Steered Straight
Season 4, Episode 14
Steered Straight!
Air date March 11, 2007
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Steered Straight is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh. It aired on March 11, 2007.


Opening Sequence

Josh is in the kitchen taking the pits out of green olives and complains that Drake constantly gets him in trouble which he does not like. Meanwhile Drake is upstairs bending metal spoons to make a sculpture and says that you're not normal if you don't get in trouble once in a while.

Josh mentions how the previous week he took Drake to his cousin Skippy's dairy farm. Drake refers to the event as "Josh dragging him to his bowlegged cousin's dairy farm". Josh mentions that Skippy is a bit bowlegged, but claims that it's not that noticeable. Drake on the other hand claims that you could drive a truck between his legs.

Josh goes on to mention that on midnight on the first night after they arrived, Drake tried to convince him that cows are ticklish. Drake then talked him into sneaking out of his cousin's house to go the milking barn where they milk all the cows, and made Josh go and try to tickle one of the cows. Drake mentions that Josh walked right up to this huge cow and tickled it, with Josh saying that this made the cow angry. Josh mentions that the next thing he knew he had a mad cow chasing him up Walnut Grove Road.

Drake mentions this incident caused them both to get grounded with Josh saying that he can't believe that he has to stay in the house all weekend. As he says this, Drake climbs out the window of their bedroom saying "See ya", breaking the rules of his grounding. Josh then regrettably says that he should've known cows aren't ticklish. Drake then pops his head back into the window and says that he knew all along that cows weren't ticklish, and then climbs the rest of the way down.

Main Plot

Josh is in the bedroom laying on the couch typing out his homework, which appears to be a history essay on how General Cornwallis chased George Washington's army through New Jersey until the Americans withdrew across the Delaware River during the American Revolution, narrating what he types out loud. Megan suddenly walks in in the middle of a conversation on the phone mentioning that she's an expert on ice cream toppings. Apparently, whoever she's talking to mentions how some people call sprinkles jimmies, with Megan saying that she's not from the south. She then says that she'll look it up on the web right now and suddenly takes Josh's laptop from him. He mentions to her that he was doing his homework, but Megan just says that she's on the phone and walks out of the room. Josh say that "-now I'm laptop-less" and takes out a notepad and begins rewriting the essay by hand.

Drake then comes in and mentions that this upcoming Saturday night they are so hooked up. Josh asks where they're going, and Drake says that they are just going to see Josh's favorite band "The Hailstones". Josh is excited and asks if The Hailstones are really playing in San Diego, and Drake says that they are at The Reptile Room. Josh is excited at first, but then reminds Drake that they can't get into The Reptile Room as you have to be 21 years old or older. Drake says "You are, Mr. Yakitori" handing him a small card. Josh asks what it is and Drake tells him it's a fake ID and tells Josh to check his out. Josh looks at the card and says in disbelief "Jefferson Steelflex?" with Drake laughing saying he made it up. To clarify the ridiculous plan, Josh asks if if he's really suggesting they use fake IDs to get into a nightclub posing as Jefferson Steelflex and Alvin Yakitori, which Drake confirms. Drake begins to mention how they have to get there before 10:30 PM, but Josh interrupts him saying that they its illegal to use fake IDs. Drake counters by saying that its also illegal to rob banks but people do it, with Josh saying "Yeah, people who are BANK ROBBERS", and that he's not using a fake ID. Drake speaking in a manipulative voice reminds Josh that The Hailstones are his favorite band and that The Reptile Room serves churros, with Josh asking for clarity on the latter. Drake says that it's not like they're going to drink or anything, they're just going to go and listen to some music. Josh tries to counter again, but Drake mentions that everybody uses fake IDs and that it's not gonna be a problem.

The scene then cuts to a doorbell ringing which Walter answers with two police officers and Drake and Josh being held by them, showing that they were caught. Josh say "Dad", and Drake says "Walter", with Walter turning around to Audrey who has a shocked expression on her face.

