Drake and Josh Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Yellow
Interests: Belleview High School,
Lives In: San Diego, California
Mother: Unnamed Mother
Ex-Boyfriend: Drake Parker
Crush: Josh Nichols
Nemesis: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Megan Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Ashley Eckstein
Only Appearance: Believe Me, Brother

Susan is Drake's ex-girlfriend who also had a crush on Josh, and subsequently told Drake that Josh had tried to kiss her.


Susan is a girl that cheated on Drake, when she would go up to Josh and kiss him and lie whenever she saw Drake arriving and suddenly becomes angry at Josh saying that he kissed her first, Josh tried to explain (while happy at having his first kiss) but Drake does not believe it. This became a recurring theme, as she either kisses or flirts with Josh in secret. After that Drake and Josh had to work together on a video project and Drake finally found out Josh was telling the truth, so Susan got busted. She kissed Josh first. Drake was so disappointed with Susan so he broke up with her, so at the end of the episode, Drake and Josh confront her and Susan explains that she could not help that she was attracted to both Drake and Josh, However she states that they humiliated her, because she doesn't want to go out. I don't know which day to accept, so as revenge, the brothers took Megan's purple paint balloons and put them in Susan's locker and when she opened the locker, Susan got splattered in purple paint, so she was never seen again after this episode as she possibly graduated, she still was Josh's first kiss, and was Drake's first girlfriend in the series.