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The following is a list of episodes from the second season of Drake & Josh.

List of Episodes


Episode Series Title Directed by Written by Original airdate PC #
1 7 "The Bet" Steve Hoefer George Doty IV March 14, 2004 202
Drake has an addiction to junk food and Josh is addicted to video games. This lands them into trouble when they forget to bring Megan home on a rainy day, for which they are both grounded by Audrey. They both make a bet to see who can live without their addictions, with the loser dying their hair pink, signing a contract with Megan. After a few days, temptation takes over when Drake gets a facial rash from his sudden change in diet and must cure it by eating junk food, while Josh receives a brand new GameSphere. At this point, their parents then make a bet over who will win, with the loser dying their hair pink. Both Drake and Josh are ready to cave when Megan convinces both to try and make the other crack first. Josh turns their room into a candy palace with cotton candy pillows, while Drake plays Josh's GameSphere right in front of him. Both cave at the same moment, and they fight over who caved first until Megan reveals that it does not matter who caved first, and that they both lose. Because of this, both Audrey and Walter lose their bet as well, forcing everyone but Megan to dye their hair pink, much to her amusement. However, when everyone leaves the house, Drake stays behind to get breakfast and it is revealed that he was only wearing a wig.
2 8 "Guitar" Virgil Fabian Dan Schneider March 21, 2004 201
Drake uses his classmates to win tickets to his favorite band's concert, Zero Gravity, and a Fender Stratocaster guitar signed by the lead guitarist, Devin Malone (Mark Matkevich), from a radio contest; he manages to succeed only after Megan picks up the phone and blackmails him into doing her homework for a week in exchange for the guitar and the tickets. But the guitar explodes when Josh plugs it into Drake's faulty amplifier while showing it to Megan, so Josh tries to buy a new one and get it autographed at the concert before Drake finds out. Megan eventually tells Drake, but he is amazed that Josh would go to such great lengths for him. However, moments before the concert, Josh accidentally slams the guitar case closed on Devin's hand. The concert is about to be cancelled, but Josh nominates Drake to perform in place of Devin, and the manager agrees. Drake then repays Josh for buying him the guitar by giving him the paycheck he earned from performing. Meanwhile, Audrey encourages Walter to bond more with Drake, but Drake is uninterested in doing so.

Guest Star: Mark Matkevich as Devin Malone

3 9 "Movie Job" Virgil Fabian Dan Schneider March 28, 2004 203
Josh gets a job at the Premiere movie theater after making "Crazy" Steve (Jerry Trainor) quit after complaining about his wobbly drink holder. Josh enjoys his new job and buys lots of new things with his paychecks, which inspires Drake to get a job at the Premiere as well. The manager, Helen (Yvette Nicole Brown), starts giving Drake more credit for his work despite his laziness and Josh being more competent, even promoting him to assistant manager. Josh tries to get Helen to notice him more by coming up with a promotion to sell more popcorn, but it causes a massive brawl among the customers. Josh is prepared to tell Helen the incident was his fault, but Drake takes the blame, feeling that the job meant more to Josh than to him, and Helen reluctantly fires him.

Absent: Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols

4 10 "Football" Virgil Fabian Dan Schneider & Barry O'Brien April 4, 2004 205
Drake calls Josh uncool after Josh humiliates him in front of a girl (Leah Pipes), and encourages him to try out for the school football team to become cool. Josh makes the team as the equipment manager, but Drake still thinks he is uncool. However, Josh finds himself having to play in a crucial game after the brownies he makes for the team makes the center ill (due to Megan putting dirt from a flower pot in them). Josh does not want to play against the toughest team in the state, so Drake sneaks the school janitor (Tony Longo), a former pro player who lost his memory as a result of an accident, into the game in place of Josh. But the janitor gets injured, regaining his memory again, forcing Josh to go and play, where he scores the game-winning touchdown, and Drake finally admits Josh is cool.

Absent: Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols and Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols

5 11 "Pool Shark" Steve Hoefer Anthony Del Broccolo April 18, 2004 204
Drake discovers Josh is talented at pool, so he takes advantage of this and uses him to hustle several people behind Josh's back. Josh eventually finds out about this, and vows to never play pool again, especially after Drake reveals he still intends to hustle more people if they play again. Meanwhile, Walter sends Drake and Josh out to get a new birthday present for Audrey after she buys the exact same bracelet he planned to give her. On their way, they find a pool hall, and Josh reluctantly agrees to play pool again and let Drake hustle their opponents, on his conditions. They get into a match with two thugs betting $200 (the money Walter gave the boys for Audrey's present). When Josh wins, the thugs accuse them of hustling them and pin them against a wall. A very frightened Drake apologizes and vows to never hustle anyone ever again, but Josh reveals that it was all just a setup by him and his former camp counselors to teach Drake a lesson about hustling.

