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Theater Thug
Theatre Thug
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 23
Birthday: July 20, 1982
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Alias: Theater Thug (everyone)
Interests: Robbing Various Theaters
Lives In: Long Beach, California
Nemesis: Josh
Production Info
Portrayed by: Hayden Thompson
Only Appearance: Theater Thug

The Theater Thug is a thief who robs various theaters (including The Premiere) who appears in the episode Theater Thug. He is featured on the "FBI's Most Wanted."


In the Theater Thug, the Theater Thug robs The Premiere. After portraying him in a reenactment, people think Josh is the thief that the police are looking for as seen on FBI's Most Wanted. While trying to get away from the cops while taking Josh as a hostage, Drake tries to hit him with a mop, but accidentally hits Josh instead. Drake threatens him with the mop, only for the Theater Thug to steal the mop from him.

After chasing Drake around the theater, Josh manages to stun him with the mop. Drake leaves Josh to hold down the criminal while he locates the police. Unfortunately, the thief runs away while the police officers arrest Josh by mistake. The Theater Thug ends up escaping and it’s unknown if he ever got caught.