Audrey reads out Drake's fake name: "Jefferson Steelflex?", with Walter then reading out Josh's: "Alvin Yakitori?". Drake says that they could be names, with Josh saying "Yeah, on Planet Crazytron". Walter says that he can almost understand Drake doing something this stupid, but not Josh, with Josh saying Drake tempted him with churros. Audrey is in disbelief that that's they're excuse, a fried Mexican pastry, with Josh asking if they've ever tasted one. The two officers ask if they can talk to Audrey and Walter privately, and Audrey says "Of course". Walter tells the boys to get in the closet, with him yelling it after they get confused with them leaving to do what he says. Walter starts to make a case for them, but the officers tell them not to worry as the boys are not under arrest. Audrey thanks them while Walter tells them that they are going to be grounded for a long time. Audrey asks though what good that'll do as they've been grounded a hundred times before. One of the officers mentions that if they really want to make an impression, their department does have a Steered Straight program. He explains that it's a program where they come in, handcuff them and show them what it's like to be arrested. The other officer says that it's a very effective program as it shows kids what can happen if they break the law. The first officer hands an informational pamphlet to Walter and gives their card to Audrey telling them to give them a call if they decide they want to do it. Walter and Audrey thank the officers saying that they really appreciate it and show them to the door. Right as the officers leave, the first one then turns around and asks Walter if he's the weather guy from Channel 2, with Walter saying proudly that he is. The officers then burst out laughing and leave. Walter turns around humiliated and asks why everyone does that.

Sometime later, Drake and Josh are in the living room while Audrey models a dress on someone who turns out to Walter. Embarrassed enough, Walter asks if she could just finish this already, with her saying that she could if he'd stop moving. She says that she has to get more pins, and Walter says he's going to get some water. He embarrassingly has to lift up the helm of the dress to step down and walks into the kitchen. Megan soon comes in to get a banana and after a moment of awkward silence between them says that this doesn't surprise her. Walter explains that he's helping her mother make a prom dress for their neighbor Taylor Anderson. Megan says that she though Taylor was a boy, but Walter replies with "Nope". Walter drinks the water then clutches the uncomfortable fake cleavage in the dress. Megan asks what they are, and Walter says they're grapefruits. Megan then asks if she can go to boarding school. The doorbell rings with Audrey saying she's got it and Walter saying that this is gonna be good.

Audrey answers the door with the first police officer from before and gestures to where Drake and Josh are. He goes over to where they are and yells at them in a megaphone to close the laptop and put down the guitar, much to Josh's confusion. He then yells at them to get up against the wall. Josh tries to ask what's going on but the officer orders it again and they turn to face the wall. Drake asks what they did while the officer searches Josh for weapons, much to his displeasure. He then orders Josh to put his hands behind his back and puts a set of handcuffs on him. Audrey then notices that Megan is crying and asks her about it, with Megan saying that she's never been this happy. The officer puts a second pair of cuffs on Drake and begins to lead them both off with Josh asking if this is necessary. As they're lead off Drake asks Audrey and Walter if they'll do something, and Walter mentions that they did do something with Audrey mentioning that it's called the Steered Straight program. As Drake and Josh both say "What?", Walter mentions that they need to learn how to act like men. After a brief moment of ironic silence, Walter mentions the dress is for a prom. The officer says "Yes ma'am", with Walter immediately correcting him "SIR!". The officer tells the boys that tonight they're going to see what it's like to be arrested, processed, booked, and jailed, much to their confusion and horror. Josh tells Walter that this is ridiculous, but Walter tells him that it's not as the two of them have been getting into a lot of trouble lately. Josh asks "Like What?", and Audrey and Walter mention the fake IDs, burning down their neighbor's tree house, and the counterfeit grills, with Megan throwing in "The Speeding Ticket" much to their parents' shock with Drake sarcastically thanking Megan afterwards. The officer begins to lead them away again with the two of them saying that they can't do this. Audrey says that this will be good for them, with Megan adding that it's already good for her. Walter tells them that they need to learn the importance of behaving. As Drake and Josh mention that this is so unfair, the officer notices Walter's fake cleavage and asks what they are, with Walter mentioning that they're grapefruits. The officer asks if he can have one and Walter reluctantly says "Sure" and takes one out and gives it to the officer who thanks him and leads Drake and Josh out the doors much to their displeasure. As the three watch Drake and Josh get lead to the police car outside, Taylor, revealed to be an overweight ugly pre-op transgendered girl, arrives asking if her dress is ready yet which causes Megan to shudder.

