The Demonator
Season 3, Episode 18
Air date February 25, 2006
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo

Eric Friedman

Directed by Steve Hoefer
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The Demonator is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh. It aired on February 25, 2006.


Drake and Josh plan on riding a roller coaster called the Demonator on its opening day, but Megan reveals it was open that very night. Audrey and Walter tells the boys they can’t ride on the Demonator because they want them to stay home and watch over their great-grandfather, Papa Nichols, who is 81 years old and had surgery that afternoon. Drake calls Craig and Eric to come over and Craig and Eric come to watch him while Drake, Josh and Megan go off to ride the Demonator.

Papa Nichols wakes up disoriented, he thinks he is back in World War II and that Craig and Eric are considered to be Germans ( claiming he's been captured by 2 German nerds ), in which he proceeds to attack them and breaks Eric's cell phone. While at Mystic Mountain, Drake, Josh, and Megan are bumped to the back of the line after Josh got back in the middle of the line upsetting the other people when he had to use the bathroom. Later, Drake and Josh get bumped back again for messing with the mascot and Megan takes the opportunity to remain in line by pretending not to know them. After Megan rides the Demonator, Drake and Josh finally get to ride the Demonator.

Next, Audrey and Walter come home to see how Drake and Josh did watching Papa Nichols. At the end, Papa Nichols punches Walter, mistaking him for a German soldier and goes on a rampage around the house again.



  • Vernon Roberts guest starred as Papa Nichols.
  • People leaving the Mystic Mountain ride groggy, with messy hair and saying strange things and Megan and Audrey say complimentary things about Bruce Winchill, a weatherman on a competitor to Walter's TV station are running gags in this episode.
  • This is the only appearance of Mystic Mountain.
  • This is the first episode written by two writers.
  • Space Trek is a parody of Star Trek.
  • After Drake and Josh ride the Demonator, their hair gets messy but it looks almost like Drake has his spiky hair again from Season 1 and Josh's hair is just fluffy.
  • Papa Nichols throwing Eric's cellphone against the wall is mentioned by Josh in the episode The Wedding.
  • When Papa Nichols picks up his shoe and begins to talk into it, he believes he is talking to General Smith Patton Jr., a real-life general from World War II.


  • When Drake, Josh and Megan get sent to the back of the queue for the ride, a big scary man pushes in front of them. Moments later he has suddenly moved up in the line. Meanwhile, Drake and Josh are in the same spot that they were originally in.
  • At the beginning when Drake and Josh flip over the couch, wires are visible.
  • Drake said that it would take 13 minutes to find the car and 22 minutes to get home. But after Drake and Josh rode the Demonator Josh said that they only had 20 minutes until their parents got home. So they should have been caught by then or they found the car so quickly and drove home faster. They got there at 10:57, 3 minutes before 11:00.
  • When Papa Nichols throws Eric out the window, it's real surprising how he was completely unharmed. He wasn't cut by the glass, or had any broken bones. Although he could've landed on something.
  • The credits list has Milford Mouse's name as "Mystic Mouse".
  • If Josh was actually fighting Milford Mouse, he would likely have been thrown out of the park instead of just sent to the back of the line.
  • Drake and Josh says they're going to ride the Demonator the first day it opens but find out it's opening at night when Megan comes in the room, at first Drake and Josh never told Megan when the first day the Demonator opens, they just tell her that they're going to ride it the first day it opens and then she says if it is tomorrow but she somehow knew.
  • Drake and Josh ask Craig and Eric to look after Papa Nichols while they’re at mystic mountain carnival riding the Demonator but when they back home before 11:00, Drake and Josh push Craig and Eric out the back door as Audrey and Walter come in through the front door, wouldn’t they have saw Craig and Eric’s car out front when they were coming in and find out that Craig and Eric were over?, wouldn’t they have asked Drake and Josh if they had friends over?, how’d Craig and Eric get home if Drake and Josh pushed them out the back door?