Drake and Josh Wiki

[Crazy Steve is on the couch, pulling cotton out of one of the pillows]

Gavin: Hey, Helen.

Helen: Gavin.

Gavin: Did you invite Crazy Steve?

Helen: I had to. See, a couple years back, Crazy Steve found out my niece was having her bat mitzvah, and he got upset that he wasn't invited. So while we were all in the temple, Crazy Steve showed up and slashed everybody's tires. The whole thing was a big "bat mess".

Gavin: That temple needs better security.

Helen: Oh, it's closed now. Now, it's a BF Wangs.

Gavin: I love their mushu.

Helen: Well, who doesn't?


Megan: [looks up to see water dropping from the ceiling] Mom, the roof's leaking.

Audrey: [walks over and looks up] Oh fantastic, it's gonna ruin the ceiling.

Megan: Why don't you make Drake go on the roof and fix the leak?

Audrey: Good call. Drake? [walks over to him]

[While Audrey is talking to Drake, Craig is still turning the crank for Crazy Steve]

Crazy Steve: Come on, Dora! Ándele! Ándele! Más rápido! You call yourself an EXPLORA?!

Audrey: [to Drake] There's a leak in the roof, it's gonna ruin the ceiling if we don't stop it.

Drake: Yeah, I don't do things like that.

Audrey: Oh, come on. Look, there's a tarp in the garage, just go take it up on the roof, put it over the hole, then weigh it down.

Drake: [sighs] Alright.

Audrey: Be careful. [walks away]

Drake: Okay. [turns to see Eric] Hey, Craig.

Eric: [annoyed] Eric.

Drake: [points to the leak] We got a serious leak in the ceiling over there.

Eric: Oh my!

Drake: Yeah. So, my mom wants you to go to the garage, grab the tarp, take it to the roof, put it over the hole, and weigh it down.

Eric: But, it's pouring rain! What if I slip and fall off the roof?

Drake: [sighs] Alright, there's a rope in the garage. Tie yourself to the chimney, you'll be fine.

Eric: But I'm...

Drake: Hurry!

Eric: Okay! [goes to the garage]

Crazy Steve: Come on, Dora! You're the one with the map, DON'T ASK ME!

Audrey: [walks up to him] Uh, may I? [points to the TV]

Crazy Steve: [politely] Of course.

Audrey: [to Craig] Uh, Channel 7? [goes to sit on the couch]

Craig: I know the drill... [changes the channel and continues turning the crank]

[Walter is now seen standing in the rain, soaked, and clad in only his undershirt and boxers. Needless to say, he looks completely miserable.]

Walter: It's still raining, they took my shirt, my cameraman has gone home, the camera is on a tripod. And I'm alone, I'm cold, there's no restroom nearby. It's, it's just awful out here. Absolutely awful. Walter Nichols, Channel 7 News, just awful...

Audrey: Oh, my poor baby...

Gavin: [sits beside her] Hey.

Audrey: [turns to see Gavin] Oh, hi Gavin.

Gavin: [sees a candle on the coffee table] Candlelight, kinda romantic. I was thinking when this storm's over, we go to BF Wangs, split some mushu?

[Before Audrey can respond, a scream is heard from outside as everyone looks around]

Megan: What was that?

Eric: HELP ME!!! [hanging upside down from a rope tied around his waist, as seen from the window] Help me! Help me, I'm in a predicament! Drake told me to to tie myself to the chimney, but it didn't work!

Megan: [chuckles] Hey, Craig fell of the roof.

Eric: [furiously] I'M ERIC!!!

Craig: I gotta go help him! [goes to help Eric]

Crazy Steve: DON'T MOVE! [Craig returns to turning the crank]