Drake and Josh Wiki
Scottie Drake and Josh
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: San Diego
Friends: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Production Info
Portrayed by: Johnny Lewis
First Appearance: Dune Buggy (mentioned)
Believe Me, Brother
Last Appearance: Grammy

Scottie is Drake's band's former drummer. He is considered to be unintelligent, according to Drake and the other band members and also a first-generation character who only appeared in four episodes of Season 1. He got himself and his band members detained at a Rock Shock concert after he photocopied their tickets in Grammy. Rina, Paul, and him were never seen again for Season 2 and 4 episodes, and either it can possibly be speculated that he got arrested for photocopied the concert tickets and grounded multiple days by his own parents for his reckless behavior or he is a drummer with the different band he formed. Scottie is Trevor's younger brother. It can possibly be speculated that Scottie got both grounded and isolated at his own house by his own parents for multiple days for photocopying the Rock Shock concert tickets as seen in Grammy.