Later, when Drake and Josh are in the back of the police car as the officer mentions that the grapefruit is excellent but a little sour. He asks the two if they have any sugar on them, they reply no to it, and confused ask who carries around their own sugar. The officer says that they'd be surprised and that as a cop you see lots of things. Just then, a report of a robbery comes in over the police radio with the officer saying that he's a block south of it's location and is heading there now and turns on his siren and police lights. Josh asks what's going on and the officer tells them that it's a robbery at a Jiffy Mart. He pulls into the scene and tells Josh to hold his grapefruit. Josh points out that he's handcuffed and begins to ask how he could possibly hold the grapefruit only to have the officer shove it in his mouth before leaving. As Drake looks around, Josh begins to mutter something, presumably about the situation they're in, with Drake saying he was just trying to do something nice for him. Josh continues to mumble with Drake presumably understanding him, only for the criminal to slip into the drivers seat much to their horror. They ask him what's up, only for him to scream and turn around as he was unaware that they were in the car. This shocks them and causes Josh to drop the grapefruit half. The officer blows his whistle and orders the criminal to get out of his car and freeze, but the criminal tells the officer to freeze and drives the car out of there laughing maniacally. In shock, Drake asks him what he's doing and the criminal tells them that he's not going to jail and tells them to hang on as they're in a stolen police car and are running from the law. He then puts his head out the window and laughs maniacally, with Drake and Josh nervously joining in to avoid any suspicion, but after he turns back away from them they start crying and screaming.

As the criminal continues to drive the car, Drake points out that to the criminal that he could get in a lot of trouble. The criminal is unphased however saying that he's already in a lot of trouble. He asks who they are, and Drake and Josh use their fake names of Jefferson Steelflex and Alvin Yakitori. They ask his name and he says that it's Blaze. Josh asks him why he's called Blaze, but Blaze just tells him to be quiet. As Blaze looks away, Josh tells Drake that he thinks that Blaze is dangerous, with Drake sarcastically pointing out that Blaze just robbed a convenience store and stole a cop car. Josh thinks that if they just tell him that they're high school students he'll let them go, but Drake points out that there's a chance he might not let them go which causes Josh to freak out for a second. Drake points out that this guy that this guy thinks that they're real criminals right now and that it's in their best interest to keep it that way, with Josh agreeing. Blaze asks them what they got busted for and they make up a story about robbing a store. Blaze accepts the story and says that they're alright, with the two of them pointing out that they're rebels. Drake adds that they were planning on hitting a house tonight. Josh is confused until Drake explains that he's trying to get Blaze to drop them off at their place. Josh understands and says that it's perfect for robbing, with Drake mentioning that they've been watching the place for a couple weeks now and that the owners are out of town. Josh says that if Blaze could drop them off it would be good. Blaze agrees but ends up inviting himself to join them in their "robbery". They try to make up an excuse about this being only a two-man job, but relent after Blaze yells at them "I WANT IN!". He then notices and picks up the discarded grapefruit half and asks what it is, after which Josh tells him it's a grapefruit. Blaze takes a bite out of it and notes that's its a little sour, and remarks that it's a good thing he always carries around a little sugar with him. He takes a sugar packet out of his pocket, opens it with his teeth and spreads it on the grapefruit much to Drake and Josh's surprise.

