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The Wedding
Season 4, Episode 3
Air date October 15, 2006
Written by Matt Fleckenstein
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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The Wedding (also known as Wedding) is the third episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh are asked to deliver a wedding cake to their Aunt Catherine's wedding, in hope that the family can get her beach house. But Trevor's car breaks down, and Drake and Josh are stuck in the middle of a deserted road.


In the opening comments, Drake and Josh talk about going to their great aunt Catherine's wedding, whom they both hate.

The whole family is in agreement that she’s very unpleasant, but she owns a beautiful beach house that the family hopes to own one day. Now, she’s getting married, and the two boys are on duty to deliver a wedding cake to the wedding on time, in hopes that great aunt Catherine will give their family her beach house. Craig and Eric stop by to borrow Josh's laptop, and Drake hands them the bag, unaware that it also has his cell phone and the keys to mom's SUV, leaving them with no transportation to the wedding. Drake starts to call Craig and Eric, but Josh reminds him that neither of them have cell phones, because Papa Nichols broke Eric's against the wall and broke and Craig's mom thinks cell phones cause ear sores.

Drake and Josh use Trevor's old 1970s Chevrolet El Camino to try to get to the wedding on time. However, the car breaks down and leaves them stranded without any means of calling for help. Drake also tells Josh that he doesn't have his cell phone either because he put it in a bowl of soup at school to see if it would float. When they leave to urinate, two police officers drive by and give them a parking ticket while one admits to his partner that he is not actually married and used the name of a girl he liked in the 9th Grade. They drive off right as Drake and Josh return. Drake and Josh then flag down two guys who drive by, and after explaining their situation, the two guys end up mugging them and drive off. Afterwards, a tow truck driver named Leslie stops and offers to help them. After he smashes the window to help them get the registration, Drake almost flips out on him until Josh calms him down. Drake then makes fun of his name and Leslie abandons them out of anger. In the end, Drake and Josh fix Trevor's car and are able to drive to the wedding. However, the car catches on fire along with the wedding cake, and the boys give up and walk away as the car continues to burn.

During the end credits, Drake and Josh talk about how those 2 guys mugged them and a bird poops on Josh's face.



  • Walter is absent in this episode, although he was mentioned waiting in the car and honking the horn angrily.
  • This episode aired one year after Girl Power.
  • After waving for help twice, Drake and Josh have to pee behind some bushes. The duo are actually urinating offstage in case plenty of Nickelodeon fans didn't know that on behalf of the episode's TV airing.
  • It's been revealed that Trevor's El Camino was made in the '70s which was coincidentally the same time period that offroad 4-wheel drive trucks called Scouts were made in the old days by a manufacturer, International Harvester. It's unknown why that logo doesn't appear on Drake's friend's car.
  • Drake started to be more sensitive after Josh yelled at him.
  • Papa Nichols was mentioned by Josh talking about Eric's phone since The Demonator. This episode marks either the final appearance or mention of Papa Nichols.
  • The deserted road set is reused in the iCarly movie special iGo to Japan.
  • Megan and Audrey only appear at the beginning of the episode.
  • When Drake hits Josh on the foot with a big rock, it was a callback to the episode Paging Dr. Drake when Drake shoots Josh with a potato and he drops a barbell on his foot.
  • This is the second episode where Drake borrowed a vehicle from Trevor, the first was Dune Buggy.
  • This is the second episode set at night after Two Idiots and a Baby. The Battle of Panthatar doesn't have any daytime scenes either.
  • Drake and Josh's bedroom isn’t featured for the second time just like in the previous episode: Vicious Tiberius. (Although, in the previous episode, it’s briefly featured in the intro.)
  • This is the last episode to be produced and filmed in 2005 before Drake Bell got into a car accident, which halted production until March 2006.
  • Drake and Josh had a very lucky chance getting out of the car just before the inside would light up on fire.
  • One of the police officers is played by Kevin Farley, whose brother was late comedian Chris Farley.
  • Leslie is played by E.E. Bell, who previously played Barney the security guard on 5 episodes of The Amanda Show.
  • As of January 16, 2022, this episode from season four is no longer airing on TeenNick. It is not available on Paramount+ due to licensing issues with material used in the episode.
  • Moral: Always keep your items like cellphones, keys, etc. out of the bag at home.


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  • Drake had a car, as revealed in Drake & Josh Go Hollywood, but they don't even try to use it. However, in My Dinner with Bobo, Drake said he lost his car after this episode ended.
  • Despite the title, the titular wedding itself never actually happens in the episode.
  • When Drake talks about how he has to pee, Josh's hands are by his side. Then a camera view changes, and Josh is playing with his watch.
  • In this episode, Drake accidentally gives Josh's phone to Craig and Eric and Drake says he put his phone in a bowl of soup, causing it to no longer work. In the previous episode, Vicious Tiberius, Drake flushes Josh's cell phone down Mrs. Hayfer's toilet and Tiberius destroys Drake's cell phone. They must have gotten new phones after that. 
  • If Josh left his cell phone in his laptop case, he could have called it from their house and asked Craig and Eric to bring them the case. It is possible that either Josh's cell phone was turned off, and therefore a phone call could not be made, or Craig and Eric were in a rush to get to the observatory and wouldn't have time to bring the case back.
  • In the episode Movie Job, Drake doesn't seem to like ketchup on hot dogs. In this episode, he is about to put ketchup on his hot dog. He may have changed his mind about disliking it.
  • After Leslie breaks the window, the shattered glass is on the ground. Later on, the glass is suddenly gone.
  • When Drake and Josh had to go to the bathroom, they could have taken turns waiting by the car in case of any carjackers or help approached. It could be that Drake or Josh both had to go that bad.
  • Closed-captions spell "Laguna Niguel" as "Laguna Nigel".
  • Audrey asks Megan to zip up her dress from the back, but when she’s talking to Drake, it can be clearly seen that her dress had no zipper.
  • After Drake accidentally hurts Josh's foot with a rock, the rock is gone afterwards, and Josh is walking perfectly fine.
  • Josh walks up on the far-right side with his hands down as he is starting to notice the police car pulling away. However, in the very next shot, his arms are up as he and Drake are yelling and running after it.
  • When Drake and Josh try to get back in the car, they realize they are locked out with the keys still inside, but Drake didn't push the lock down when he exited the car earlier. It's impossible that the car locked itself.
  • The tip of the coat hanger is nowhere near hitting Josh's eye.
  • After Drake and Josh fix the car motor, they get in the car to test it out and start it, but they forgot to close the hood, which makes the car catch on fire, which can happen in real life. Besides, Drake and Josh didn't seem to notice they can't see when they're driving with the hood open.
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