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Tree House
Season 4, Episode 10
Air date January 21, 2007
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Roger Christiansen
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Tree House is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


Drake, Josh and Megan accidentally destroy the neighbors' treehouse. So they rebuild it, which goes very well, until Drake and Josh find themselves trapped inside.


In the opening comments, Josh was frustrated when he called Drake from a Chinese restaurant about him eating Megan's fruit pops, which he was saving for her.

Josh gets a package from the mailman as he revealed that he got a model rocket and shows it to Drake. Drake and Josh go upstairs to build their model rocket, and it explodes in Robbie's tree house from their bedroom window. During the night, Drake, Josh, Megan, and their family try to apologize to Robbie's parents after Drake and Josh destroyed Robbie's tree house. Robbie angrily walks to his parents, and he eventually screams out of frustration after his tree house was destroyed by Drake and Josh. Drake, Josh, and Megan plan to rebuild Robbie's tree house before they go on their dates while Robbie and his parents go on vacation. Drake and Josh apologize to Robbie for the mishap, and Josh tried to cheer Robbie up with his remote-controlled car. However, Robbie screams out of frustration again when his remote-controlled car got destroyed after a piece of his tree house fell down which causes Drake, Josh, Megan, and the family to quickly leave Robbie's backyard. The next day, Drake, Josh, and Megan rebuild Robbie's tree house before Drake and Josh can go on a double date with two twin girls. Drake goes up to Josh to reattach the last wall, but they end up trapping themselves inside when Drake and Josh forget to cut the door out.

When Drake and Josh are both trapped inside the tree house, Megan refuses to pass up the power saw to let Drake and Josh out, because they made her miss her friend Janie's birthday party. Josh uses his power screwdriver to make a door hole, but he realized that Megan is satisfied after she unplugged it when Drake and Josh tried to get out of the tree house. During the night, Drake and Josh are still trapped in the tree house when their dates with two twin squash girls got cancelled by Megan. Outside the tree house, Megan is grilling burgers, and she gives an uncooked patty to Drake and Josh. At home, Megan finds Craig and Eric with their model rockets and she talks to the two twin squash girls that Drake and Josh moved to Canada as she decides to let Craig and Eric take over for them. Inside the tree house, Drake and Josh are still bored. Craig and Eric are at The Premiere hanging out with two twin squash girls. When they got out, the girls quickly escape.

At the end, Drake and Josh come up with a plan to get out of the tree house. They try run and push strong as they to break the walls out of the tree house. When the tree house falls down to the grass, they are still trapped inside all throughout the night. During the end credits, Drake and Josh name every word from the alphabet after the tree house was knocked down.



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  • Drake and Josh spend the majority of this episode in one location for once, like in Vicious Tiberius, Helicopter and The Wedding.
  • This is the first episode where Megan gets penalized by Audrey and Walter, although this was for helping the boys build the rocket that destroyed the tree-house and she doesn't get disciplined for leaving them trapped in the treehouse.
    • However, talking about iCarly, Megan (as Carly by then) gets her comeuppance for tormenting Drake and Josh by having Jocelyn push her in the iCarly episode "iMake Sam Girler", and being tied up alongside Freddie and Gibby in the iCarly episode "iRescue Carly".
  • Deleted Scene (in the ending credits): Drake and Josh lie in the overturned treehouse naming adjectives to describe their predicament.
  • This marks the first appearance of Robbie, who appears on the next episode, Josh Is Done.
  • This marks the only appearances of Robbie's parents.
  • Hammers would also be mentioned and/or seen in other Schneider’s Bakery shows too (The Silver Hammer Society in Zoey 101, iWant To Stay With Spencer in iCarly, #BrainCrush in Sam & Cat and The Gorilla Club in Victorious).
  • It's revealed that The Carmichaels have a cottage in Fresno, California which is their usual vacation site.
  • Running gags involve Megan refusing to let the boys out of the treehouse and Drake continuously mispronouncing the word "cone" as "con" and not accepting Josh's frustrating corrections with the word "whatever".
  • The events of this episode were mentioned in Steered Straight.
  • The scene where Drake finds out that he cannot get out of the tree house due to the fact that he drew a door on the treehouse with a marker has become a meme on YouTube depicting the duo being trapped in random places. The dialogue from said scene also became a meme, with Josh asking Drake about a certain predicament Drake got himself into and Drake realizing his mistake. This dialogue was frequently commented on some videos on YouTube related to Drake & Josh.
  • During the intro where the episode begins, Drake mentions he had his mouth full of pickle chips, he could've been referring to I Love Sushi where both him and Josh had both their mouths full of nachos.
  • This episode is similar to Kenan & Kel's "Fenced In" episode. Since in both episodes Kenan and Kel, like Drake and Josh, had movie dates, however, Drake and Josh went to eat with their dates, while Kenan and Kel went to see a movie. And they are also trapped, only that Kenan and Kel are trapped in a metal fence because Kel dropped a yo-yo out of it. Another difference is that in the end Kenan and Kel manage to go to their dates, only with the bars over them.
  • It is unknown how Drake and Josh got out of the treehouse after the events of this episode. It is likely that someone eventually found them and rescued them.
  • Moral: Always be careful when building something.


