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Before an episode starts an opening comment will appear.

Season 1[]

  • Pilot: Drake and Josh introduces themselves. Drake was in his bedroom, playing his guitar, while Josh was in his bedroom from his own house, studying.
  • Dune Buggy: Josh complains about how Drake always get away with everything while Drake eats cake with his hands, drinks milk straight from the carton, and wipes his hands on the curtains.
  • Believe Me, Brother: Drake is dating a girl named Susan while Josh was waiting for Drake with the pizza.
  • Two Idiots and a Baby: Drake, who was in the kitchen making sandwich, thinks Josh, who was in the bedroom clipping his toenails on Drake's bed, should cut loose and have more fun while Josh thinks Drake should be more responsible.
  • First Crush: Drake has a skill for talking to girls, but Josh doesn't.
  • Grammy: Drake and Josh think that Audrey and Walter baby them despite being fifteen years old.

Season 2[]

  • The Bet: Drake and Josh talk about bets they did.
  • Guitar: Drake nudged Josh complain about each other's sleeping habits.
  • Movie Job: Josh loves doing work, but Drake doesn't.
  • Football: Drake loves music and Josh loves cheese.
  • Pool Shark: Drake hates how Audrey and Walter want him and Josh to spend time together, but Josh loves it so when he asks Drake if he wanted to take a cooking class together, Drake tries to convince Josh that he moved to Australia.
  • Smart Girl: Drake talks about how Josh does really well in school and Josh talks about how Drake does really well at everything but school.
  • Little Diva: Drake and Josh talk about their experiences meeting the vice president.
  • Blues Brothers: Drake talks about his good luck in forth grade while Josh talks about his bad luck in forth grade.
  • Drivers License: Drake and Josh talk about why being 16 and drivers licenses are important.
  • Number 1 Fan: Drake and Josh talk about their experiences with kids in the past.
  • Mean Teacher: Drake talks about his past dating experiences being unlikely while Josh flips his coin and gets tails every time and ends up putting the coin in his mouth by mistake.
  • The Gary Grill: Drake and Josh are talking about money and how it is important until Megan joins and messes around with her brother's screens, turning Drake into a square and Josh into a triangle, then flipping it upside down, and removing them from the screen.
  • Drew & Jerry: Drake and Josh talks about how they hang out with each other all time, with Josh being so happy about it while Drake is annoyed by it.
  • Honor Council: Josh gives the viewers good advice to do the right thing (Go to sleep on time, do homework, etc.) while Drake gives the viewers bad advice to do the wrong thing (ditch school, watch TV before homework, etc).

Season 3[]

  • The Drake & Josh Inn: Josh talks about of how Drake doesn't understanding the importance of setting limits and both him and Drake talk about last Halloween.
  • Peruvian Puff Pepper: Drake and Josh talk about Josh's past surprise birthday.
  • We're Married?: Josh told the viewers about emailing Yooka from Yudonia while Drake got so thirsty and pranked called Josh, which causes him to talk to Walter by mistake.
  • Mindy's Back: Both Drake and Josh give the viewers advice saying you can't judge a book by its cover and both talk about the time they first met.
  • The Affair: Drake and Josh talk about their parents and how they keep their eye on Drake and Josh.
  • Playing the Field: Drake talks about the time when he was a little kid and when he had the hottest babysitter ever while Josh talks about how he had the cutest little turtle ever.
  • Helen's Surgery: Josh talks about being responsible while Drake interrupts him, and begins talking about Josh's history. Josh gets furious and tackles Drake.
  • Paging Dr. Drake: Drake and Josh talk about situations and the time when Drake enters Josh in a chicken wing eating contest.
  • Foam Finger: Drake talks about dating his old girl Monique and Josh talks about his rat Bobo.
  • Girl Power: Drake and Josh talk about the number of girlfriends that had in their lives.
  • Sheep Thrills: Drake and Josh talk about different types of fish.
  • Megan's New Teacher: Drake and Josh talk about different teachers.
  • Little Sibling: Josh talks about volunteering people and Drake talks about instant messaging.
  • Theater Thug: Josh is playing poker downstairs and Drake is playing his guitar upstairs and talk about the time they we're at the mall.
  • The Demonator: Josh was playing with a yo-yo while Drake was too hyperactive because he has to drink brownie soup, which was unbaked since Josh was making those.
  • Alien Invasion: Drake was in the kitchen stacking up French fries while Josh was in the bedroom arranging Drake's CDs when they told the viewers about what Megan has done to them. Like putting kitty litter on Josh's sneakers and dying the underwear pink. Or Drake's joining the Mexican army and giving his phone number to the 3 hobos.
  • Dr. Phyllis Show: Drake & Josh told the viewers about their problems. Drake tells about how Josh signed him up for a tutor, while Josh explains how Drake sprayed his girlfriend Mindy with a hose.

