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Paul Crenshaw
Mr. Crenshaw
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 22, 1950
Hair Color: Grey
Wife: Mrs. Crenshaw
Children: Mindy Crenshaw (daughter)

Alden Crenshaw (son)

Niece: Denise Crenshaw
Nephew: Chad Crenshaw
Friends: Josh
Production Info
Portrayed by: Harry S. Murphy
Only Appearance: Girl Power

Mr. (Paul) Crenshaw is the father of Mindy Crenshaw and only appeared in Girl Power. He is overprotective of Mindy and wants to make sure her boyfriends are people that are seriously committed to a relationship and is willing to do anything for Mindy and is an overall good boyfriend for Mindy. He approved of Josh and Mindy's relationship because Josh prepared a nice dinner at his house and Josh had an elderly harpist that really intrigued him, but regardless of Drake and Lucy's fight ruining the dinner, Mr. Crenshaw still allowed Josh and Mindy to continue dating. He believes that men are tougher than women, similarly to Drake's belief. It is shown that Mr. Crenshaw is diabetic and is not a fan of daisies because he stated that the Czechoslovakia flower which is the daisy is known as the flower of death.