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Season 4 is the fourth and final season of Drake and Josh.

List of Episodes


Episode Series Title Directed by Written by Original airdate PC #
1 38 "Josh Runs Into Oprah" Roger Christiansen Ethan Banville September 24, 2006 405
It is Josh's birthday, but Drake forgets and instead sets up a surprise party for his latest girlfriend, Tabitha (Summer Bishil). Realizing his mistake, Drake gets tickets for Josh to see Oprah Winfrey, Josh's idol, and backstage passes to the show since she was going to be in San Diego the next day. However, when Josh exaggerates about parking a distance away and parking elsewhere near the entrance to prevent sweating, Drake causes Josh to run into Oprah. When they get to the hospital to apologize, they cannot get past security so Drake tricks them and the whole hospital into believing Josh has a virus, which, in return, leads to him being chemically bathed. In the end, Drake makes it up to an enraged Josh by throwing him a surprise party, with a signed restraining order from Oprah and a new motor scooter as his presents. Meanwhile, Megan tries to take care of Toby, a virtual pet that belongs to her friend Janie, though his need for attention prevents her from being able to get any time for herself.

Absent: Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols and Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols.

2 39 "Vicious Tiberius" Roger Christiansen George Doty IV October 1, 2006 402
Mrs. Hayfer is going on vacation for the weekend and Josh volunteers to watch over her dog and her house while she is away, and Drake tags along. Walter buys an elliptical machine, and starts working out in hopes of finally beating his arch nemesis, Bruce Winchill, in his TV station's yearly 5k run. Drake and Josh arrive at Mrs. Hayfer's house and they meet her dog, Tiberius, who is a vicious Rottweiler, and traps them in Mrs. Hayfer's bathroom. When Megan shows up from oboe practice, Drake and Josh see that Tiberius happens to be calm when Megan is seen sitting on the couch petting him with her oboe in its case. An animal control officer (Buddy Lewis) arrives and is about to capture Tiberius until the dog traps him in the bathroom as well. Drake and Josh then devise a successful plan to escape out of Mrs. Hayfer's house without getting mauled by Tiberius. At the end, Walter goes to Mrs. Hayfer's house and finds Tiberius. He becomes scared and runs out the house, with Tiberius still after him.
3 40 "The Wedding" Steve Hoefer Matt Fleckenstein October 15, 2006 412
Drake and Josh are asked to deliver a wedding cake to their Great Aunt Catherine's wedding on time, in hopes that the family can get her beach house when she dies. But Drake gives Craig and Eric Josh's laptop case which not only contains Josh's laptop, but also Josh's cell phone and the keys to their mother's SUV, leaving them with no ride to the wedding. Drake starts to call Craig and Eric, but Josh denies this because neither of them have cell phones and talks about the time Papa Nichols broke Eric's, and according to Craig's mother, cell phones cause Craig to get ear sores. They use Trevor's old car, a 1970s Chevrolet El Camino to try to get to the wedding on time. The car breaks down and leaves them stranded without any means of calling for help. When they leave to urinate, two police officers (Kevin Farley and Jesse Burch) give them a parking ticket. Drake and Josh then try to get help off of two male strangers who end up mugging them. Afterwards, a tow truck driver named Leslie (E. E. Bell) offers to help, but Drake insults him for his name, so he abandons them. Drake and Josh eventually get the car working, but it catches on fire and they are stuck for good.
4 41 "Mindy Loves Josh" Adam Weissman Arthur Gradstein October 22, 2006 403
Josh and Mindy are working together, and when Mindy leaves, she tells Josh that she loves him. After telling Mindy that he is not sure of his feelings towards her, he finds out from Drake that Mindy may have only said that to distract him from beating her in the Regional Science Fair. Meanwhile, Megan seeks revenge on Drake after he eats her cookie: she discovers a fictional disease that turns the hands and feet a sickly greenish color, and she dyes Drake's hands and feet green to make him believe he has the disease, making him suffer a disgusting cure, only though, while he is in the middle of it, she spills the beans.
5 42 "Who's Got Game?" Adam Weissman Ethan Banville November 5, 2006 409
