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The Premiere
Location: San Diego
Movies: Priemere Movies
Owner(s): Helen Dubois(formerly)

Josh Nichols(possible)

Manager: Helen Dubois(formerly)

Josh Nichols(possible)

Assistant Manager: Josh Nichols
Drake Parker(formerly)
Mindy Crenshaw(formerly)
Principle Workers: Leah
Entertainment: Drake Band
Doheny's Box of Implement Trick
Former workers: Drake Parker
Crazy Steve
Mindy Crenshaw
Series: Drake & Josh
First Appearance: Movie Job
Last Appearance: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

The Premiere is a mall movie theater where Josh, and formerly Drake works. The Premiere was formally run by Helen. The theater has 7 movie screens, a food stall, and 2 restrooms. There are several employees shown at the theater. Many are first seen in the "Movie Job" episode. These include Josh himself, Gavin, a quite mysterious guy, and "Crazy" Steve. Steve got his title, because he appears to scream at almost every customer at the theater and sometimes, does somewhat disgusting stuff. In "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh", the Premiere is shown to be a lot larger than it looks. And it was the first time it showed anyone on the roof. Also, instead of walls on all sides, on one side it's a shopping mall (or cineplex), and it looks as though it's on the highest floor of a building, and the outside is totally different.

It is revealed that the previous owner, Helen, left her job at the Premiere and went to work at Hollywood Arts on the show Victorious, also created by Dan Schneider. It is unknown who runs the theater after Helen's departure, but it is possible that the job goes to either "Crazy" Steve or Josh (assuming that either of them would still be working at the theater at the time).

On the right of the Premiere, you see a bakery building called "Schneider's Bakery", which could be a reference to Dan Schneider and his company.

At the end of Really Big Shrimp, it was closed for Helen and Buzz's wedding, due to a fire.




In episode "Helen's Surgery", Megan came up with the idea to make a cup that was design to hold 2 candy boxes, soda, straw, and popcorn. Helen found Megan's Idea smart. Megan and Helen began selling Megans Cup-O-Stuff idea to all of the customers.

Theater Thug[]

Theater Thug Show

In episode "Theater Thug", the Premiere produce the FBI most wanted the Theater Thug. Which Josh played the Theater Thug, while Drake played a Scared Customer.

Katies Birthday Party[]

Katie's Birthday Party

Megan's friends Katie celebrate her birthday party at the Premiere.

Henry Doheny's Magic Show[]

Box of Impelment

Drake and Josh did a magic show with Henry Doheny, which they Henry went into the Box of Impalement. Drake and Josh then put 4 swords through the Box of Impalement. Then Josh Point to the spot Henry Doheny was supposed to poof up. But Henry Doheny didn't poof, Drake and Josh, open the box and called a Doctor. Which the Doctor check Henry Pulse and Thought Henry was Dead. However, Henry faked his head, since he poofed up the right front of the Audience of his Funeral.

Drake Band[]

Drake's Band Performance

Drake wanted to impress introduce his new song "Makes Me Happy" front of Alan and the people in the Premiere.

Helen and Buzz's wedding[]

Helen's Wedding

Helen and Buzz did their Wedding in the Premiere so that they could save money. At the wedding Eric told Craig to plug in the 5K light, because Eric thought that there wasn't enough light. Which caused a fire, then everyone evacuate outside. Then Helen and Buzz did their Wedding outside on a truck.


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  • There are real-world 1980s arcade games at the Premiere such as Technōs Japan's Double Dragon and Atari Games' 720°.
  • According to Josh Is Done, movie tickets at the Premiere cost $11 while the combined price of a snack and a drink (such as popcorn and soda) costs around $6 or $7.
  • In some episodes, the outside of the Premiere on the movie listings will show the words "Hungry Girl" which is a reference to Dan Schneider's wife Lisa Lillen who has a show on Food Network named Hungry Girl.
  • The screening area of the Premiere has only been seen twice in the series with it's first appearance being Who's Got Game? and again in Megan's First Kiss.
  • The (exterior) of the theater is actually Metropolitan Camino Real Cinemas in Goleta Calif, Ironically, the Drake & Josh house exterior is also in California in Encino, Los Angeles, Miranda Cosgrove (as of 2024) currently resides in nearby Tarzana.