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"I wouldn't want that phone back if I were dying on the kitchen floor."
The Drake & Josh Inn
Season 3, Episode 1
PDVD 035
Air date April 2, 2005
Written by Jake Farrow
Directed by Adam Weissman
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The Drake & Josh Inn is the first episode of the third season of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh turn their home into a hotel after overhearing a couple discussing their difficulties in finding a place to stay during Spring Break.


In the opening comments, Josh talks about of how Drake doesn't understanding the importance of setting limits and both him and Drake talk about last Halloween.

Audrey and Walter leave the house to go to Los Angeles for Spring Break by leaving Drake and Josh in charge of Megan. But Drake spends $200, that they were given for food and emergencies only, on toys and other unnecessary items.

Desperate for money, Drake gets the idea to turn their house into a bed and breakfast after he notices a couple who has no place to stay. Josh initially disagrees as he is furious at Drake for his greedy spending, but later agrees because they need money. Megan also agrees as long as she is treated like a guest.

Drake invites over 75 college kids to stay at the house, and they start partying. Josh wants everyone out of the house but Drake refuses, until he discovers someone destroyed his guitar. Shocked by what he witnessed, Drake instantly agrees with Josh, and they try to get everyone to leave but they refuse and keep partying. Josh tries to get help from Helen to handle getting the 75 people out of his house, but Helen joins in with the crowd when MTV starts broadcasting from their house. Audrey and Walter get suspicious when they see their house on TV, and start heading home. But with the help of Megan, Drake and Josh succeed in getting everyone out and cleaning up the house.

At the end, Walter and Audrey come home until they are mistakenly arrested for hosting a televised party without a city-authorized-permit. Drake, Josh and Megan realized that their parents disappeared.

During the end credits, Josh was very upset that Drake spent a lot of money which he told him it was for food only. Drake told him that he bought gum, but Josh threw it away from him. Helen yells at Josh if he was working or not and Drake gets scared by her when he tries to say hi to her.



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  • This is the first episode to be filmed at Tribune Studios instead of Nickelodeon on Sunset.
  • This is the first episode featuring HD graphics.
  • The man who plays Gail's spouse also appears in the iCarly episode "iFind Spencer Friends".
  • This episode premiered after 2005 Kids' Choice Awards.
  • Starting with this episode, new episodes have been moved from Sunday to Saturday nights, until the next season episode, Josh Runs Into Oprah premiered.
  • In this episode, Drake bought a toy Mexican robot which speaks Spanish when the button is pressed on its back. This Mexican robot is later used in the Victorious episode, "Jade Gets Crushed."
  • Dan confirmed this via Twitter: "Who recognized Beck's red robot from @Victorious tonight? It's the actual robot I used in an episode of Drake & Josh 4 or 5 years ago!" It's from the episode, "The Drake & Josh Inn."
  • Starting with this episode, the door to Drake and Josh's room is on the eastern wall in the corner, facing to the right side. In the first two seasons, the door was facing forward on the southern side.
  • Because they are in Los Angeles, Walter and Audrey are absent for the majority of the episode until the end when they are arrested for the party thrown by Drake and Josh.
  • The opening sequence has season 2 and 3 scenes on it alongside new scenes of Drake performing the theme song in front of a sparkly flamboyant background.
  • This episode is very similar to the Even Stevens episode, "Stevens Manor."
  • Dan Schneider also played Mr. Oldman in several episodes of The Amanda Show.
  • This is the first episode where Drake has an anime-like version of his bowl-cut from Season 2.
  • The hotel where Walter and Audrey are staying is called "The Four Schneiders," a reference to the series creator (Dan Schneider). It is also a pun on the "Four Seasons" Hotel and Luxury Resort.
  • Starting with this episode, Josh has slightly lost weight, and has a new hairstyle which is long curly hair.
  • The party music played in the background is heard in an episode of Zoey 101.
  • This episode is similar to the Family Ties episode, "4 RMS OCN Vu," as both episodes contain a character allowing a couple to stay at their house after his parents leave for the weekend in order to make money, but it eventually leads to an extremely large amount of people staying there and the main characters need to get everyone out of the house when the parent(s) announce he/they is/are returning early.
  • As of this episode, the US closed captions scroll between lines rather than being individual text.
  • If one looks closely at Josh's orange and blue polo, you can see the American Eagle symbol.
  • This is the only episode with no scenes that take place at night.
  • Josh mentions Lindsay Lohan from Disney's Freaky Friday when the phone call from the parents was ringing.
  • This was the first episode to air in 2005.
  • This is the only episode where Megan pulls a prank on Helen.
  • Megan's Prank: Spreading gas all over the vent so all the people could leave the house on behalf of Drake making an announcement to the hotel guests that there's an unusual gas leak at The Drake & Josh Inn.
  • This episode is not seen on any streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Paramount+.