  • When Drake and Josh are trapped in the tree-house starving, Drake says he wishes he could have an "Inside Out Burger". This is clearly a reference to the popular west coast burger chain restaurant: "In 'n' Out Burger".
  • Robbie Carmichael is named after Robbie Douglas the middle son from the sitcom My Three Sons and Robbie Rotten from the Icelandic TV show, LazyTown.
  • He is also named after Robbie from the animated children's TV show, Caillou.


  • In Believe Me, Brother, Josh says he’s afraid of squirrels. Yet he tries to attach a note to one in this episode. Unless he got over his fear between episodes.
  • Megan throws lemonade on Drake and splashes him with it just because him and Josh made her miss Janie's birthday party and you can see that the juice is on his face and his shirt but when he says "don't touch the power saw" all the lemonade juice on him is gone, and he never had any lemonade stain on his shirt either.
  • When Drake and Josh are assembling the model rocket in their bedroom, before Josh says fuselage, the door is fully closed, but after Josh says fuselage, the door is unexpectedly and suddenly wide open without anyone ever being seen anywhere near the door.
  • In the scene before the theme song, when Megan shoots the rubber band at Josh in their living room, the rubber band lands on the couch cushion, but in the next shot, the rubber band disappears. Also, when Josh gets hit by the rubber band, the note pad lands on the textbook, but in the next shot, the note pad is suddenly now on the floor, which Josh picks up and puts on the textbook.
  • When Josh is trying to push Drake out of the window, every time we have an exterior shot, Drake's hands are on the outside of the window. But when the scene cuts back to an interior shot in the tree house, Drake's hands are inside the window.
  • Drake and Josh eat raw meat from one of Megan's hamburgers she's making on the barbecue. They should know better than to eat raw meat and they should never eat something that's uncooked because it could've easily killed them. It's also wrong for Megan to give them a raw meat patty with chemicals and it's very poisonous. She could've given them raw meat because it would've had something to do with her pranks and missing Janie's birthday party. It may have also been possible that she didn't want to give any of the boys her cooked food and that she would want all to herself, or even one of those things where she just enjoys torturing her brothers for fun.
  • Drake and Josh would've been killed because they knocked over the tree house with them inside.
  • The episode's title is spelled as two words instead of one.
  • When Josh said "You were supposed to cut it out with the power saw" he was standing in front of the window. When he said "so go get the power saw" he was in front of the wall with the door drawn on it. In the next shot when the camera turned to Drake, he was back in front of the window.
  • Megan leaves Drake and Josh in the treehouse refusing to bring up the power saw, then she says that she's going in to get a snow cone and as you can see it's bright and sunny outside, then the episode cuts short with a fade effect and returns with Drake and Josh struggling to get out of the treehouse but call Megan back again, they ask her where she's been and she specifically told them that she was only going inside getting a snow cone but the daytime has suddenly gotten a little bit darker since she got one.
  • Megan could have easily gotten in trouble for leaving Drake and Josh in the tree house all day, and Drake could have as well for being incompetent. If Audrey and Walter came home later that night, they would have needed to know where Drake and Josh were, why the tree house was not finished during the day, and how Drake and Josh got trapped in; Drake and Josh would have told their parents about Megan leaving them in the tree house if they eventually got out, and Josh could have told his parents about Drake getting himself and Josh trapped inside, and if Robbie's family knew about the tree-house collapsing. Robbie and his parents would have forced Megan and Drake to re-build the treehouse again, and they (Drake and Megan) could have gotten possibly grounded for all the trouble they both caused.