearance is Season 1.
  • He is an absent-minded character, which is probably why he gets brain scans every month.
  • It is unknown if his younger brother Scottie has ever gotten brain scans one week in every month like him.
  • It is unknown if he has ever get grounded by his parents for his unintelligent behavior like his friend, Drake who had been by punished by his own parents.
  • He is Scottie's older brother.
  • Trevor is very similar to Homer Simpson from The Simpsons.
  • He used to own a 1976 Chevrolet El Camino Classic, registration number 3Q49982. In "The Wedding," Drake and Josh borrowed this car to drive a wedding cake to their Great Aunt Catherine's wedding, but it broke down and eventually caught fire.
    • According to Josh, his ex-girlfriend used to sleep in his car.
    • Trevor's not seen although he was going to be seen but he was only heard talking on the phone with Drake in the episode Josh Runs Into Oprah.


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