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Megans First Kiss Hall Monitor
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 13
Eye Color: Black
Mother: Unnamed Mother
Father: Unnamed Father
Friends: Schoolmates
Production Info
Portrayed by: Mateo Arias
Only Appearance: Megan's First Kiss


  • Reggie is a student at Belleview High School's lower school, who also serves as the hall monitor. He is known to take his position as hall monitor very seriously, as he gets upset when Drake Parker and Josh Nichols enter the lower school, in order to spy on Megan while she is talking to her friend about her date with Cory. He demands that they show him visitor passes, and when Drake and Josh refuse to do so, orders them to get out of the hall. Drake and Josh then laugh at him to which Reggie angrily states that they made the biggest mistake of their lives before walking away. Later when the bell rings for class, Drake and Josh are left in the hallway and Reggie returns, this time with four other boys who serve as hall monitors. When Drake and Josh laugh again and sarcastically state that they're going to leave, Reggie calls for the other students to attack them with rubber bands.