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"I may have tripped... But that does not diminish the impact of THIS EXIT!"
Pool Shark
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date April 18, 2004
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Pool Shark is the fifth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh.


Drake discovers that Josh is a great billiards player, so he decides to make some easy money by getting people to bet on his brother, but when Josh learns what Drake has been doing, he decides to teach him a lesson.


In the opening comments, Drake hates how his parents want him and Josh to spend time together, but Josh loves it so when he asks Drake if he wanted to take a cooking class together, Drake tries to convince Josh that he moved to Australia by using a pretend French accent.

Josh is talented at pool, so Drake takes advantage of this and uses him to hustle several people behind Josh's back. Josh eventually finds out about this, and vows to never play pool again, especially after Drake reveals he still intends to hustle more people if they play again.

Meanwhile, Walter sends Drake and Josh out to get a new birthday present for Audrey after she buys the exact same bracelet he planned to give her. On their way, they find a pool hall, and Josh reluctantly agrees to play pool again and let Drake hustle their opponents, on his conditions. They get into a match with two thugs betting $200 (the money Walter gave the boys for Audrey's present).

When Josh wins, the thugs accuse them of hustling them and pin them against a wall. A very frightened Drake apologizes and vows to never hustle anyone ever again, but Josh reveals that it was all just a setup by him and his former camp counselors to teach Drake a lesson about hustling.

During the end credits, Drake watches Josh play pool.



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  • The episode title might be a reference to the Full House episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun": at one point, one of the characters mentions hustling and in another shot this episode's title is heard by said character.
  • This episode reveals that Audrey's birthday is in December, because her birthstone blue topaz is associated with the month of December. However, no Christmas decorations are seen anywhere in this episode, and this is not a Christmas-themed episode.
  • This episode appears as a flashback on Dr. Phyllis Show.
  • "The Empress Fights Back" is a parody of "The Empire Strikes Back".
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Craig Ramirez and Eric Blonowitz.
  • Drake and Josh talking about how big Eric's mom's tongue is can possibly be traced to the pilot episode of Victorious, where Trina has a tongue so big that she can't talk clearly.
  • When Drake puts headphones on Josh and tells him to enjoy the music, the song that plays in the headphones is "Understatement" by Newfound Glory.
  • When Drake and Josh are pinned against a wall after the thugs accuse them of hustling them, you can tell by Josh's face that he is not afraid and had a plan to teach his stepbrother a lesson. However, it is unknown and never revealed how he got them to go along with the plan. It is possible that he has one of their phone numbers and called them to explain his predicament, then asked them to dress as thugs. It's been revealed that the 2 thugs that pinned Drake and Josh against the wall at a billiards hall are Josh's old camp counselors, Chip and Ronnie who are both very friendly.


  • In this episode, Drake mentions that Josh loves oranges. Yet in First Crush, he has acid reflux which is caused by citrus, but it's possible he was lying because he didn't want to talk to an orange.
  • Drake and Josh would have been banned from the pool hall if the staff knew they were hustling people, but since people were in on it to teach Drake a lesson, Drake and Josh would not have been banned. The Premiere would be another matter. It is not a pool hall, but Josh is an employee, and customers getting hustled by hired help is bad for business.
  • Before Josh says, "Only one ball left for me to sink," you can see that the white ball is behind a purple ball. However, before he strikes the white ball, you can see that the white ball has moved several inches to the left.
  • "Buckets of Blood" and "The Empress Fights Back" appear on the marque of current features, yet inside the theater hangs a poster for them among movies that will be coming soon.
  • Movie marques usually change weekly. The marque at The Premiere hasn't changed since it was first seen two episodes earlier in Movie Job. Surely, more than a week has passed since then.
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