Season 4[]

  • Josh Runs Into Oprah: Josh reminded the viewers about bad luck. But Drake, who was in the kitchen making sandwich, makes a lot of problems on Josh and decided to fix the lamp, which causes Josh, who was supposed to start studying, to turn on and shocks non-stop till he falls.
  • Vicious Tiberius: Josh was so stressed about blood donating while Drake was in his bedroom with a balloon.
  • The Wedding: Drake and Josh told the viewers about going to Aunt Catherine's wedding. Apparently, they both were in the same living room to each other.
  • Mindy Loves Josh: Josh talked about Becky Hummus and she said she had a crush on him when he was in 4th grade and Drake said Alison Fletcher asked him out.
  • Who's Got Game?: Drake and Josh both set up challenges for each other. Drake’s challenge is to paint a picture of Abraham Lincoln in a bikini before Josh stacks 50 cans of tuna into a pyramid. When Drake realizes that Josh is almost done, he causes Josh's pyramid of tuna to collapse by jumping onto the floor from the couch.
  • The Great Doheny: Josh was doing a magic trick by breaking a bottle to the head while Drake was at the Premiere kissing a girl.
  • I Love Sushi: Josh gets Drake involved in something and every time Drake drives Josh into one of his little adventures when things go bad.
  • The Storm: Drake is busy trimming flowers while Josh is busy rubbing shaving cream on his foot, also showing the viewers the hole in his tongue.
  • My Dinner with Bobo: Josh told Drake that he is unpredictable. Drake also pranked Josh when he bought a new sound machine.
  • Tree House: Josh was frustrated when he called Drake from a Chinese restaurant about Megan's fruit pops.
  • Josh Is Done: Drake and Josh both talk about their upcoming chemistry test for school. While Josh is studying, Drake calls him by his phone to play ping-pong.
  • Eric Punches Drake: Josh tries to put batteries in his flashlight and Drake sprays his corn red while they talk about rumors.
  • Megan's Revenge: Drake and Josh remembered the time when they borrowed their father's car to drive until it hit a neighbor's mailbox causing them to get in trouble.
  • Steered Straight: Josh mentions how he took Drake to his cousin Skippy's dairy farm, Drake tried to convince him that cows are ticklish, with Josh saying that this made the cow angry. Drake mentions this incident which caused him and Josh to get grounded.
  • Megan's First Kiss: Drake and Josh talk about Megan growing up.
  • Battle of Panthatar: Drake and Josh ask themselves random questions.
  • Really Big Shrimp: Drake and Josh reintroduce themselves from the pilot episode.
  • Helicopter: Drake and Josh are informing the viewers about something until some random guy named Dave shows up and Drake and Josh ask him to leave, but he doesn't want to and starts brushing his teeth. This cause Drake & Josh to leave the screen.
  • Dance Contest: Drake and Josh come up with a challenge to drink as much cups of coffee as they can. Josh’s cups of coffee contain caffeine which makes him act hyper to the viewers while Drake acts normal because Drake used Decaf coffee since Josh didn’t make that rule for the challenge.


  • The Affair is the only episode where the transition goes directly to the theme song after the intro.