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Ms. Hunter
Ms. Hunter
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Lives In: San Diego
Employment: Teacher (formerly)
Nemesis: Josh Nichols
Students: Megan
other students
Production Info
Portrayed by: Joyce Lee
Only Appearance: Megan's New Teacher

Ms. Hunter is a minor character who only appeared in Drake & Josh. She was Megan's old teacher.

When Josh got his student teaching job, she decides to leave Josh in charge of her class and told Josh that she could be in the teacher's lounge if he needed her, but she also hypocritically told Josh if he needed her then he didn't need her. Megan and her classmates were so annoyed by Josh. Megan and Drake sneak into school to make sure Josh failed the student-teacher examination, Megan changes the tape Josh wanted to play in front of the class, the chemistry chemical and loosened up the sink faucet. The next day, Josh was going to play a Chemistry video, but a clown video instead. Next, Josh wanted to show Ms. Hunter and the class a water experiment, but after a turn on the faucet, lots of water splattered around. Ms. Hunter turns it off by using the pipes at the bottom of the sink. Josh wanted to show her and the class a chemical mixture experiment, but the chemical pitcher explodes all thanks to Megan's sabotage. Ms. Hunter gets really mad at Josh and rudely telling him to get out and fires him. Later on, Ms. Hunter decided to quit teaching permanently.


Ms. Hunter is shown to be rather strict and rude to other (likely her students & Josh).



  • She only appeared in the episode Megan's New Teacher.
  • This episode of Drake & Josh is similar to the episode, "After Hours" from Even Stevens where Ren, Chloe and Louis sneak into Lawrence Junior High to help his older sister set up an empty display case by Monday which is Lawrence Junior High's 75th Anniversary which is the diamond jubilee.
  • She was a 5th Grade teacher at the lower level of Belleview High School where Megan and her friends go to for education on the show.
  • She asked Josh to teach her class exactly the topics she was going to teach the class about.
    • Her students were in the 5th grade that they really hated her, and Josh taught her class College Chemistry.