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Peggy Sherman
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 27
Birthday: December 18, 1967
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Yellow
Interests: Dating at the Restaurant,
Friends: Walter
Drake (Enemy)
Josh (Enemy)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Allison Dunbar
Only Appearance: The Affair

Peggy Sherman is a woman who Walter Nichols appeared to be dating in the episode The Affair.


She is first seen when Drake and Josh spy on Walter. She is seen talking to Walter and they share a hug. Later on, Drake & Josh spy on them having lunch at a restaurant. When they make a distraction by throwing a meatball at Walter, he leaves to get cleaned up, giving Drake and Josh the opportunity to confront Peggy. Josh pours spaghetti over her head, and Drake splatters a cake in her face just as Walter returns. Peggy angrily tells Walter that she is no longer interesting in pursuing him and leaves. After this, Walter angrily tells the boys that she is in fact a senior producer for Good Morning Today, and was offering Walter a spot as a weatherman on the show. Peggy does not appear again after that.