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The Unaired Poliet
Season 1, Episode 0
Air date Unknown (produced in 2002)
Production Code Unknown (presumably 101 originally)
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Dan Schneider
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Pilot (series)

Drake about to faint from the news that Audrey and Walter are getting married.

The Unaired Pilot is a 2002 pilot of Drake & Josh that never aired on Nickelodeon and was only shown to a test audience, The Pilot began production in May of 2002. The series later premiered in 2004.


This pilot followed the same plot as the official first episode which was known as "Pilot." It featured the same cast, but had actor Stephen Furst portraying Walter Nichols instead of Jonathan Goldstein. The living room set was also changed in the series. Drake had a different hairstyle instead of spiky hair in Season 1, and Josh's Ms. Nancy costume is very different. Clips from the original pilot were finally uploaded in 2017.


Eric Blonowitz

New Info[]

The Pilot Started Filming in May of 2002

Differences Between The Unaired Pilot and The Aired Pilot[]

Some differences may contain spoilers and may be explainable to the viewers.

  • Josh's Mrs. Nancy costume does have differences between the unaired pilot and the aired pilot. In the unaired pilot, the costume consisted of a black blouse and a red cardigan. In the aired pilot, the costume consisted of an orange blouse.
  • When Walter asks Drake to play basketball, in the unaired version, Drake throws the ball into Walter's face, making him fall forward onto the sofa couch. While in the aired version, Drake passes the ball to Walter, but Walter catches it successfully and even does some cool tricks with the ball. Walter then accidentally throws the ball at a lamp, breaking it.
  • At school, in both pilots, Drake reads a poem to Tiffany Margolis. In the unaired version, the poem was written by Josh. In the aired version, the poem was actually written by Drake.
  • Drake and Tiffany are having dinner as Josh walks down. In the unaired pilot, someone had knocked on the door as Josh opens it. Turns out it was Buck, Tiffany's boyfriend, grabbing Josh's ear. In the aired version, Buck grabs Josh by the shirt.
  • Josh was doing karate practice. In the unaired version, Drake offers the instructor $50 to do bad lessons for Josh. In the aired version, Drake offers him $30 to do even worse lessons for Josh.
  • Buck wants revenge on Josh in both pilots. In the unaired pilot, Josh is getting ready to fight Buck. But Josh gets knocked out by Buck punching with the right fist. In the aired version, it was the same thing, but Josh got punched with the left fist, not the right.
  • Josh's father is played by Stephen Furst in the pilot. In the final show, he is played by Jonathan Goldstein.
  • The full pilot is on YouTube, but it has been privatized. In 2017, clips from the Unaired Pilot were uploaded.
    • Since this pilot is not fully available, it's considered partially found.
  • The set of the living room is very different than in the actual show.
  • The plot is similar to the aired pilot.
  • The tennis ball clip from the first season opening was likely used here.
  • Drake's hairstyle is different here than in the aired pilot.
  • Audrey and Walter go out for dinner in the unaired version and Megan puts hot sauce in their carbonara; whereas in the aired version, they don't go out, and Walter calls Drake and Josh for dinner, and Megan puts hot sauce in Drake and Josh's spaghetti, not carbonara.