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The Wedding
Season 4, Episode 3
Air date October 15, 2006
Written by Matt Fleckenstein
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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The Wedding is the third episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh talk about how unpleasant their great aunt Catherine is and both are in agreement that she is quite unpleasant.

The family wishes to inherit Catherine's beach house in Laguna Niguel when she dies by ensuring the wedding goes well. Walter pushes Audrey and Megan to go to the wedding by honking at them, while Drake and Josh are tasked with delivering the cake. However, Craig and Eric show up to borrow Josh's laptop, as Craig spilled buttermilk on Eric's, therefore ruining it. Drake hands them Josh's laptop case, which also contained his cell phone and the car keys. Josh berates him for this as they are now without a car or means of contacting their parents or Craig and Eric. They decide to use Trevor's broken car to try and get to the wedding on time, which was where his ex-girlfriend slept.

Predictably, the car breaks down on a deserted road. When Drake tries to make it work, the car sucks Josh's jacket and rips it completely. He attempts to put it back together, but Josh berates him once more. Soon after, Drake forgets the keys in the car, so they can't even get in. When Drake is asked why he does not have a cell phone, he tells Josh that he dropped it in a bowl of soup, wondering if it would float. When they leave for a few minutes for a pee break, two cops show up and give them a ticket for parking in a prohibited area.

Some time after, Drake and Josh spot two guys, but end up getting robbed by them when they discover they are without means of rescue. Soon, a man with a tow truck offers to tow the car. However, Drake makes fun of his name "Leslie" because he thinks it’s a girl's name, which causes the man to angrily leave them. However, since Leslie had broken the car window before he left, they can get in again. They seemingly successfully fix the car, but it catches fire when they are ready to drive because they left the hood open, burning the cake as well because the fire reaches the back of the car. Drake and Josh leave by foot to walk to the wedding as the car burns in a fiery inferno, most certainly dooming their chances at earning the beach house for their failure to deliver her wedding cake.



  • Walter is absent in this episode, although he was mentioned waiting in the car.
  • This episode aired one year after Girl Power.
  • Trevor's car is a Chevrolet El Camino that was built in the 1970's.
  • The deserted road set/location is reused in the iCarly movie special iGo To Japan.
  • The police officer that tickets Trevor's car is played by Kevin Farley, brother of late actor Chris Farley.
  • Josh mentions that Eric doesn't have a cell phone because Papa Nichols threw it against the wall and broke it, which is a reference to the Season 3 episode The Demonator.
  • It's revealed by Josh that Craig's mother believes cell phones cause ear sores. 
  • Megan only appears at the beginning of the episode and doesn't appear more at all, this takes us back to when Josh only appears at the beginning of the episode The Storm and doesn't appear more at all.
  • When Drake hits Josh on the foot with a big rock, it's kind of similar when Drake shoots him with a potato and Josh dropping a barbell on his foot in the episode Paging Dr. Drake.
  • This is the second episode featured at night after Two Idiots and a Baby.
  • Drake and Josh's bedroom is not featured for the second time just like in the previous episode Vicious Tiberius.


  • Trevor should've gotten the car fixed in the first place so Drake and Josh wouldn't have to waste their time fixing it.
  • Drake had a car, as revealed in Drake & Josh Go Hollywood, but they don't even try to use it. However, in My Dinner with Bobo, Drake said that he lost his car, but it's unknown whether this happened before or after this episode or likely he got a new one.
  • When Drake talks about how he has to pee, Josh's hands are by his side. Then a camera view changes and Josh is playing with his watch.
  • In this episode, Drake accidentally gives Josh's phone to Craig and Eric and Drake says he put his phone in a bowl of soup, causing it to no longer work. In the last episode Vicious Tiberius, Drake flushes Josh's cell phone down the toilet and Mrs. Hayfer's dog destroys Drake's cell phone. They must have gotten new phones after that. 
  • If Josh left his cell phone in his laptop case, why couldn't he call his cell phone from their house and tell Eric that he needs the keys that are in the case? It is possible that either Josh's cell phone was turned off, and therefore a phone call could not be made, or that Eric and Craig have to get to the observatory and that calling them to give the phone back would waste their time.
  • In the episode Movie Job, Drake doesn't seem to like ketchup on hot dogs. In this episode, he is seen about to put ketchup on a hot dog. He may have changed his mind about disliking it.
  • After Leslie breaks the window and Drake says, "Well, we could've done THAT!" the camera zooms out and glass is on the ground. Later, when the camera zooms out again, the glass is suddenly gone.
  • When Drake and Josh had to go to the bathroom, couldn't they have taken turns waiting by the car in case of any carjackers or just to wait for help?
  • Closed-captions spell "Laguna Niguel" as "Laguna Nigel."
  • Audrey asks Megan to zip up her dress from the back, but when she is talking to Drake, it can be clearly seen that her dress had no zipper.
  • After Drake accidentally breaks Josh's foot with a rock, you can see that afterwards, the rock is nowhere to be seen and Josh is walking perfectly fine.
  • When the police car pulls out of the highway, you can see Josh in the far right side, not reacting to the car at all. However, in the very next shot, he and Drake are yelling and running after it.
  • Drake and Josh accidentally lock themselves out of the car and leaving the keys in the car but when Drake accidentally shredded Josh's tuxedo shirt through the car motor, Drake comes out of the car but he didn't even lock the door when he came out so it's impossible that the doors would just lock them out without them doing anything.
  • After Drake and Josh fix the car motor, they get in the car to test it out and start it but they forgot to close the hood which makes the car catch on fire. In reality, a car could start a fire if you leave the hood open and drive with it open, besides didn't Drake and Josh even notice that they can't see when they're driving with the hood open?
  • If you look closely, you could see that the tip of the coat hanger is nowhere near hitting Josh's eye.