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The Gary Grill
Season 2, Episode 12
The Gary Grill
Air date October 17, 2004
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo
Directed by Virgil Fabian
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The Gary Grill is the twelfth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh unwittingly become pawns in a plot to sell stolen Gary Coleman grills and are put in jail when they are falsely accused by the FBI of masterminding the whole operation.


In the opening comments, Drake and Josh are talking about money and how it is important. However, Megan joins and messes around with her brother's screens, turning Drake into a square and Josh into a triangle, then flipping it upside down, and removing them from the screen.

Drake and Josh get an offer to sell Gary Coleman grills from two men named Buddy & Guy who they meet at The Premiere. They prove to be successful salesmen and make a lot of money until they are arrested by the FBI for selling the grills, which were stolen by Buddy and Guy. Drake and Josh are thrown in jail until Megan tricks the two thieves into admitting they stole the grills and are set free after the FBI discovered the truth and they arrest Buddy and Guy as a result. As Drake and Josh are being released from jail, they meet Gary Coleman himself, who comes to collect the money for the sold grills. Since they spent all the money, they lock Gary in the cell in an attempt to ditch him. Later, he goes to their room and claims all the things they bought with the money earned from selling the grills, but after they told him they sat in the translucent chair, Gary lets them keep it.

During the end credits, Drake plays guitar as he and Josh sing "I Found a Way" together.



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  • The cold open of this episode breaks the fourth wall, unlike other cold opens, when Drake and Josh notice the design changes done by Megan.
  • This is the first time Megan was in the opening, the second being Tree House.
  • The old lady at the beginning said the very small popcorn container was huge and she couldn't digest that much popcorn. She didn't have to eat the entire container.
  • The sympathetic woman begins to slap Walter on the face after saying, "How dare you make her sleep in the yard." She recognizes her stepfather even though this is the first time that he experiences physical abuse after Megan managed to give the sympathetic woman a stolen Gary Grill on behalf of the sting that she sets up with the FBI and the 2 men who stole them.
  • The Gary Grill is a parody of The George Foreman Grill.

Richard Biggs[]

Richard Biggs dedication

In Richard Biggs' memory.

  • This was Richard Biggs' final television appearance. He passed away on May 22, 2004, five months before this episode aired. At the end, the episode was briefly dedicated to him.
  • The events of this episode were mentioned in Steered Straight.
  • It is unknown what sentences Buddy and Guy got but given the fact that they were selling stolen property, which is a felony, they likely got lengthy prison sentences.
  • The Gary Grills are based on the George Foreman Grill. However, George Foreman Grills cannot play music, but they are big enough to actually cook some meat.
  • As of October 27, 2015. the episode no longer airs on TeenNick.
  • This episode, along with Pilot, Dune Buggy, Guitar, Blues Brothers, Driver's License, and Number 1 Fan, are not available on any streaming services. However, it is available for purchase through YouTube and Google Play. Presumably due to Gary Coleman's guest appearance.
  • Buddy and Josh talking about prison is later referenced by André to Beck on the Victorious episode, "Locked Up".

Running Gags[]

  • People reading about prison and saying "it ain't fun."


  • When Drake & Josh get arrested, one of Josh's cuffs is dangling open when he should be fully cuffed. The same thing happens to Buddy when he and Guy get arrested.
  • There is no cash on the floor after Drake and Josh's cash fight.
  • Even though Drake and Josh get to keep the chair, it is not seen in other episodes. They probably gave it away afterwards.
  • Each grill cost $39.95, but no coins were seen. The customers likely did not mind paying 5 extra cents.
  • When Drake and Josh are selling grills at school, everyone crowds around to get one and starts giving them money, but they never stated a price.
  • When Drake and Josh are arrested for selling the stolen grills, they are taken to the local jail while they should have been taken to federal prison, since selling stolen property is a felony.
  • When Drake and Josh make their phone calls, Drake dials 222-222 and Josh dials 551-841, but they call the same phone.
  • Drake and Josh could have told the FBI agents that Buddy and Guy stole the grills right away instead of constantly being interrogated, although the FBI agents would likely not believe them.
  • When Drake and Josh have their money fight at the Premiere and get arrested, it's daytime. Then, when it shows the outside of the premiere before Megan meets Buddy and Guy, it's nighttime. Then, when Gary Coleman comes to their house to take everything, it's daytime again.
  • The old lady at the beginning claimed she could never digest that much popcorn. She could have simply eaten what she could digest and then either given the popcorn to someone else or thrown it out.
  • The old lady also claimed to not believe in liquids. If she really doesn't believe in liquids, she should not even be alive, as humans cannot survive without consumption of liquid.
  • The Gary Grills are very small, and most likely could not even cook one burger. They actually appear to be small pancake griddles.
  • When the woman slaps Walter at the Premiere, he puts his right hand to his face. However, when he turns to Audrey and Megan in the next shot, his left hand is on his face.
  • Drake and Josh, who are both minors, are arrested and interrogated by the police without any effort made whatsoever by the police to contact their parents.
  • When Megan admits that the grills were stolen, she would have gotten her confession right away, yet she continues to interrogate Buddy and Guy.
  • Buddy and Guy say that Megan was wearing a wire, however during her interrogation, there is no wire seen on her.
  • If Gary let Drake and Josh keep the translucent chair because Josh had sat on it, he should have also let them keep the vibrating chair because Drake had sat on it.
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