Guest Star: Alec Medlock as Craig Ramirez

6 12 "Smart Girl" Roger Christiansen Dan Schneider April 25, 2004 207
Drake unintentionally joins the academic team at school to impress Michelle (Kate Lang Johnson), a girl he likes who has intellectual interests. He competes in the academic bowl while Josh reluctantly feeds him info through a radio, but then a fast food restaurant interferes with Josh's radio frequency, causing Drake's team to lose points. Drake, however, leads the team to victory because of some knowledge that Josh had given him and later confesses to Michelle that he is not smart, but Michelle admits that she likes him for who he is. Meanwhile, tired of Megan's countless pranks on him, Josh tries to get back at her, only to fail each time.

Guest Stars: Kate Lang Johnson as Michelle and Lane Napper as Academic Bowl Coach
Absent: Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols and Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols

7 13 "Little Diva" Virgil Fabian Eric Friedman May 2, 2004 208
The Premiere is hosting a world premiere starring Ashley Blake (Skyler Samuels), a child actress. Helen (Frances Callier) assigns Josh to be Ashley Blake's personal assistant, much to Josh's dismay due to the frequent and ridiculous requests Ashley makes. Drake also becomes Ashley's assistant so that Josh may let him into the premiere's after-party, but he, too, is exhausted by Ashley's requests. But when Ashley gets knocked out, due to an accident involving a bucket and a door, they must bring her to the Premiere without making it look like she is unconscious, holding her up, talking for her, and moving her arms for her.

Note: Helen, who is usually played by Yvette Nicole Brown, was played by Frances Callier in this episode.
Absent: Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols and Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols

8 14 "Blues Brothers" Fred Savage Craig DiGregorio July 31, 2004 206
Josh appears on the local news as the assistant weatherman to his father, only to discover that he has stage fright, which causes him to twitch heavily on live TV. Soon, everyone in San Diego is mocking him, and Josh becomes too depressed to even leave the house. Meanwhile, at a talent show Drake's band is performing in, a rival boy band steals the song Drake was originally going to perform with his band, forcing them to improvise. So they create a tribute to the Blues Brothers, performing a rendition of "Soul Man" along with Josh, winning the talent show and restoring Josh's confidence.
9 15 "Driver's License" Virgil Fabian Dan Schneider September 12, 2004 209
Drake fails to get his driver's license while Josh obtains it, and Josh is excited until he gets a ticket for running a stop sign. Fearing that Walter will take his license away for good after Walter instructed the boys with a practice-test, Drake offers to pay for the ticket and keep it a secret. But in return, Drake starts asking Josh to drive him around everywhere, threatening to reveal his ticket to Walter. But Josh decides he has had enough when Drake makes him drive his date around while dressing and acting as a chauffeur, which leads to a fight.
10 16 "Number 1 Fan" Virgil Fabian Dan Schneider September 19, 2004 211
A girl from Megan's campfire troop, Wendy (Alyson Stoner), has a massive crush on Drake. Her dream is for Drake to play her a song. Impressed with all her knowledge of him, Drake gives her an autograph and a guitar pick. Soon after, Wendy becomes obsessed with Drake and will not leave him alone, much to Drake's annoyance. Despite Drake's attempts to gently tell Wendy she should just leave him in his space, Wendy takes her obsession for Drake too far by posting flyers everywhere around his school promoting an upcoming radio appearance Drake will make with his band. Furious, Drake confronts Wendy about how she meant nothing to him, breaking her heart. At the station, he is in need of a guitar pick and when he checks his pockets, he finds a note from Wendy apologizing for what she did and returning the pick he gave her. Realizing his mistake, he reschedules his radio performance and returns home to Wendy and plays a song just for her. Meanwhile, Josh becomes the leader of the campfire troop after Walter quits due to the kids' troublemaking, but the kids like Josh even less than Walter.

