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Papa Nicholas
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 12, 1924
Hair Color: Gray/White
Employment: World War II Sergeant. (formerly)
Children: Grammy Nichols (daughter-in-law)
Grandchildren: Walter Nichols (grandson)

Unnamed Granddaughter Josh Nichols (great-grandson)
Skippy Nichols (great-grandson)
Drake Parker (step great-grandson)
Megan Parker (step great-granddaughter)
Audrey Parker-Nichols (granddaughter-in-law)

Nemesis: Craig Ramirez
Eric Blonowitz
Production Info
Portrayed by: Vernon Roberts
First Appearance: The Demonator
Last Appearance: The Demonator

Papa Nichols was a former World War II Sergeant.


  • Drake and Josh were not allowed to ride The Demonator and they were asked by their parents to take care of him while they were out at the news awards (he was recovering from surgery at the time and he’s 81 years old). Drake calls Craig and Eric to babysit him while he, Josh and Megan, go out to ride the Demonator. At home, he wakes up disoriented and thinks he’s back in World War II and attacks Craig and Eric, believing they are "German Nerds". When Drake, Josh, and Megan get home after riding The Demonator, Craig and Eric told Drake and Josh that he went beserk. Eric gets mad at Drake and Josh that they have to buy him a new cellphone after Papa Nichols smashed it against the wall. When Walter and Audrey get home, Drake and Josh told them they stayed home and watched him as he slept all night. Papa Nichols punches his grandson in the face when Walter tries to wake him up, knocking him out and runs screaming "USA!, USA!", shocking Audrey, Drake, Josh and Megan.


  • He bonked Eric in the head and throws Craig over the couch as they both sit on the floor feeling themselves in pain. When Craig and Eric tried to look for him, they both get pranked as he falls from the ceiling and lands on top of them. In Drake and Josh's room, he pranks Eric when he covers him with a pillowcase and throws him out of the window. He ties Craig and Eric up to chairs, picks up a broom and asks them what they've done with Colonel Bradford. When Eric's cellphone rings, he takes it out, and breaks it when he throws it to the wall (thinking it was a weapon). When Craig and Eric try to escape, he pranks them and traps them again. He punched Walter and called him a "German" and runs off, During the end credits, Craig goes to Drake and Josh's room to find him. Craig gets scared when he finds him in Drake and Josh's closet which causes him to go downstairs, with Papa Nichols after him.