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The Great Doheny
The Great-Doheny
Season: 4
Episode: 6 (season)
Guest Stars: Steve Tom
Absent: Nancy Sullivan
Writer: Matt Fleckenstein
Director: Adam Weissman
Originally Aired: November 12, 2006
"Who's Got Game?"
"I Love Sushi"

The Great Doheny is the 6th episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh meet The Great Doheny, a famous magician who needs to pull his biggest trick ever to get back into the limelight.


In the opening comments, Josh was doing a magic trick by breaking a bottle to the head while Drake was at The Premiere kissing a girl.

Josh's favorite magician, Henry Doheny, appears at The Premiere Theater as he is in San Diego for the grand opening of a new burger restaurant and becomes acquainted with Drake and Josh. Mr. Doheny moves in with Drake and Josh and makes Walter bald, but he is very irritating. When Henry tells Josh nobody wants him around anymore, he also reveals that he is not in town for the opening of the burger restaurant, and he only went there because he had a coupon and reveals that he is also homeless.

It's night, and Drake is angry at Josh as Henry will sleep at their room. Walter and Henry come in, as Walter is begging for a magic trick, Henry then makes him bald. As he has sleep apnea, Henry shows Josh his sleep apnea machine that he uses to not snore, though it makes a loud noise. Drake wants to hit him with a baseball bat, but Josh prevents him. Drake and Josh decide to get him recognized again by making him do a show at The Premiere. He has swords shoved into him in a box by the two and when they check on him after pulling the swords out, he has no pulse meaning he died from it. At the funeral, he comes back to life explaining that the no pulse was his trick and then make Drake and Josh's pants see-through.

At the end, Doheny gets a five-year deal in Las Vegas and leaves San Diego to perform there. As a parting gift, Drake and Josh get yo-yos, but Megan gets a check for $50,000 because she suggested the trick in the first place.

During the end credits, Walter asks Doheny to get his hair back, but Doheny leaves straight to Las Vegas as he tells Walter to buy a wig.



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  • Audrey is absent in this episode.
  • This episode was written by Matt Fleckenstein and directed by Adam Weissman.
  • Cookie the Bunny belongs to Dan Schneider in real life. She has appeared in iCarly numerous times and appeared in the Zoey 101 episodes "Spring Break-Up" and "Lola Likes Chase". As well as in The Amanda Show opening in which Amanda's appendix was bothering her and after a doctor ripped it out, the doctor rips out Cookie the Bunny who was apparently stuck inside of Amanda's appendix.
  • Henry Doheny has a snoring problem in this episode. Quinn has a snoring problem in the Zoey 101 episode Time Capsule.
  • Henry Doheny is a parody of the Hungarian/Jewish illusionist, Harry Houdini.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Drake is telling his friends at the Premiere about the time he had a cast. He could have been referring to the events of the episode Paging Dr. Drake, as he had a cast in that episode.
  • This is the only episode that Henry Doheny pulls a prank on Drake, Josh, and Walter instead of Megan.
  • Towards the end of the episode, Henry Doheny mentions that he recently signed a five-year contract at Nero's Castle. Nero's Castle is likely a parody and allusion to the Las Vegas casino Caesar's Palace.


  • Megan got a bunny from Mr. Doheny, but she does not appear in any future episodes. It’s possible that either her parents couldn’t afford it, or it may have passed away after this episode. Rabbits are usually abandoned after people keep them as pets for a really long time in real life.
  • Drake was dating Carly in the last episode, but he is seen making out with a girl in the intro, and yet dating some other girl in the middle of the episode. They must have broken up but in The Storm they are still dating. Drake either cheated on Carly, or vice versa, or they got back together. It could also be possible that they were taking a break and seeing new people during the duration of this episode.
  • Henry makes Walter bald, but he is still seen with hair in other episodes. He may have gotten a wig or waited to grow his hair back unless Mr. Doheny did it after the episode ended.
  • When Josh said he was going to put on a fresh pair of pants, there was about 2 seconds of time between when he made the statement and started to panic, meaning he didn't really look in the closet for his pants.
  • Henry tells Drake that you can't put ketchup on an omelet and thinks it's wrong to, but obviously, you actually can, because he doesn't even know what he's talking about.
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