Absent: Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols

11 17 "Mean Teacher" Steve Hoefer George Doty IV September 26, 2004 210
Drake wants to break up with his girlfriend Kelly (Chelsea Brummet) due to her laughing obnoxiously in inappropriate situations. However, once he finds out that Mrs. Hayfer (Julia Duffy), his English teacher who hates him, is Kelly's mother, she threatens to send Drake to summer school, should he break up with her. Josh suggests that Drake should make Kelly break up with him, so Drake attempts to do so by acting disgusting at a dinner date, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Josh starts wearing an ugly shirt, and good things begin to happen to him, such as getting a perfect score on an assignment, getting handed a watch and ring by a feuding couple, receiving a classmate's entire video game collection, avoiding Megan's pranks, and having Kelly set him up on a double date with a teen model who loves magic and video games. Drake, fed up with Kelly's laughing, demands to wear Josh's lucky shirt to their double date, but Josh refuses, which leads to a fight that rips the sleeves off the shirt. Drake wears the sleeves and Josh the torso, but neither date goes well, so they agree to let Drake wear the whole shirt until Kelly breaks up with him, and then give it back to Josh for the rest of the night. Kelly breaks up with Drake, much to his delight, and Josh's date takes a liking to him, even kissing him. But the next day, they find the shirt is gone, having been donated by Megan and Audrey. Initially angry, the boys get over it by convincing themselves that the shirt wasn't really lucky. During the credits, a hobo ends up winning the lottery while wearing the shirt.

Absent: Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols

12 18 "The Gary Grill" Virgil Fabian Anthony Del Broccolo October 17, 2004 212
Drake and Josh get an offer to sell Gary Coleman grills from two men they meet at the Premiere. They prove to be successful salesmen and make a lot of money until they are arrested by the FBI for selling the grills, which were stolen by the two men. They are thrown in jail until Megan tricks the criminals into admitting they stole the grills, and Drake and Josh are set free after the FBI discovered the truth.

Note:This episode was dedicated to Richard Biggs, who portrayed an FBI agent. He died on May 22, 2004.

Guest Star: Gary Coleman as himself

13 19 "Drew & Jerry" Steve Hoefer Dan Schneider October 24, 2004 213
After Drake tells Josh he needs more time off himself, Josh begins hanging out with Drew (James Immekus), a kid who looks and acts like Drake. Drake gets jealous of Drew, so he finds a new friend named Jerry (Stephen Markarian), a kid who looks and acts like Josh, to make Josh jealous. Soon, both opt to start spending more time with their new friends rather than with each other. Josh abandons his plans to see a movie with Drake to see it with Drew instead, and Drake spends the day deep-sea fishing with Jerry, something Josh has always wanted to do. Drake and Josh get fed up with each other, so they have Drew and Jerry show off their talents at the Premiere (Jerry shows a magic trick, after that, Drew plays his saxophone and Jerry shows his dance to it), which draws the attention of a television producer, who offers them parts in a show about two brothers (which ends up eerily similar to Drake and Josh). Drake and Josh eventually reconcile and become friends again.
14 20 "Honor Council" Virgil Fabian Eric Friedman November 28, 2004 214
Drake is wrongfully accused of pulling a prank on Mrs. Hayfer when her car is parked inside her classroom. Nonetheless, she suspends him for it. Josh decides to defend Drake in a trial in front of the school honor council to prove his brother's innocence, but Mrs. Hayfer is represented by his archenemy Mindy Crenshaw (Allison Scagliotti-Smith). Mindy interrogates Drake until he looks guilty through all of her evidence, but Drake and Josh receive one more piece of evidence from Megan. They obtain Mindy's transcript, where they realize the only B she had was in a class taught by Mrs. Hayfer and taunt her until she admits to pulling the prank and framing Drake. When she does admit it, Mindy is suspended and Drake is cleared of all charges.


  • "Blues Brothers" is the only episode from this season that no longer airs on TeenNick as of March 2012 (due to copyright reasons such as a clip from the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers).
  • "Guitar", "Blues Brothers", "Driver's License", "Number 1 Fan", and "The Gary Grill" are not available on streaming services due to licensing issues with material used in these episodes.
  • Drake and Josh are in 10th grade this season.
  • This and the previous season were aired in the same year.
  • Megan is in 5th grade this season.
  • Drake and Josh are 15-16 this season, while Megan is 10-11.
  • Filming for the season took place from December 2003 to April or May 2004.