After a debate, Drake and Josh make a bet to see who can score more dates. The bet seems to go smoothly until Drake falls in love with Carly (Brittany Curran), an employee at a music store. Drake tries to call off the bet but Josh is on a roll with the help of Audrey with scoring dates, but after Carly overhears Drake arguing with Josh about the bet, she becomes angry and breaks up with him. Drake then tries to be honest to win her back, but fails several times. Eventually, he gathers everyone who he was dishonest with in the past and, in front of Carly, admits all the dishonest things he did to them. This works and Carly gets back with him, while Josh officially wins the bet. As part of the bet, if Josh won, he would switch beds with Drake, but during the night, they decide to switch back after Josh accidentally falls off of Drake's high risen platform.
6 43 "The Great Doheny" Adam Weissman Matt Fleckenstein November 12, 2006 404
Josh's favorite magician, Henry Doheny (Steve Tom), appears at the Premiere Theater and becomes acquainted with Drake and Josh. Mr. Doheny moves in with Drake and Josh, but he is very irritating. When Henry tells Josh nobody wants him around anymore, Drake and Josh decide to get him recognized again by making him do a show at the Premiere. He has swords shoved into him in a box by the duo, and when they check on him after he doesn't appear out of the box in one piece on cue, he is seemingly dead. At the funeral, he suddenly appears alive and well, explaining that faking his death was the trick. Doheny gets a five year deal in Las Vegas and leaves San Diego to perform there. As a parting gift, Drake and Josh get yo-yos, while Megan gets a check for fifty thousand dollars for suggesting the trick in the first place.
7 44 "I Love Sushi" Steve Hoefer Dan Schneider November 26, 2006 407
As an anniversary gift for Audrey and Walter, Drake and Josh agree to have their living room redecorated by the company of a show called "Pump My Room", which they have never heard of. The company turned out to be fake and when they said they were going to redecorate the living room, they really stole the furniture. The police also refuse to help because one of them suffered due to Walter's bad weather predictions. Drake and Josh decide to work at a sushi factory to pay for all the stuff that was stolen. The head-chef in the sushi place is very bossy and mean and makes the two work very hard to package the sushi with disastrous results. When they come home, they realize all the furniture is back where it belongs because the police discovered the robbers' moving van had broken down about a half mile up the street. Meanwhile, Megan gets too busy to prank Drake and Josh, so she hires a young boy named Tyler.
8 45 "The Storm" Steve Hoefer George Doty IV January 7, 2007 411
Due to Walter's bad weather predictions, Drake's long-awaited hopes of opening up for The Sparks are crushed when a storm approaches, stranding him and his friends and family in his house. To make matters worse for him, he desperately attempts to keep his current girlfriend, Carly, from meeting his ex-girlfriends, Lucy and Christine, but when they meet, he suddenly becomes paranoid about it and wants to know what they are talking about. Meanwhile, Craig has to crank a TV for Crazy Steve so he can watch Dora the Explorer and Walter is forced to do a live outdoor weather broadcast during the bad storm.
9 46 "My Dinner with Bobo" Virgil Fabian Arthur Gradstein January 14, 2007 406
When Drake and Josh earn money to buy a car, they are unable to agree on one they both like. Drake steals the money and uses it to buy an orangutan named Bobo from Stan the Car Man (Steve Kramer). Drake explains to an enraged Josh that they can make enough money to buy plenty of cars. They eventually sell Bobo to a doctor they meet at the Premiere. Megan is suspicious and looks up the guy who they sold Bobo to, and discovers that he eats orangutans and related species. Drake and Josh then go to the doctor's apartment to return the money and get Bobo back. Unfortunately, things do not go to plan and the doctor locks Drake and Josh in the closet and steals Josh’s cell phone. However, he is later arrested and Megan frees Drake and Josh as long as they give Bobo back to the car dealer and buy the car she wants: a yellow Beetle with hot pink flowers on it. Though reluctant, they buy the car, which results in them getting teased by their friends, much to Megan's amusement.

