Drake and Josh Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 2
Birthday: October 22, 2004
Hair Color: Black
Dislikes: Men
Owners: Alice Hayfer
Jerald Hayfer
Kelly Hayfer
Friends: Megan
Nemesis: Animal Control Guy
Production Info
Only Appearance: Vicious Tiberius

Tiberius (also known as Rottweiler Tiberius) is a Rottweiler and Mrs. Hayfer's pet dog who only appeared in Vicious Tiberius.

Only Appearance[]

When Drake and Josh volunteer to watch and take care of Mrs. Hayfer's house while she’s away for the weekend, they meet with Tiberius. They find out that he’s a vicious and dangerous Rottweiler. Drake and Josh lock themselves in the bathroom, When Megan later shows up from oboe practice, Drake and Josh think that Tiberius happens to be calm when Megan is seen sitting on the couch petting him with her oboe in its case, When Megan leaves, she made Drake and Josh suffer against Tiberius because she's happy about that and doesn't care since they told her everything about him, Drake and Josh get locked inside the bathroom again until the animal control man arrives, Drake and Josh then devise a plan to escape out of Mrs. Hayfer's house without getting killed by Tiberius, Still at the end, Walter goes to Mrs. Hayfer's house and finds Tiberius. He becomes scared and runs out the house, with Tiberius still after him, If he acted violent around all male characters, and never acted the same way with Megan, it is mostly possible that he likes all girls and women, but he hates all boys and men, He doesn't have a tail as Drake and Josh didn't mention it at all in this episode or probably just didn't notice that the dog lost his tail or Mrs. Hayfer just didn't tell them because she forgot. This could also be because "docking" a Rottweiler's tail is still widely practiced in the US, though it's been banned in the UK, He looks similar to Bob from the cartoon, Martha Speaks, Tiberius was a Roman emperor in the Roman times hence the idea for a name that Mrs. Hayfer had in mind for her pet, Tiberius is also similar to Snots, Cousin Eddie's dog in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. One thing they got in common is that they are both Rottweilers. While Snots has a sinus condition, but still, Vicious Tiberius doesn't work, after he comes back into Mrs. Hayfer's house after Josh throws the raw meat out the window, you can see behind him that it was daytime even though the scene takes place at night.