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Mr. Roland
Mr. Roland
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Height: 5"8"
Hair Color: Grey
Interests: Teaching, Chemistry
Lives In: Torrance, California
Friends: Josh Nichols
being late to class.
also Enemy.
Drake Parker
no blimps in the hallway.
also Enemy too.
Production Info
Portrayed by: Tom Virtue
First Appearance: Josh Is Done
Last Appearance: Eric Punches Drake
Freak the Freak Out
(Victorious episode)

Mr. Roland is an Organic Chemistry teacher at Belleview High School.


  • Mr. Roland does not like it when students are late to his class, he locks the door when the class officially begins.
  • He also has a strict rule about blimps in the hallway.


  • In Josh Is Done, Mr. Roland kicked Josh out of his class for being a few seconds late to class when the students begin their chemistry exam.

In Eric Punches Drake, he told Josh and Mindy about new chemistry textbooks that have arrived. Mr. Roland informed Drake about having no blimps in the hallway. That episode marks his final appearance of Mr. Roland (until he appears in the Victorious episode: Freak the Freak Out).