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Thornton Locke
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 24, 1991
Lives In: Culver City, California
Brothers: Toplin
Sisters: Unnamed Younger Sister
Mother: Unnamed Mother
Father: Unnamed Father
Ex-Girlfriend: Diane
Friends: Drake Parker (formerly)
Josh Nichols (formerly)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Jeff Braine
Only Appearance: The Battle of Panthatar

Thornton Locke is a popular boy who goes to Drake and Josh's school. He originally invited them to his 16th birthday bash which would air on MTV live. Thornton revoked Drake and Josh's invitations after catching Drake kissing his girlfriend, Maria at The Premiere. The incident also resulting in Thornton breaking up with Maria for cheating on him with Drake, He is a fan of The Beatles. Due to this, Josh forced Drake to give Thornton his autographed Abbey Road album so they can go to his birthday party. He takes the album, but still doesn't welcome them back into the party. Drake and Josh later manage to sneak into the Club Studio, disguised as Red Sky Nauts, and got the album back. It's unknown what happened to Thornton afterwards.