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Paging Dr. Drake
Season 3, Episode 8
Air date October 1, 2005
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Paging Dr. Drake is the eighth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh.


Josh accidentally drops a barbell on his foot (after being shot with a potato by Drake) and his foot is injured. However, he is afraid to go to a hospital for further treatment. The family finally forces him to get his foot checked out, it is revealed that Josh will need surgery. Drake becomes infatuated with the many attractive college nurses in the hospital, and tries to get their attention by pretending to be a doctor, scoring several dates in the process. When Josh informs him that it is illegal to impersonate a doctor, and will land him in prison, Drake decides that the nurses aren't worth going to prison for, and starts to change out of his doctor clothes. Before he can do so though, Dr. Carlson, Josh's doctor, notices him and mistakes him for the famed Dr. Elliot Nussbaum, the youngest doctor ever to graduate from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Nussbaum is scheduled to arrive at the hospital later that day, causing the misunderstanding. Doctor Carlson asks Drake to perform a surgery in front of the nurses and hospital staff to demonstrate his superior ability. Drake meekly admits that he doesn't know how to do surgery, but Dr. Carlson takes it as a joke, as Dr. Nussbaum is known for having a sense of humor. Drake, knowing he'll be arrested if he admits he's not a real doctor, is stuck with no options, other than stalling as long as he can. When it's apparent he can stall no longer, he almost goes through with the surgery until Josh interrupts, impersonating another doctor: Dr. Vichyssoise, a colleague of Dr. Nussbaum. Josh initiates an argument with Drake, and halts the surgery, allowing the two to escape to Josh's room. A moment later, Dr. Carlson confronts Drake, and introduces him to the real Dr. Nussbaum. Dr. Carlson questions Drake if he is aware that his impersonating a doctor could put him in prison, as two policemen enter the room. Drake narrowly escapes by jumping out of a window (and breaking his arm). In the meantime, Megan plots revenge on Drake and Josh for not letting her change the temperature upstairs and having her freeze, since the thermostat was in their room. She changes the location of the thermostat such that she is in control and adjusts it so that Drake and Josh must suffer when it begins to snow in their room.



  • The voice from Josh's training video belongs to Dan Schneider.
  • As clearly mentioned in this episode, it is illegal to impersonate a doctor. It is unknown why Dr. Nussbaum and the hospital didn't press charges against Drake, although it is possible they decided it wouldn't be worth the time and money it would take to do so due to no damage being done and that it was caused by a misunderstanding.
  • This episode is quite similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Professor Squidward" where a real person shows up with someone else cause Squidward and Drake were both impersonating Squilliam and Dr. Nussbaum, respectively.
  • The real name for "impersonating someone" is called "identity theft."
  • The hospital Josh was sent to was called St. Schneider's, which was named after Dan Schneider.
  • Drake had a blue cast on his right arm and Josh had a red cast on left leg. These are the same bones that Freddie when he got hit by a taco truck in the iCarly episode, "iSaved Your Life" and his casts were respectively the same colors as well.
  • This is one of the few times Megan shows sisterly love to her brothers as opposed to being hostile towards them.
  • Josh names himself Dr. Vichyssoise; as Josh himself points out, vichyssoise is actually a type of soup.
    • Specifically, it's made from pureed leeks, potatoes, onions, cream and chicken stock, and while it's traditionally served cold, it can be served hot as well.
  • This episode is quite similar to an episode of Danny Phantom titled Doctor's Disorders when Tucker Foley was terrified of going to hospitals.
    • It's also similar to an episode of Maya & Miguel titled Paging Dr. Maya when Maya volunteers for a veterinarian.


  • At the end of the episode, Drake and Josh soon come to realize that they don't like what Megan's done to their thermostat. However, if Drake and Josh were to just tell their parents about this, then Megan could probably get in trouble this time, because Audrey even saw her in their room.
  • Megan spills the beans on Josh's foot when their parents notice his strange behavior. It is unknown how she found out if she wasn't even in the room when it happened.
    • She may have been spying on them with her monitors that display all rooms of the house, and therefore she finds out. Otherwise, she could've been eavesdropping.
  • If you look real closely at the beginning of the episode, when Josh drops the barbell, the barbell hits his foot really hard. He lifts his foot up just moments before the barbell hits his foot.
  • No anesthesiologist would allow a patient to be conscious during surgery as it can result in a lawsuit or even death.
  • When Josh uses the cane to kill the bug on the wall, you can see closely that the bug looks like it's still alive. But when Josh falls on the floor and his parents help him to the living room chair, the bug is gone.
  • It was very surprising to see that everyone in the operating room all thought that Drake was Dr. Nussbaum, considering that he and the real Dr. Nussbaum look nothing alike.
  • Drake would have served 12 to 18 years in prison if he was an adult.