Absent: Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols

10 47 "Tree House" Roger Christiansen Dan Schneider January 21, 2007 408
After a model rocket explodes in their neighbor's tree house, Drake, Josh, and Megan are forced to rebuild the tree house before Drake and Josh can go on a double date with two twin girls. But Drake forgets to cut the doorway out before Josh reattaches the last wall, trapping the boys inside. Megan refuses to let them out as she is angry that they made her miss her friend Janie's birthday party and decides to make them miss their date to see how they like it. She later gives it to Craig and Eric.
11 48 "Josh Is Done" Adam Weissman Ethan Banville February 11, 2007 415
When Drake's antics cause Josh to miss an important test, Josh becomes furious and decides that he is done with Drake and considers Drake nothing more than a roommate. Josh's life begins to improve, such as passing his make-up exam, does not get a grade dropped due to his excellent effort, gets along better with Helen at work, and has a good time with his friends away from Drake. Drake's life, on the other hand, begins falling apart as Josh is not there to help him. It is not until Drake breaks down in chemistry class following a chemical incident involving a new lab partner that the brothers realize how important their relationship with each other really is. The episode ends with the two brothers reconciling over a game of Ping-Pong.
12 49 "Eric Punches Drake" Roger Christiansen Arthur Gradstein February 18, 2007 417
At school, Eric accidentally punches Drake in the eye while demonstrating a kung fu move to Craig. He soon becomes popular as witnesses thought he punched Drake on purpose in a fight but he did it by accident. After feeling comfortable with the popularity, Eric starts spreading rumors about the punch and every story is different, reducing Drake to a laughingstock. Dismayed by the popularity due to this, Drake, with the help of Craig who has split up from Eric, attempts to reveal Eric's non-intention for punching him. Meanwhile, Josh worries that Mindy has another boyfriend who ends up being her cousin, Chad.
13 50 "Megan's Revenge" Steve Hoefer Dan Schneider March 4, 2007 401
When Drake and Josh borrow Megan's digital camera to photograph a supermodel, Josh photographs her hamster, Hervey. The flash knocks him unconscious, but the boys think they killed him. Despite Megan assuring them that she is not mad at them, knowing it was an accident, the boys fear retaliation from her, a fear that turns to extreme paranoia as the days go by. However, Megan soon tells them that she knew how scared they were, and that her "revenge" was watching her brothers let their fear own them. Shortly after the truth is revealed, she presses a button on a device, which blows up the spot on Drake and Josh's bedroom floor where they were standing, causing them to fall down into the garage below, and then she tells Drake and Josh that Hervey is not dead, but just stunned by the camera flash.
14 51 "Steered Straight" Steve Hoefer Dan Schneider March 11, 2007 414
Drake gets himself and Josh fake IDs so that they can enter a nightclub in San Diego to listen to Josh's favorite band, the Hailstones. They are caught by the police, but are not placed under arrest. Instead of grounding their sons, their parents choose to sign them up for the "Steered Straight" program in which children are shown what it is like to be arrested. However, the plan eventually backfires when the officer who is driving them to the police station is interrupted by a criminal named Blaze, who hijacks his car. Drake and Josh use their fake ID names and pretend to be criminals so they can befriend Blaze. Drake and Josh convince Blaze to take them to their house, which the boys claim is somebody else's house that they plan to rob. At the house, while the other family members are away, the boys attempt to contact the police. When Blaze notices Drake and Josh using a cordless phone, they tell him that they were contacting their crew so they could carry out their plan to kidnap the governor. Blaze decides to call in his own crew for the kidnapping plot instead. When Walter comes home early, the boys lock him in a closet to maintain their ruse. The duo then fake a physical argument with each other, with the use of Josh's magic kit. Terrified and disgusted, the criminals flee the house. The family then goes out for dinner and the boys realize they forgot to free Walter.
15 52 "Megan's First Kiss" Will Bardelli George Doty IV April 7, 2007 418
Megan's secretive behavior leads Drake and Josh to believe she is up to something. After spying on her (in disguise as Jewish Irishmen in the Premiere), it turns out that Megan has a boyfriend named Corey, whom she has been dating for 7 weeks, but they embarrass Corey, causing him to break up with Megan. After a lecture from Walter, Drake and Josh, feeling bad, apologize to Corey so he can go out with Megan again. However, when Josh goes to the Premiere to pick up his latest paycheck, he sees Corey with another girl named Monica (who he has been dating for a month at that point). He then tells Drake and they decide to tell Megan. At her next date, Drake and Josh arrive and expose Corey by bringing Monica. Megan and Monica both break up with Corey after they realized he was cheating on them. Corey then severely beats Drake and Josh up in retaliation. In the end, Megan apologizes to her brothers for not believing them at first, and then tells them she loves them.

