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Steered Straight
Season 4, Episode 14
Drake and Josh scream after meeting Blaze.jpg
Air date March 11, 2007
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Steered Straight is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


In the opening comments, Josh mentions how he took Drake to his cousin Skippy's dairy farm, Drake tried to convince him that cows are ticklish, with Josh saying that this made the cow angry. Drake mentions this incident which caused him and Josh to get grounded.

Drake gets himself and Josh fake IDs so that they can enter the Reptile Room nightclub, which serves fried Mexican pastries known as churros, to listen to Josh's favorite band, the Hailstones. They are caught by cops, but are not arrested. Instead of grounding Drake and Josh, their parents (especially Walter, who wants the boys to learn the importance of behaving and how to act like mature men) choose to have the boys go through a "Steered Straight" program in which children and teenagers are shown what it is like if they are arrested as well as processed, booked, and jailed. However, the plan eventually backfires when the officer who is driving them to the San Diego police station is interrupted by a criminal named Blaze, who steals and hijacks the police car to "run from the law". Drake and Josh once again use their fake ID names to pretend to be criminals to befriend Blaze. Drake and Josh convince Blaze to take them to their house, which the boys claim is somebody else's house that they plan to "rob".

In the house, while the other family members are away, the boys attempt to contact the cops. When Blaze notices Drake and Josh using a cordless phone, they tell him that they were contacting their crew so they could carry out a plan to kidnap the governor. Blaze decides to call in his own crew for the kidnapping plot instead. When Walter comes home early, the boys tie him up, duct tape his mouth shut and lock him in the closet to maintain their governor-kidnapping ruse. The boys then fake a physical argument with each other, with the use of fake blood. Drake then rips off a prosthetic hand that Josh was wearing. Terrified and disgusted, the criminals flee the house, followed by Taylor, the girl Audrey had made a prom dress for coming to the front porch crying about being stood up by her date.

The family then goes out for dinner and the boys berate Audrey for their experience. Audrey voices how they did not anticipate them getting caught up with real criminals while Drake tells her that she should not do that ever again because the experience was horrible. After awhile, the boys realize they forgot to take Walter out of the closet.

During the end credits, Walter was thinking about his dress he is wearing. Josh was thinking about our own sugar in the police car. Megan was telling Drake to find their father wearing a dress stuffed in grapefruits.



  • The restaurant that Josh, Drake, Audrey, and Megan go to at the end of the episode is called B.F. Wang's, which is a parody of the Chinese restaurant chain, P.F. Chang's.
  • Drake’s Fake ID name: Jefferson Steelflex
  • Josh’s Fake ID name: Alvin Yakitori
  • G-Corn is an allusion to Jennifer Lopez's nickname, J-Lo.
  • The Governor of California at the time of airing was Arnold Schwarzenegger, which explains why Blaise was so shocked about Drake and Josh's fake idea to capture him as Schwarzenegger is a former bodybuilder who was crowned Mr. Olympia five times.
  • The club the boys try to get into at the beginning of the episode is called "The Reptile Room", a reference to the Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events book, "The Reptile Room", Book 2 in the series. It could also allude to the infamous Viper Room, where River Phoenix died of a cocaine overdose.
  • B.F. Wang's was also mentioned in iCarly and Victorious.
  • Drake getting in trouble with his parents for taking the dune buggy out with his absent-minded best friend Trevor was never mentioned by Josh, Walter, Audrey or Megan (Dune Buggy).
  • There's no appearance or mention of Scottie, Rina, and Paul by Walter, Audrey or Megan. It's likely because since Drake didn't want his parents to find out about that one time on Friday Night when he, Scottie, Rina, and Paul got detained at the Rock Shock concert for unsuspected counterfeiting of tickets (Grammy).
  • Drake and Josh being threatened with jail wasn't entirely fair. Although the fake IDs from this episode were pretty bad, the stolen grills from The Gary Grill weren't their fault (they didn't know they were stolen). Burning down their neighbor's treehouse from Tree House was an accident.
  • The last time Josh had fake blood all over his face was in The Great Doheny, after he participated in a magic trick.
  • This is the third time Drake and Josh end up in a room filled with criminals (the first time was in "The Gary Grill" and the second time was in "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood").
  • Walter seems to have been ordering a pizza when he appeared in the house before he was attacked by Drake and Josh.
  • One of the criminals jumped into one of the other's arms when Drake "bites off" Josh's finger.
  • This episode is a parody of Scared Straight.
  • This episode was seen on the Henry Danger episode, "Space Invaders: Part 1".
  • When Megan told Walter that she would want to go to boarding school, she could have been referencing PCA from Zoey 101.
  • Drake and Josh get in trouble for burning down Robbie's tree house back in Tree House, which Walter mentions, but Audrey and Walter don't punish Megan as well for leaving them in there for the whole episode just because they made her miss Janie's birthday party, which counts as her getting in trouble too, and they don't mention anything about them getting stuck inside the tree house all day because of her.
  • During the second time Drake and Josh get in trouble with the police, if you look closely Drake wears the same shirt he wore in Josh Runs Into Oprah that he wore at the end of that episode with a long-sleeved plaid shirt underneath, except in this episode he doesn't.
  • Moral: Intentionally breaking the law is dangerous.


  • It is shown that Josh likes churros. Audrey refers to them as "fried Mexican pastries." Although Mexican people speak Spanish, churros actually originate from Spain.
  • Audrey brings up "the counterfeit grills" from the episode "The Gary Grill" as an example of Drake and Josh's bad behavior. However the grills were stolen and not counterfeit.
  • When Blaise pulled Drake through the window, the door was closed, but when Blaise was going to scope out the downstairs, the door was already cracked open.
  • The police car should have had a protected cage between the officer and the criminal(s).
  • Although realism was not intended for this episode, there are several inconsistencies that are highly unrealistic with how Blaise was able to steal the car so easily; first off, the officer shouldn't have left the keys in the car; secondly, there should be both a radio and a GPS in the car so as to expose any criminals or other unauthorized personnel who use it, and third, the police officer should've locked the police car doors to prevent Blaise from breaking in. Overall, the dispatcher would need to be aware of Blaise and send people to arrest him and rescue Drake and Josh.
  • During the fake fight with Drake and Josh, one of the criminals says that Drake ate Josh's finger, but Drake spits the finger out.
  • There are closed caption errors in this episode.
  • While Drake and Josh are being handcuffed and dragged out of the house, the officer asks what are in Walter's breasts to which he replies "grapefruits", during this scene you can notice Audrey trying very hard not to laugh.
  • In the scene where Drake and Josh get arrested, it's afternoon but as soon as they leave the house in the next scene where they're driving on the highway, it's suddenly night.
    • However, time could have passed as they are driving.
  • The policeman puts the grapefruit in Josh's mouth while he's handcuffed, then the burglar shows up and he drops it right in front of him, it lands on the floor under the back seat, but when Blaise finds the grapefruit, he suddenly finds it on the front seat.


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