Later at the house, Blaze manages to climb in through the window in Drake and Josh's bedroom, then lifts up Drake by his ears, since he and Josh are still handcuffed, and deposits him on the floor of the bedroom. He does the same thing for Josh and remarks afterwards that he has a big head, to which Josh replies "Yeah, old news dude". Blaze asks who lives in the house, and the two boys say that it's just some stupid family that they don't know. Blaze says that he's going to scope out the rest of the house, to which Drake says that they'll scope out the upstairs while he scopes out the downstairs. Blaze agrees and leaves to do so. As he leaves, Drake closes the door with his foot after which Josh asks Drake if he's crazy, as their parents and/or Megan could be downstairs. Drake points out that both the cars are gone, so that means that nobody's home. Josh then notices the phone on the table in front of the TV and suggests that they call the cops before Blaze comes back. The two of them try to hold the phone and dial it back to back, but fail due to their inability to see the buttons with Josh saying that it's not going to work. Drake then says that he'll hold the phone behind his back and asks Josh to dial it with his nose. Josh begins to lean forward but immediately pulls back saying he's not sticking his nose down there, to which Drake asks him if he'd rather take his chances with a vicious criminal to which Josh says that he thinks so. Drake tells him to just dial the number and Josh yields. With his nose he dials 9-1- but when he leans down to dial the last 1, he sneezes causing Drake to drop the phone in disgust. Drake points out to Josh that he just sneezed on his palm, with Josh simply remarking "It is allergy season". Blaze then comes back happy remarking that the people in this house must be loaded due to the fact that he found sterling silver and jewelry. He then notices the phone on the ground and asks who they're calling. They make up a story that they were calling their boys to set up their next crime to-, with Drake improvising, "kidnap the governor" much to Josh's shock. Blaze is somewhat spooked by this crime as well and asks if they're serious, with Drake mentioning that there are people who would pay a large amount of money to get that guy back, with Josh saying it would be a fortune. Blaze mentions that this plan is pretty insane, with Drake and Josh seeing this as an opportunity to make him leave saying that they're nuts and that he doesn't want to get mixed in with them. Josh tells him that he'd better scoot before he gets wrapped up in their activities, but Blaze says that they'd need a big crew for such a job and decides to call his crew to help them. He picks up the phone then asks who sneezed on it, leading Josh to once again say "IT"S ALLERGY SEASON". Blaze uses a can of disinfectant to clean the phone then prepares to make the call.

Later, the crew has arrived at the house with one of them managing to get the handcuffs off Drake and Josh. Josh thanks him and asks him how he learned to do it, but the criminal tells him to never look him in the eye with Josh turning his head away saying "Message received". As one of them asks if they're going to talk about this governor job, they all hear a car door slam outside. The man looks through the door window and says that he sees some goofy-looking dude in a really bad shirt, which cause Drake and Josh to realize that it's Walter. Blaze takes out a fireplace poker and tosses it to the criminal who removed the handcuffs who says that he'll take care of it. Drake and Josh say not to do it, remarking that they'll take care of him, with Drake remarking that they can't let these criminals hurt Walter. He tells everyone to hide, and as Walter walks through the door Drake and Josh grab him and silence him while the other criminals handcuff him and put duck tape over his mouth. Blaze orders them to throw him in the closet, and Drake and Josh do so heading in with him.

The two of them throw Walter on the floor of the closet where he asks through his taped mouth what they're doing. Josh says that they'll explain later. Josh wonders what they're going to do, as they'll be dead if the thugs downstairs find out they aren't real criminals, with Drake saying they cannot find that out. Josh then wines saying he doesn't want to kidnap the governor, with Walter in shock mumbling "KIDNAP THE GOVERNOR?!". Drake points out that they're not going to kidnap anyone, and that they just have to get those goons out of the house. Josh then remembers that Walter has a cell phone and they rip the duck tape off his mouth. Drake asks where his cell phone is, and Walter mentions that he dropped it when they attacked him. Walter says that he wants to know what's going on, but Drake puts the duck tape over his mouth again. Josh asks what they're going to do now, and Drake thinks it over and sees Josh's magic kit and suggests that they use it. Josh asks how that's going to help, and Drake asks if it has a bunch of fake blood in it and stuff. Josh says yes and tries to ask what they would do with it, but Drake interrupts him and grabs the kit telling him to come on. As they leave, Walter asks what they are doing and what he's supposed to do. Drake looks around and grabs a ball of yarn from the upper shelf and tells him to play with it before leaving. As they close the closet door, Walter continues struggling to no avail.

As the criminals are waiting, Drake and Josh sneak into the kitchen with the kit. Drake opens it and asks Josh if he knows what to do. Josh says he does an asks Drake to give him the blood, which Drake does. The criminals begin to grow restless asking if they're really going to be doing this job. Blaze says they are, with one of the criminals saying that they'd better be as he left in the middle of American Idol for this. The criminal also asks Blaze if he's sure the two boys are for real. Blaze says they are and tells them how he found the two of them locked in the back of a cop car when he found them and says that they're hardcore. Drake and Josh put their plan into action by faking a fight over who gets to grab the governor and who calls the shots. Blaze tells the two of them to keep it cool, but Drake shoots him down with a hand gesture. The fake fight eventually escalates to where Drake pushes Josh to the kitchen floor with a psychotic look and begins to pretend to beat him with a banana until it breaks, much to the disapproval and horror of the criminals. When Josh comes back up, his entire face is covered in fake blood which horrifies the criminals. Drake then asks how Josh is gonna grab the governor with no hand and rips off a fake hand Josh had on under his sleeve, much to the horror of the criminals. As Josh pretends to be in pain from getting his hand ripped off, Drake bites off one of the fingers on the hand and spits it out. At this point, the criminals are terrified beyond belief and believe that Drake and Josh are complete psychos and run out the front door in terror that they may be next. As Drake and Josh head to the front door to celebrate ridding their house of the criminals, they become surprised to find Taylor standing there in the dress crying over the fact that her date never showed up. As she continues to cry, they slowly close the door and walk over to clean up the mess they made with their act.

