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My Dinner with Bobo
Season 4, Episode 9
My Dinner with Bobo
Air date January 14, 2007
Written by Arthur Gradstein
Directed by Virgil Fabian
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My Dinner with Bobo is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh save money for a new car, but Drake spends it all on a baby orangutan. When they sell the orangutan to a man for $20,000, they soon realize they made a mistake and try to get him back.


In the opening sequence, Josh says Drake is unpredictable, and as he is about to tell a story, Drake pranks him with a new sound effects blaster that he bought.

Josh asks Walter if he can borrow his car to meet a magician at the Magic Palace. Walter says yes as Josh steals a bite out of his hamburger. When he goes into the kitchen, Drake comes home and tells Walter that he and his band are playing at the San Diego Women's Correctional Facility before taking his burger. Drake gives him the burger back and asks for his car keys. Drake and Josh both reach for the keys at the same time. When they realize Walter let them both use the car, they are both mad and ask him about it. Walter, realizing he let them both use the car, drops his burger and runs away. Drake and Josh continue fighting over the keys until the former stops it and makes them run in opposite directions around the block for the keys. But the second Josh runs out of the house, Drake takes the keys, Walter's burger, and his guitar before taking the car. Josh discovers him as he is running and chases after Drake, calling a foul.

The next day, as Walter is reading a magazine in the dining room, Drake and Josh come in and demand to talk to Walter. When Josh estimates he and Drake have $1200 between them, Walter promises to match that as long as they help around. After they can't agree on a car to buy, Drake steals the money and uses it, along with $100 he stole from Josh's "special box", to buy Bobo, the orangutan from Stan the Car Man. Drake assures Josh that they will make money off of Bobo soon enough, to which Josh does not believe but reluctantly let Drake try it out. Drake sets up a booth at the Premiere Theatre for people to meet Bobo, but after Helen requests half the profits, they are left with #20 after 3 hours and Drake admits he was wrong, Then, Dr. Adrian G. Favershim, who gave Drake $20 for a dance earlier, requests to buy Bobo for $10,000, which Drake and Josh excitedly accept. When they share the news with Megan, she is suspicious and looks up Dr. Favershim. When they discover he was known to eat rare primates, Drake and Josh run over to Dr. Favershim's house to return the check and get Bobo back. However, he locks Drake and Josh in the closet and takes their cell phones. Megan later shows up with cops and rescues Bobo. When Drake and Josh tell Megan to unlock them from the closet, her one condition is that they sell Bobo back to Stan the Car Man and buy the car that she wanted. They say no, but ended up buying the car, only to get teased and made fun of by three guys they know on the sidewalk.

During the end credits, Helen is talking to Gavin on her phone about the titanium spatula that she bought at Pottery Barrel.



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  • Craig Ramirez and Eric Blonowitz were mentioned in this episode.
  • This is the first appearance of Bobo who's a baby orangutan who pees on Josh's blue shirt. He's the pet orangutan of Stan the Car Man as seen on his used car dealership commercials.
  • A sign that reads, "Caution! Bobo may spit in your mouth" which is seen onscreen regarding kissing Bobo at The Premiere movie theater.
  • Audrey Parker-Nichols is absent on this episode.
  • Fancy Cat is a parody of Cat Fancy, changed around the other way.
  • The Magic Palace Josh went to is a parody of Magic Castle in Las Vegas, where magicians perform shows.
  • The title is an allusion to the 1981 film My Dinner with Andre, starring Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory.
  • This episode is similar to the Kenan and Kel episode "We Are the Chimpions", in which the two adopt a chimpanzee named "Charles".
  • This is the second episode Josh falls down the stairs, following Who's Got Game?.
  • One of the police officers that arrested Dr. Favershim is the same police officer from I Love Sushi who said Walter's inaccurate weather prediction that canceled his kid's birthday.
  • At one minute and fifty-six seconds, this, by far, has the longest opening comments of any episode in the show.
  • This is the second episode after Theater Thug where the Pottery Barrel is mentioned. The Pottery Barrel is also mentioned in the Zoey 101 episode Fake Roommate and it's a parody of Pottery Barn.
  • This is the first episode Josh calls Megan "Little Girl" twice.
  • This episode aired on Dan Schneider's 41st Birthday.
  • Moral: Never give temporary possessions to strangers you don't even know.


  • When Walter runs away from Drake and Josh, he drops his burger. When the camera cuts back to Drake and Josh, the burger is on the plate again.
  • Drake charged $5 for a kiss, $10 for a photo, and $20 for a dance with Bobo. Drake gives a blonde girl a photo, which would be $10, he then gets $5 after the brunette girl buys a kiss, and then he gets $20 from Dr. Favershim for his dance. The total would be $35 and after Helen requests half the money, Josh said they only had $20 after 3 hours, meaning someone else had to have bought a kiss, but it is not scene.
    • It probably happened before the blonde girl bought her photo.
  • When Megan is stomping to pretend to leave, she can be heard stomping after she stops, meaning it was a sound effect.
  • Drake took the extra $100 from Josh's "special box" to buy Bobo, but Drake couldn't have had it, since he took the check and car keys from the key tree and went straight out the door.
    • It is possible Drake went back for the money after the scene transitioned.
  • Drake and Josh said Walter promised both of them to use his car on the same night, which Walter confirmed. But Walter never promised the car to Drake, as he just told Walter where he was going, ate his burger, and asked where his car keys were.
  • When Walter is first reading Fancy Cat magazine, one of the pages he has not read yet is visible behind the page he is reading. Later, when Walter is on the couch, the same exact page is visible in the same spot, meaning Walter was actually reading the same page both times.
  • When Drake and Josh celebrate with the check they got, the dance they do is different than the one used during the theme song.
  • When Megan tells Drake and Josh about the car she wants as her condition to unlock them from the closet, they tell her no, but in the next scene, they are driving the car. It is possible Megan was firm on not letting them out unless they had the car and she made sure they would get it.
  • When Drake makes the running bet with Josh, he tells Josh to run clockwise while he runs counterclockwise, but Josh actually runs counter clockwise around the block.
  • Josh stated in Grammy that basketball was not his thing, but he comes back inside with a basketball while wearing athletic attire, implying he was playing basketball.
    • It is possible he liked it later on.
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