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Mrs. Galloway
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Yellow
Lives In: San Diego
Brothers: Max Galloway
Father: Bob Galloway
Friends: Walter
Production Info
Portrayed by: Kimmy Robertson
Only Appearance: Two Idiots and a Baby

Mrs. Galloway is a minor character who appeared on "Two Idiots and a Baby". She is played by Kimmy Robertson.


Josh offered him and Drake to babysit her son, Max while she was having dinner with Walter, Audrey and her husband. When Josh tries to find her son, he pretends to be Max as she talks to him on the phone. As she, her husband, Josh, Audrey, and Walter go inside the living room, they found Drake and Megan with Max. As she and her husband pick up Max, she wanted him to say mama.


Season 1[]