Drake and Josh Wiki

Walter: [choking] Cu... Cu... Cumin!

Josh: Cumin?! Cumin?! [drags Drake out of the kitchen, as Walter begins to choke while reaching out for them] You put cumin in his waffles?

Drake: You told me to put cumin in his waffles!

Josh: I said cinnamon! CINNAMON!

Drake: What's the difference?

Josh: EVERYTHING! Alright? Cinnamon is sweet and delicious. Cumin, is a Mexican spice! You were flavoring a waffle, not a chimichanga!

Drake: So, I made a little mistake.

Josh: A HUGE mistake! Dad's allergic to cumin, and he's probably in there dying right now. [suddenly remembers Walter choking] DAD! [rushes back into the kitchen with Drake] What do you need?

Walter: [wheezing] In... haler!!!


Walter: [rushes over to them] Drake! Josh! What have you done?!

Peggy: Walter, if this is how you raise your children to behave, then I have no interest in pursuing you any further!

Drake and Josh: Yes! [high five each other]

Walter: Please, I...

Peggy: Goodbye, Walter. [spits at him before storming out of the restaurant]

[Walter turns to his sons, furious]

Josh: We know you're mad.

Drake: But we had to do it.

Josh: Alright? We couldn't let that skunk bag steal you away from Mom.

Drake: Yeah, and ruin our whole family.

Josh: But don't worry.

Drake: We won't tell Mom about this little "episode".

Josh: We got your back! [laughs with Drake and playfully slaps Walter's arm, as Drake playfully punches Walter's chest]

Walter: [venomously] You think, I was dating that woman?

Josh: [drops his smile] Well, uh...

Drake: [likewise drops smile] Yeah.

Walter: Boys, that "skunk bag", just happens to be the senior producer of Good Morning Today, and was talking to me being the weatherman! On the number one national morning show in AMERICA!

Josh: [feeling completely foolish] Well that's different.