Drake and Josh Wiki

Terry: Sir?

Josh: Yeah? Yeah, what?

Terry: You really need to clean the pool, it's getting pretty dirty.

Josh: What pool?

Gail: The one upstairs.

Kid: [from upstairs] BELLY FLOP!

Josh: [frustrated] POOL?! [runs upstairs to find people partying in his room, as he's hit by a giant beach ball] Oof! Come on, you guys! No one's supposed to be in our room! [notices an inflatable pool in the center] Hey, who put this pool in here? What are...

Kid: [standing on the edge of Drake's bed] BELLY FLOP!

[Everyone cheers except Josh, who marches over to him]

Josh: Oh no, don't you even think about doing a belly flop!

[The kid jumps into the pool, completely drenching Josh]

Kid: YEAH!

[As everyone else cheers, Josh storms downstairs to find Drake]

Josh: DRAKE! [marches to his brother, who sits as a girl cuts his hair] Drake, what are you doing?

Drake: [points to her] Oh hey, this is Nikki.

Nikki: [to Josh] Hey, I'm Nikki!

Drake: Yeah, she's in beauty school, so I'm letting her give me a haircut.

Nikki: [shows Josh her scissors] I brought my scissies!

Josh: [sarcastic] Oh wow, that's really cool.

Nikki: I know!

Josh: Yeah, NOW GO AWAY! [rips off Drake's hairdressing cape]

Drake: Whoa, what's your problem?

Josh: Look, I want all these people out of here now!

Drake: Are you out of your mind? These people are paying us a fortune and I'm having fun.

Big Guy: [walks up to Drake, holding his guitar, now broken in half] Hey man, is this your guitar?

Drake: [looks in horror, snatching the guitar out of his hands before turning to Josh] Okay, I want all these people out of here now!

Josh: Alright, let's do this! [turns off the music, to everyone's disappointment] Sorry everybody, alright? But the Drake and Josh Inn is now officially closed!

Guy: Oh, come on!

[Everyone groans in agreement]

Josh: Yeah sorry, so if everyone will plea... [get hit in the throat by a frisbee and falls down] Ow!

Drake: [moved aside by a tall guy] Wait, hey, what you?! [the party continues] Josh! Here, get up. [helps him up] Man, how are we gonna get all these people outta here?

Josh: There's only one person tough enough to handle 75 college kids... [rushes out the door]

Drake: Okay, okay, you go get help and I'm gonna stay here and make sure... [gets hits by a ball and falls down] Oof!


Megan: Drake! I need another set of clean sheets sent up to my room.

Drake: What? We just sent clean sheets up there like, two hours ago. What happened to those?

Big Guy: [comes into the living room, wearing Megan's sheets as a toga] I'M SHEET MAN!

Drake: What?

[He throws Drake over his shoulder, spinning him around]

Megan: [to Drake] I want, these people, OUT OF HERE!

Drake: [while being spun around] So do we!


Megan: Hey, look who's back.

Josh: Hey.

Audrey: [suspicious] Yeah, we're back.

Drake: So how come you guys came home so early?

Walter: [begins looking around the living room] We were watching TV and we saw...

Audrey: A whole bunch of crazy college kids partying like maniacs.

Walter: And a dog... And a big hairy guy with a root beer bottle.

Audrey: And a woman was singing RNB tunes.

Walter: [points accusingly at Drake] She had a lazy eye.

Audrey: And we could have sworn it looked just like our house.

Drake: [sarcastic] Yeah, okay...

Josh: Come on, we wouldn't have a party without your permission.

Walter: Well, I'm sorry we didn't trust you.

Audrey: We won't doubt you again.

Walter: Hey, to make it up to you, why don't we all go out for some pizza?


Walter: I wonder what that was all about?

Audrey: Teens are crazy. [Walter nods in amusement, as someone knocks at the door] I wonder who that is?

[They both go to answer the door, revealing two police officers]

Walter: Yes officers, can we help you?

Officer: Yes. Sir, do you know it's against the law to host a televised event from a private residence without a city authorized permit?

Walter: Huh?

Audrey: We didn't host a televised event.

Officer: Yeah, we have evidence that says you did.

Walter: But, officers...

Officer: Come with us, please. [grabs Audrey's arm and leads her out]

Audrey: No, what are you...

Walter: [led out by the other officer] But, you see, look, [raises index finger] I'm a weatherman!

[The other officer closes the door behind him, as the siblings come downstairs]

Drake: Okay!

Josh: We're ready!

[They all notice that Walter and Audrey are gone]

Megan: Hello?

[The siblings stand around in confusion as the episode ends]