Later Drake, Josh, Audrey, and Megan are eating in a B.F. Wangs restaurant. Drake tells Audrey that he really hopes they feel really bad for putting the two of them through all that, and Audrey counters by asking how they could've possibly known that they were going to get tangled up with real criminals. Josh just asks that they never have them arrested again, with Drake adding that he's never been so scared in his life. Megan claims that she has, and tells them to imagine walking into the kitchen to find your father wearing a prom dress stuffed with grapefruits. Josh begins to say something, but this makes the two of them suddenly remember that they left Walter in the closet.

Walter is shown throwing his body against the wall repeatedly to try and get someone to hear he's in there but to no avail.

Audrey is shocked that they left him handcuffed in the closet, and Drake says that they forgot with Josh saying that they're sorry. Audrey still calls it terrible with Megan agreeing, but they brush it off to keep enjoying their meal. Megan asks Drake if he's going to eat a dumpling, Drake says no and Megan takes it. Josh asks how great the egg rolls are, to which Megan says "Awesome". Drake asks Megan to pass the fried rice, but Megan says to say please. Drake says please but Megan just says no to it and the family continues on with their dinner.

End Credits

A blooper reel is shown for the episode, including Josh Goldstein messing up his line "You boys need to learn to start acting like men" due to the dress he's forced to wear for the scene, Josh peck accidentally saying the sugar question off screen which was supposed be Drake's line with the director saying he still said it good, and Miranda Cosgrove saying "stuffed in grapefruits" instead of "stuffed with grapefruits" and feeling bad about messing up the line.


Josh: You'd be a superfluous.
Blaise: (looks at Josh)
Drake: A superfluous?
Josh: It's on my word-a-day calendar. (looks at Blaise) THAT I STOLE!



