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Mrs. Crenshaw
Mrs. Crenshaw
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 22, 1961
Hair Color: Brown
Husband: Mr. Crenshaw
Children: Mindy Crenshaw (daughter)

Alden Crenshaw (son)

Niece: Denise Crenshaw
Nephew: Chad Crenshaw
Friends: Josh
Production Info
Portrayed by: Erica Shaffer
Only Appearance: Girl Power

Mrs. Crenshaw is the mother of Mindy Crenshaw and she appeared in Girl Power. Like her husband, Mr. Crenshaw she is also overprotective of Mindy and wants to make sure she is safe with the guys that she goes out with AKA dates. She approves of Josh and Mindy's relationship because Josh comes from a fine family and had an elegant dinner prepared for the Crenshaw family. She also felt for Josh's frustration about Drake and Lucy sabotaging the dinner, which showed her how much Josh truly cared for her daughter. It is shown that chocolate gives her a rash and that she is allergic to daisies.