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Crazy Steve
Movie Job
Season 2, Episode 3
Movie Job
Air date March 28, 2004
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Virgil Fabian
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Movie Job is the third episode of the second season of Drake & Josh.


When Drake and Josh both get a job at the cinema, slacker Drake gets all the credit for Josh's hard work and ends up becoming his brother's boss, but Josh has a plan to get his own hard work back.


In the opening comments, Josh loves doing work but Drake doesn't.

Josh gets a job at the Premiere Movie Theater for making Crazy Steve quit after complaining about his wobbly drink holder but Helen soon forgets Josh's job. Drake soon starts working there, too. However, Drake obtains more credit for work despite his laziness and Josh being more competent. Adored by The Premiere's boss, Helen, she plans to promote Drake to assistant manager, much to Josh's dismay. Josh attempts to impress Helen, but his efforts end in fiasco. Drake begins to see how much the job means to Josh and takes the blame. Helen is reluctant but she lets Drake go in the sweet way.

During the end credits, Walter is talking to his statue and a bottle of honey. Audrey and Megan walk down to the living room who ignore Walter. After that, Walter puts the statue and a bottle of honey away and starts watching TV.



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  • This is the first episode of the series without an innuendo.
  • The Empress Strikes Back is a parody of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.
  • This episode makes the first appearance of The Premiere, which is a parody of Camino Real Cinemas.
  • This episode marks the debut of Josh's main job for the entire series.
  • This is the only episode or TV movie where Drake works at the Premiere theater.
  • The iBot is a parody of the iPod.


  • Drake said that he didn't like ketchup on a hot dog but at the beginning of The Wedding, he is about to put ketchup on his hot dog. However, he may have changed his mind about not liking it.
  • Drake said Josh's stereo is in Wisconsin but in other episodes, the stereo is back in their room, Drake and Josh may have got their stereo back from Wisconsin or they could've got another one, but they got the exact same radio.
  • Crazy Steve quits his job at the movie theater but he still works there in subsequent episodes. How and why, he got his job back is never explained in any episode of the show.
  • When Drake assigns duties, there are six workers, including Josh, however, Drake only assigns duties to four workers (with Josh being one of the two workers Drake doesn’t assign duties to).
  • Drake asks Helen for a job, and she says, "Sure start tomorrow." Then Drake says he works there now for free movies when Josh asks him how he’ll pay for the tickets, but Drake actually doesn’t work there just yet. His first day on the job isn’t until the next day, and even if he did begin working there on the current day, he still couldn’t afford the tickets since he wouldn’t receive his first paycheck until at least a week after his first day on the job.
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