  • The restaurant that Josh, Drake, Audrey, and Megan go to at the end of the episode is called B.F. Wangs, which is a parody of the Chinese chain P.F. Chang's.
  • G-Corn is an allusion to Jennifer Lopez's nickname, J-Lo.
  • The Governor of California at the time of airing was Arnold Schwarzenegger, which explains why Blaze was so shocked about Drake and Josh's fake idea to capture him as Schwarzenegger is a former bodybuilder who was crowed Mr. Olympia five times.
  • The club the boys try to get into at the beginning of the episode is called "The Reptile Room", a reference to the Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events book, "The Reptile Room", Book 2 in the series. It could also allude to the infamous Viper Room, where River Phoenix died of a cocaine overdose.
  • B.F. Wangs was also mentioned in iCarly and Victorious.
  • There's no appearance or mentioned of Trevor, Scottie, Rina and Paul by Walter, Audrey or Megan: that is because since Drake didn't want his parents to find out that three years ago he took the Dune Buggy out with his absent minded friend Trevor after Walter told Drake that Trevor has also been got grounded by his own disgusted unnamed parents (Dune Buggy) and that one time on Friday Night when he, Scottie, Rina and Paul got detained at Rock Shock concert for unsuspected counterfeiting the ticket (Grammy) Josh mention that Scottie, Rina and Paul has been bailed by Trevor and mentions that Scottie, Rina and Paul have now either get arrested or their own parents make them get brain scans every week like Trevor.
  • Drake and Josh being threatened with jail wasn't entirely fair. Although the fake IDs from this episode and the ticket from Driver's License were pretty bad, the counterfeit grills from The Gary Grill weren't their fault (they didn't know they were counterfeit). Burning down their neighbor's treehouse from Tree House was an accident.
  • Back Three years ago Audrey and Walter grounded Drake for disobeying them as well as he took the Dune Buggy out with his absent minded friend Trevor who was also grounded by his own parents from Dune Buggy.
  • Josh would told the cops that Drake's problems was one time he got detained at the Rock Shock concert with his former bandmates Scottie, Rina and Paul for counterfeited tickets from Grammy but it's wasn't mentioned by Josh.
  • The last time Josh had fake blood all over his face was in The Great Doheny, after he participated in a magic trick.
  • This is the second time Drake and Josh end up in a room filled with criminals (the first time was on "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood").
  • Walter seems to have been ordering a pizza when he appeared in the house before he was attacked by Drake and Josh.
  • One of the criminals jumped into one of the other's arms when Drake "bites off" Josh's finger.
  • This episode is a parody of Scared Straight.
  • On February 3, 2014, TeenNick broadcast this episode three times in two hours.
  • This episode was seen on the Henry Danger episode, "Space Invaders: Part 1."
  • Drake driving the dune buggy and getting hurt in Dune Buggy, Drake going to the Rock Shock concert and having pretend tickets in Grammy, Mrs. Hayfer's car in the classroom by Mindy in Honor Council, Drake and Josh pretending their house is a hotel in The Drake & Josh Inn, splattering salsa everywhere in Peruvian Puff Pepper, Drake almost marrying Yooka in We're Married?, Drake and Josh hiding Ba-a-a-ab around and breaking the lamp in Sheep Thrills, Drake and Josh sneaking off to Mystic Mountain to ride the Demonator without watching Papa Nichols in The Demonator, Drake and Josh being late for Aunt Catherine's wedding in The Wedding, Drake with lizard pee in Mindy Loves Josh, Drake and Josh entering Pump My Room, making their house empty on Audrey and Walter's Anniversary and fooling around at their job in I Love Sushi, aren't mentioned in this episode may just be all 7 seven criminal charges were scot-free.
  • When Megan told Walter that she would want to go to boarding school, she could have been referencing PCA from Zoey 101.
  • Blaze was played by Haitian-born actor Allan Louis.
  • The police officer driving the police car was played by Teddy Lane Jr.


  • Megan informs her parents of the "speeding ticket" Josh got in Driver's License. However, the ticket was for running a stop sign, not for speeding. Although she could've been referring to another ticket.
  • Josh would inform Walter and Audrey that one time Drake got detained at Rock Shock concert with his former bandmates Scottie, Rina and Paul for sneaking into backstage in Grammy. However, When Drake and his 2004 bandmates were detained for counterfeit the concert tickets, not for sneaking into backstage on Friday night. Although he could've be preferring to Saturday night
  • It is shown that Josh likes churros. Audrey refers to them as "fried Mexican pastries." Although Mexican people speak Spanish, churros actually originate from Spain.
  • When Blaze pulled Drake through the window, the door was closed, but when Blaze was going to scope out the downstairs, the door was already cracked open.
  • The police car should have had a protected cage between the officer and the criminal(s).
  • Although realism was not intended for this episode, there are several inconsistencies that are highly unrealistic with how the criminal was able to steal the car so easily; first off, the officer shouldn't have left the keys in the car; second-off, there should be both a radio and a GPS in the car so as to expose any criminals or other unauthorized personell who use it. The police officer wasn't shown to be injured, and he should have been able to report his car missing, third-off, the police officer should've lock the police car doors to prevent a criminal breaking in.
  • During the fake fight" with Drake and Josh, one of the criminals says that Drake ate Josh's finger, but Drake spits the finger out.
  • There are closed caption errors in this episode.
  • While Drake and Josh are being handcuffed and dragged out of the house, the officer asks what are in Walter's breasts to which he replies "grapefruits", during this scene you can notice Audrey trying very hard not to laugh
  • At the end of the episode Drake and Josh finally remember that they locked Walter in the closet Audrey appears very shocked while Megan and the boys appear really cool about it, Audrey is surprised at this and facepalms but making no indication she was going to go get Walter
  • In this episode, the police officers asked Walter if he was the Weatherman on Channel 2. However 6 episodes previously in I Love Sushi, another police officer asks if Walter was the Weatherman on Channel 7.
  • In the scene where Drake and Josh get arrested, it's afternoon but as soon as they leave the house in the next scene where they're driving on the highway, it's suddenly night.
    • However, time could have passed as they are driving.