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Robbie Carmichael
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 11
Birthday: April 14, 1995
Hair Color: Brown
Nickname: Robbie (by everyone)
Full Name: Robert Carmichael
Mother: Mrs. Carmichael
Father: Greg Carmichael
Friends: Drake (Enemy)
Josh (Enemy)
Megan (Enemy)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Matthew Evans
First Appearance: Treehouse
Last Appearance: Josh is Done

Robbie Carmichael is a minor character who is one of Drake and Josh's neighbors.


  • Robbie appeared in Treehouse angrily walks to his parents and he eventually screams out of frustration after his tree house was destroyed by Drake and Josh. Drake, Josh, and Megan plan to rebuild his tree house before they go on their dates while he and his parents go on vacation. Josh tried to cheer him up with his remote-controlled car. However, he screams out of frustration again when his remote-controlled car got destroyed after a piece of his tree house fell down which caused Drake, Josh, Megan, and the family to quickly leave his backyard. He appeared again in Josh is Done to retrieve his Sit and Bounce that Drake had stolen from him and angrily kicks him in the leg. He is very emotional.
  • His full name is possibly Robert.