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Number 1 Fan
Season 2, Episode 10
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Air date September 19, 2004
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Virgil Fabian
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Number 1 Fan (also known as Number One Fan) is the tenth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh. Drake Bell preforms his song "Down We Fall" in the episode.


A girl from Josh's Campfire Kid's troop has an obsessive crush on Drake and his music - but as she gets increasingly fanatic, Drake doesn't know how to handle it.


In the opening comments, Drake and Josh talk about their experiences with kids in the past.

Josh becomes the leader of the campfire troop after Walter quits due to the kids' trouble making. A girl from Megan's campfire troop, Wendy, has a massive crush on Drake. Her dream is for Drake to play her a song. Impressed with all her knowledge of him, Drake gives her an autograph and a guitar pick. Soon after, Wendy becomes obsessed with Drake and will not leave him alone, much to Drake's annoyance. Despite Drake's attempts to gently tell Wendy she should just leave him in his space, Wendy takes her obsession for Drake too far by posting flyers everywhere around his school promoting an upcoming radio appearance Drake will make with his band. Furious, Drake confronts Wendy about how she meant nothing to him, breaking her heart.

At the station, he is in need of a guitar pick and when he checks his pockets, he finds a note from Wendy apologizing for what she did and returning the pick he gave her. Realizing his mistake, he reschedules his radio performance and returns home to Wendy and plays a song just for her, which was the song he was supposed to perform on the radio. She is then cheered up and the kids go with Drake to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheddar's. After Drake and the campfire kids leave, Josh gets left behind, still being inside the tent.

During the end credits, Drake plays his guitar while Josh sing Drake's song "Down We Fall".



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  • Audrey is absent in this episode.
  • Dan Schneider voiced the radio host and you hear him mention Joe Catania, a person who works alongside Dan in his shows.
  • The song that Drake performs is available on Drake Bell's first album, Telegraph.
  • This is one of the rare episodes to be included on US releases of Drake & Josh: The Best of Seasons 1 & 2 DVD.
  • Chuck E. Cheddar's is a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • Josh actually has an autographed picture of Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle and The Fairly OddParents (2001-2005) in cameo of which Drake signed his name on the back for Wendy to have his autograph.
  • This episode along with Pilot, Dune Buggy, Guitar, Blues Brothers, Driver's License and The Gary Grill are not available on any streaming services due to licensing issues with material used in the episode, likely because of copyright for Drake's song. However, the episode was previously aired on TeenNick.
  • At the entrance of The Premiere, it says "Kid President" which is a movie mentioned in Little Diva
  • Drake Bell and Alyson Stoner provided their voices for the video game Kingdom Hearts III as Young Eraqus and Kairi, respectively. [1] [2]
  • William Corkery, the voice of Pete, provided his voice for Miles "Tails" Prower in Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance 3.


  • While at the studio, Drake has a 12-string guitar. However, after he cancels his radio performance and returns home to play a song for Wendy, his guitar turns into a 6-string guitar.
    • A piano and a bass guitar are also heard but not seen.
  • Drake could have gotten a restraining order against Wendy or at least told Megan about her.
  • When the radio host says Joe Catania, captions say "Jeff and Tanya".
  • After Josh scolds the kids for not going out in the rain, lightning and thunder are heard at the same time. However, this is impossible, as light travels faster than sound.
  • Josh should have wore oven mitts when taking the s'mores out of the oven.

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