Absent: Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols

16 53 "Battle of Panthatar" Josh Peck Matt Fleckenstein April 15, 2007 416
Drake and Josh are invited to their friend Thornton's sweet 16 party at Club Diego which will air on MTV live. However, their invitations are revoked after Thornton catches Drake kissing a girl named Maria, who unbeknownst to him was Thornton's girlfriend. To get into the party, Josh pushes a reluctant Drake into giving Thornton his autographed Abbey Road album which is what he had just received from an Englishman. Even though Thornton accepts the present, he still refuses to invite them into the party. As a result, Drake and Josh decide to get revenge by crashing and ruining the party being dressed up as the Red Sky Nauts from Galaxy Wars to steal the album back. When they are discovered, they are able to escape with Drake secretly getting the album back.

Absent: Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols, Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols.

17 54-55 "Really Big Shrimp" Drake Bell (Part 1)
Steve Hoefer (Part 2)
Dan Schneider & George Doty IV August 3, 2007 419-420
Drake finally gets a record deal with Josh as his manager. Drake seems totally cool with it - until a remix of the song that he is not pleased with is developed due to Josh signing a contract without reading it, as he was distracted by the size of the record company's served prawns. This causes Drake to become furious with his brother to which he fires him as his manager. In an attempt to fix his mistake, Josh switches the remix of the song with its original version as it is being picked up. Meanwhile, Mindy decides to work at the Premiere to spend more time with Josh. Helen makes a deal with Craig and Eric to video tape her wedding with Buzz. With Helen's wedding approaching, the Parker-Nichols family must cope with the fact that Helen's grandmother is staying at their house.

Note: This episode was written as the series finale, but was aired before "Helicopter" and "Dance Contest" because Nickelodeon aired the episodes out of production order.

18 56 "Helicopter" Virgil Fabian Dan Schneider August 5, 2007 410
After Drake wins a chance to skydive out of a helicopter, Audrey and Walter, thinking it is too dangerous, go completely against it and forbid Drake from going skydiving. Drake disobeys Audrey and Walter and goes skydiving anyway. Josh tries to stop him, but both of them end up going. Soon, they lose their pilot, Vince, after Josh accidentally blasts Vince with the helicopter's fire extinguisher and the radio when Drake accidentally stretches the cord too far. The helicopter eventually runs out of fuel, forcing them to jump out of it with one parachute to escape. Then, the boys return home just as their parents come home. Vince arrives at Drake and Josh's house and tells Walter that he needs to pay four hundred thousand dollars for the damaged helicopter. Knowing the consequences, Drake and Josh then ground themselves for two weeks.
19 57 "Dance Contest" Steve Hoefer George Doty IV September 16, 2007 413
Josh enters a dance contest to get extra credit in order to be the top student of his class. When Drake is threatened to fail gym and repeat the eleventh grade, he, too, enters the contest in order to pass and steals Josh's original dance partner, Emily (Johanna Braddy). Josh then finds a cruel Eastern-European dance partner named Vilga to compete with Drake. Vilga insults Emily and a fight between the two of them breaks out before the competition. Luckily, security breaks it up before it gets out of hand. However, the girls are disqualified for the fighting. Drake and Josh decide to dance together and win the competition, both of them getting what they wanted.

Absent: Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols


  • As of March 19, 2014, "The Storm" is the only episode from Season 4 that no longer airs on TeenNick, however, the episode is still available to watch on Paramount+.
  • Drake and Josh are in 12th grade this season.
  • Megan is in 7th grade this season.
  • Drake and Josh are 17-18 in this season.
  • Megan is 12-13 in this season.
  • Its sequel is Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.
  • Josh Peck had another significant weight loss this season, becoming as skinny as Drake.
  • This is the longest season of the show.
  • Filming for season 4 took place from November 2005 to July 2006. However production of the season was put on hold in December 2005, due to Drake Bell's car accident, and did not resumed until March 2006, when he got better.
  • The season was originally meant to have 13 episodes, but when the show was put back into production, Nickelodeon later decided to extend the order and made it a 20 episode season.