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Perry Gilbert
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Alias: Officer Gilbert
Interests: Monkeys
Dislikes: Christmas (formerly)
Monkeys (formerly)
Nickname: Gilbert
Employment: Cop / Detective
Pets: Cookie
Christmas Monkey
Friends: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Mary Alice Johannson
Lily and Violet
Luke Johannson
Nemesis: Christmas Monkey
Drake Parker(formerly)
Josh Nichols(formerly)
Mary Alice Johannson(formerly)
Lily and Violet(formerly)
Luke Johannson(formerly)
Production Info
Portrayed by: David Pressman
Tanner Blaze
Only Appearance: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

Perry Gilbert (also known as Officer Gilbert) is Drake & Josh's parole officer and the film's main antagonist.


Perry Gilbert is self-centered as he disliked Christmas only because of what happened to him as a kid. But he liked Christmas again after Drake and Josh gave him a really sweet Monkey.

Plot Overview[]

He dislikes Christmas and wants to ruin it for others. It was known why he dislikes Christmas, told by his mother is because when he was a child, he woke up in the middle of the night to see what he got for Christmas, and there he saw, he got a pet monkey, but the monkey was ferocious and attacked him, then it urinated on him and jumped out the window, never to be seen again. However, Drake and Josh give him a new pet monkey which changes his Christmas spirit. He never appeared in the TV Series.


Cookie the Monkey(8)

Drake & Josh[]

Throughout the Movie he went after Drake & Josh, so that he would ruined Mary and siblings Christmas. Drake and Josh later bought Cookie off "MySweetMonkey.com", so that Perry would be happy.

Megan Parker[]

Megan remove the computer chips out of Drake and Josh angle bracelets, and she add the computer chips onto a toy helicopter. Which made it really hard for Perry to track Drake and Josh

Christmas Monkey[]

The Christmas Monkey attacked Perry when he open the cage.

Cookie the Monkey(6)


Cookie the Monkey is Perry's pet Monkey. Perry Gilbert walked in to his office and saw Cookie on his desk, and Cookie was calm and polite to Perry when Perry walked up to pick her. Perry Pick her up and she began to smile and Perry began to cry.


  • "I once again love Christmas"



David Pressman
  • David Pressman actually has a pet monkey in real life.
    • David Pressman's pet monkey might be Cookie in real life.