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Stan the Car Man
Stan the Car Man
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Interests: Selling Cars
Dislikes: People imitate him
Lives In: San Diego
Employment: Car Dealer
Pets: Bobo
Friends: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Megan Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Steve Kramer
Only Appearance: My Dinner with Bobo

Stan the Car Man is a car dealer who appears in the episode My Dinner with Bobo. He is the owner of Bobo the monkey. Stan is a car dealer who seems to enjoy wearing cowboy attire, as he wears cowboy clothes and a cowboy hat. He also makes commercials for his car selling business using catchphrases such as "You need a car? You need a truck? You need a van? Come see Stan the car man!" Stan also doesn't like it when people impersonate him. He is played by Steve Kramer.