Drake and Josh Wiki

[The episode starts out with Josh lifting weights and Drake on his phone listening to music]

Josh: So, me and Drake have this great Aunt Catherine.

Drake: Have you ever met my great Aunt Catherine? No? Well, hey, lucky you.

Josh: She's almost 90 years old.

Drake: She's like 90 thousand years old.

Josh: She's not nice!

Drake: She is mean! Mean to the bone!

Josh: Something's not right about Aunt Catherine.

Drake: She collects hair, from people she doesn't even know well!

Josh: Oh, and get this...

Drake and Josh: Aunt Catherine's getting married.

Josh: I mean, who wants to get married to 89 years old?

Drake: You know, Josh and I disagree on a lot of stuff. But I bet he hates Aunt Catherine just as much as I do.

Josh: I wonder if Drake hates Aunt Catherine just as much as I do.

[Then it shows they're both in the same room as Josh turns to Drake]

Josh: Do you?

Drake: Totally!

[Then the arrow slides in and cuts to the house, and it does so again, and it shows Drake putting a hot dog in a bun.]

[Then a car honks]

Drake: Oh, Walter. [goes to the door and opens it as the car's still honking] Walter, cool it with the horn! [car honk] Mom, Megan, would you get down here before Walter's head explodes?

[Audrey and Megan soon come downstairs]

Audrey: Oh, Drake, you don't eat a hot dog wearing a tuxedo!

Drake: [with his mouth full] This hot dog's not wearing a tuxedo.

Audrey: Ha ha. Oh, Megan can you zip up my dress please?

Megan: Sure. [zips it up]

Audrey: Thank you, [licks her hand] now let me fix your hair.

Megan: Ew, I don't want Mom's spit in my hair!

Audrey: Yes, you do!

[Then Craig and Eric soon arrive at the door]

Craig: Knock, knock! It's Craig and Eric.

Audrey: Sorry boys, can't talk, going to a wedding!

Eric: Oh, we're just here to pick up something from Josh.

Megan: Josh, your geeks are here!

Josh: [from upstairs] I'll be down in a minute!

Audrey: [notices her earring and gasps] Oh, my earring broke!

Drake: Super glue's in the kitchen.

Audrey: [pulls Megan into the kitchen] Come on, help me glue it!

Megan: Okay!

Craig: Who's getting married?

Drake: Our great Aunt Catherine.

Eric: Isn't she like eighty-seven?

Drake: Eighty-nine. She's got this insane beach house in Laguna Niguel, so it's majorly important that she loves us.

[Car honks again, as Audrey and Megan come to the door]

Audrey: We're coming!

Megan: Lay off the horn, Walter!

Audrey: Drake, come here. [Drake comes up] We are counting on you and Josh to get to this wedding on time with the wedding cake.

Drake: We'll be there.

Audrey: Cause if you guys are late, Aunt Catherine will be very upset, and as her family we need to make sure that this wedding day goes perfectly.

Drake: Since when did you like Aunt Catherine?

Audrey: I don't, but she's not going to live forever. And I want that beach house!

Megan: Yeah, so none of your screw ups.

Drake: Well!

[The car honks yet again, as Audrey and Megan head out the door]

Audrey: [to Megan] Come on baby. [Car honks] Okay, okay!

Megan: Enough with the horn!

[Audrey closes the door]

Drake: [jokingly] Women.

Craig: Yeah, women are crazy.

Eric: That's why me and Craig don't have girlfriends.

Drake: You know, I think there's a lot of reasons why you guys don't have girlfriends.

[Craig and Eric sigh]

Craig: We know.

Eric: [looks at his watch] Oh, we better go, the observatory closes at 9 PM!

Craig: Oh yeah! Josh!

Josh: [from upstairs] My zipper's stuck! Oh!

Drake: What do you guys need?

Craig: Josh said we can borrow his laptop.

Eric: Because somebody spilled buttermilk on mine!

Craig: I tried to fix it; I swabbed your keyboard for hours!

Drake: [grabs Josh's Laptop case and hands it to them] Look, look, here's his laptop right here, just take it.

Craig: Are you sure?

Drake: Yeah.

Eric: Is it charged?

Drake: [walks them to the door] If he said it was fine than just go.

Craig: Is everything in there?

Drake: Just go. Just go!

Craig: Alright!

Eric: Oh hey, tell Josh I'll bring this back to him-

[Drake slams the door in his face before he can finish talking. After three slow knocks, Drake answers the door.]

Eric: [holding his nose] Can I have a band-aid for my nose?

[Drake closes the door again, and the intro starts playing. Soon it goes to the house as the arrow goes through and it shows Drake impatiently waiting for Josh]

Drake: Josh, would you get down here? We're going to be late to the wedding! [under his breath] Oh, come on.

[Josh finally comes down, also dressed in a tuxedo and walks towards Drake. The latter does not hear Josh approaching, thinking that he is still upstairs and turns around]

Drake: JOSH!

[Josh is startled from the shout, stumbling backwards into a lamp that he knocks over. Josh picks up the lamp and puts it back on its mantle]