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Sergeant Doty
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blond
Nemesis: Drake
Production Info
Portrayed by: Eddie Driscoll
First Appearance: I Love Sushi
Last Appearance: I Love Sushi

Sergeant Doty is a minor character who appeared in the episode I Love Sushi.


He is a police officer who is called to Drake and Josh's house with his partner to investigate after Drake and Josh accidentally managed to get all of the furniture robbed from their living room. He appears uninterested in the crime and rather instead eats dry coffee out of a tin with a spoon when Audrey informs him that their coffee maker was also robbed. Eventually, he and his partner refuse to help after it is revealed that his partner suffered due to Walter's bad weather predictions. He gets assaulted when Tyler throws an egg at his back and leaves the egg tray by Drake and Josh, allowing them to take the blame and forced by him to do 50 pushups.


  • He was named after one of D&J writers, George Doty IV.