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Remedial English is a remedial class at Belleview High School.


The class is meant for students that have failed out of normal English class and require special attention similar to any ordinary remedial class. Unfortunately, the majority of students who fall into this category are punks, criminals, and/or severely disturbed. As a result, the teacher Mr. Talbot is always tied up before class begins and the students use the remaining class time to cause mayhem.

From the episode, "Little Sibling", Drake was kept from being sent to Remedial English by Mrs. Hayfer, a class with lack of discipline that includes poorly behaved students, a vicious dog named Cuddles that's controlled by a mean kid, and 2 Gothic love starved Bartleby sisters trying to kiss him, Drake agrees to look after a boy named Sammy as part of the Little Siblings program that Mrs. Hayfer's husband Jerold ran. The agreement initially failed due to Sammy preferring Josh over Drake, but Drake was able to win Sammy back with a series of extravagant gifts. Drake though, after seeing how much Sammy cared about Josh, decided to let Sammy go for Josh's sake and was placed back in Remedial English. Drake once again had to contend with the same disturbed students as before, though as a way of saying thanks Josh came by the classroom claiming that the principal wanted to see Drake which gave Drake an excuse to leave. After they were outside, Josh admitted that it was a lie so Drake could get out of there and Drake thanked Josh by saying "I love you".

The class was never mentioned again during the series, and by the next time Drake appeared in school he was back in Mrs. Hayfer's class with no explanation of how he eventually got back.