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"Stupid sky!"
Josh, annoyed at his puzzle
The Bet
Season: 2
Episode: 1 (season)
27 (series)
Writer: George Doty IV
Director: Steve Hoefer
Originally Aired: March 14, 2004

The Bet is the first episode of the second season of Drake & Josh.


Drake bets that he can last longer without junk food than Josh can without video games. Each of them get more and more desperate, but only one can be the winner.


In the opening comments, Drake and Josh talk about bets they did.

Drake is addicted to junk food and Josh is addicted to video games. When said addictions cause the two to forget to pick up Megan, leaving her to walk home in the rain by herself, they are punished by their mom. Afterwards, they blame each other for their respective addictions by causing them to forget Megan, leading them to make a bet to see who can last longer without their addictions. They both sign a contract with Megan stating that the loser must dye his hair pink.

Initially, both boys struggle bad enough without their addictions, but then things go from bad to worse for the two, as one morning, Drake wakes up with an unsightly, disfiguring rash. After calling on Jeff Glazer (the doctor who lives across the street from him and his family), Dr. Glazer explains that Drake's experiencing a side effect of the abrupt withdrawal from his usual diet (i.e., Drake's rash is the result of him suddenly not eating junk food). The best way to get rid of it is to start eating junk food again -- Josh begins to gloat, until he receives a package from Grammy containing the brand new Game Sphere, a highly advanced video game system which will not be available in stores for three months, and Josh is eager to play. Despite the new circumstances, neither Drake nor Josh is willing to cave.

At this point, their parents see them both agonizing, and they make their own bet over who will win. Audrey bets on Josh and Walter bets on Drake, and the loser will also dye their hair pink, and the parents both sign a contract with Megan. Both Drake and Josh are ready to cave when Megan convinces both to try and sabotage the other behind their backs. Josh turns their room into a candy palace with cotton candy pillows, streams of licorice, and an inflatable pool of chocolate milk, and chows down on the various treats in front of Drake. Drake, in turn, sets up Josh's Game Sphere, and plays it right in front of him. Finally, it becomes too much for both of them, and they both cave at the same moment. Then, they get into a fight, arguing over who caved first, and end up wrestling into the chocolate milk pool. Audrey and Walter intervene, and Megan reveals that it does not matter who caved first, as the contract states "whoever caves must dye his hair pink" as they both caved, and they both lost. Because of this, both Audrey and Walter have both lost their bet as well.

At the end, everyone dyed their hair pink the next day except Megan. However, Drake stays behind to get breakfast and it is revealed that he just put on a pink wig.

During the end credits, Drake tells Josh that he has a date that night. Also, Drake and Josh told each other that one of them would pick up Megan. They argue and Megan makes them stop talking when she hits both of Drake and Josh's heads.