  • When Josh left the house to get Helen, he is wet. When he gets to the theater, he is dry. However, he may have dried off.
  • When Walter and Audrey are talking about the things that they saw on the TV in their house, they mention some crazy lady singing R&B tunes, not realizing she was Helen, Josh's boss.
    • This was probably before they met her.
  • When Megan realizes what her brothers have done, they talk to her in the kitchen, and she is yelling at the top of her lungs. Wouldn't the couple have heard her and figured out the house wasn't a real hotel at that point?
  • When the kid climbs up Drake's bed to do a belly flop, you can see one of the posters above the window facing Drake's bed is dangling by the bottom thumbtacks and then in the next shot, it's mysteriously hung back up.
  • When the kid belly flops into the pool, all the water splashes on Josh when it should've logically splashed everywhere. Most likely a bucket of water off-screen was thrown on Josh.
  • Megan beat up Drake and Josh and threw them to the floor when they tried to boss her around. While it is clear how Megan made Josh lose balance and fall to the floor, it is unclear how she had the strength to flip Drake with just one hand.
  • While Josh is downstairs, you can hear "BELLY FLOP!", and a splash up in the top room. However, when he is up there, not a single drop of water is outside the pool or all over the floor.
  • If the phone was in Josh's pants, it couldn't have rung if it was off the hook in the first place.
  • When the guy walks up to Drake showing him his broken guitar, it's not the same red one used in seasons 1 and 2. Possibly leading him to use money from the college kids to repair it or buy his new guitar that shows up later on in this season.
  • Wouldn't Audrey and Walter have heard Drake and Josh talking on the phone on the TV?
    • Wouldn't they have also seen them walking around shouting at everyone those other times?
    • It is possible that the camera that was recording the television event may have muted the volume, although it is unlikely.
  • Audrey and Walter could have told the cops that it was Drake and Josh who threw the party so they would not have been arrested and also could've told them that their house was featured on TV.
  • The couple says that the pool upstairs was getting filthy, but when you see a view of the pool, it seems rather clean.
  • Drake says Nikki took beauty school and lets her give him a haircut but when Josh tells her to go away and rips off his haircut apron, his hair's not cut as his hair is still the same as before.
  • Drake and Josh pretend their house is a hotel by running a business just to make money. However, it's actually illegal to pretend a house is a hotel and letting strangers stay in their house which is a really bad thing. Also, their house doesn't have a hotel name or sign out front in which the people they let in could've mentioned when they arrived so Drake and Josh name it themselves. Drake and Josh are briefly scamming them just to make money, so they could've been caught anyway.
  • When Drake and Josh make everyone leave the house, the man wearing the sheets which were meant for Megan's bed leaves in them and never gave them back.
  • When the officers question Audrey and Walter if they know it was illegal to host a televised event without permission, how did the cops find out that their house was featured on TV?
    • It was likely that they watched the event in the station and were told by the dispatcher. It's also possible that someone filed a noise complaint due to how loud the house was (likely the neighbors).
  • When Drake, Josh and Megan cleanup everything at the end of the episode, they get rid of the plastic cups on the living room table then the music speakers then the dog chew toy and the beach ball but Drake puts the dog chew toy under the kitchen counter and Josh kicks the beach ball in the kitchen, wouldn't their parents have found or saw the beach ball and dog chew toy in the kitchen somehow?
  • Just as Megan comes home and finds unsuspected people in the house, she has her backpack with her, she couldn't have been at school because it's the weekend though it is likely that she was at a friend's house and just packed her stuff and brought it over.
  • Drake and Josh pretend their house is a hotel for the people that need help, they ask where to check in and Drake gives them a notebook to write their names and other hotel stuff, but the thing about hotels is that they take credit cards but they obviously make it a hotel where they take cash, wouldn't the people have been concerned with asking Drake and Josh about credit cards, and would wonder about debit machines as they wouldn't have those things at their house, they would've almost been stumped if the whole hotel business they run take credit cards even though they only accept cash, apparently hotels don't really take cash.
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