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  • This was the first episode to include the current setting of Drake and Josh's room.
  • Josh wears a brown top hat which is very much like Willy Wonka's top hat from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl which is seen only in the drawings that Quentin Blake did for the chapter book that was released in the '60s.
  • This is the first season to feature a new design for the opening comments.
  • If you look carefully, Drake caves first, because he grabbed the bag of gummy bears to eat them before Josh grabbed the Game Sphere controller to play on the Game Sphere.
  • The Game Sphere is an obvious parody of the real-life game system, Nintendo GameCube. However, the Game-Sphere's controller resembles an Xbox controller.
  • At the start, Josh was using a PlayStation 2 controller to play his game, also after that, he had a red Game Boy Advance SP.
  • This is the first episode without Scottie, Rina, and Paul.
  • The wireless controller Drake had while playing the Game-Sphere resembled a Nintendo 64 controller.
  • Josh says, "Look out red turtle shell, you ain't no match for Joshie!" when he is playing his game and in a later shot, Drake says "Jump the mushroom". This is a clear reference to Super Mario Bros.
  • This is the first time Drake and Josh make a bet. The second will be Who's Got Game?.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball, Life with Derek, and Maya & Miguel had a season 2 episode that shared the same name as this.
  • Audrey could have gotten out of the bet because the bet says that the loser must dye his hair pink. However, the bet was written without taking into consideration that women may join it, meaning that she probably wouldn't be an exception.
  • Josh, Audrey and Walter could have washed the dye out right after they got it because the bet only said the loser must dye his hair pink, not that they had to keep it dyed and wait for it to fade on its own by itself.
  • This is the first episode where Drake doesn't have spiky hair and has a bowl-cut instead.
    • At the end of the episode, when Drake wears a wig instead of dyeing his hair pink, his season 1 spiky hair appears after taking off the wig.
  • Josh's brown top hat is similar to the one the late Gene Wilder wears in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • This is the first episode directed by Steve Hoefer and written by George Doty IV.
  • This also marks the first time Drake and Josh physically fight after an argument.
  • Running Gag: Audrey and Walter, and Drake and Josh reading the contract for the bet, and reading "The loser must dye", and being scared/confused, until Megan flips the page, and the sentence continues with "his hair pink."
  • This episode is similar to an episode of Seinfeld called The Gun, but the story got changed and the Seinfeld episode was renamed "The Phone Message" instead.
  • Drake is actually eating cereal with soda instead of milk.
  • This episode shows that Drake is cleverer than he is credited for as he secretly bought a wig to avoid potentially permanently dying his hair pink.
  • Megan worded the contract so that whoever caves must dye his or her hair pink and then convinced Drake and Josh to sabotage each other to make their addictions worse so they would both cave.
  • Drake could've easily won the bet if he didn't talk when Josh sets the GameSphere on the table after receiving it from Grammy.
  • There is a widescreen version where Josh showed everyone the GameSphere that was shown from the Game Shakers behind the scenes video.
  • The name "GameSphere" is referenced in the episode "Towelie" from South Park, where it's named the 2001 Okama Gamesphere.
  • This episode marked the first appearance of Dr. Jeff Glazer.
  • This episode appears as a flashback on Peruvian Puff Pepper and Dr. Phyllis Show.
  • The last time this episode aired on Nicktoons was on February 14, 2016.


  • When Megan comes into the house after getting soaked in rain, you clearly see it's a sunny day behind her and that water was just falling in front of the house.
  • When Drake first comes into science class, he is covering his face with a light brown book. However, when Josh says "Yes Princess?", the book is black. Then, when the science teacher says, "Drake Put the Book Down.", it's light brown again.
  • If you look closely, Drake doesn't really hit Josh's hand with his science book.
  • When the teacher first begins talking about the eye, she only draws one circle. When Josh is in his video game fantasy, the eye now has labels for parts of the eye. When the teacher is calling Josh, there are two circles and no labels. When she tells Josh to pay attention, there is only one circle. Then, when she shows everyone the real human eye, there are three circles and labels.
  • For most of the episode, Drake has a rash all over his face but in the scene where Drake and Josh are fighting in the swimming pool full of chocolate milk, Drake is still seen with his rash on his face but you can't really see him with his rash since he's covered in chocolate milk but in the next scene where the episode ends and everyone's hair is pink except Megan’s, his rash is gone, it's unlikely how his rash just went away so fast and quickly.
  • No one should have been scared or confused when reading the word 'dye' as it does not having the same meaning or spelling as 'die'.
  • When Megan comes home all wet while Drake and Josh are eating junk food and playing video games, Audrey comes back yelling at them but when she enters the house, it's still raining outside and she's not even wet at all, when she walks in through the front door, she's still completely dry.
  • In the scene where Megan says, "everyone can see I'm wet you boob", Josh is not holding his controller but in the next scene where Audrey says, "you were too busy to go get your sister, but you weren't too busy to play video games all day", he's again seen holding his controller where Audrey grabs it and takes it away from him.
  • When Drake takes out the cupcakes from the cupboard after Josh runs upstairs with the blender, you can see very closely that they're not really cupcakes, they're just sandwiches wrapped in plastic and put into cupcake boxes because bread is visible in there.
  • When Audrey sends Drake and Josh upstairs to their room, she tells them they're grounded tonight and Drake says it's Saturday night, but it's still the afternoon even though it's raining.

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This episode is logoless on google drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eLvXMHM8D5zDzR196UNzNs7voOkALVxW/view

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