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Molly is a character who only appears in Really Big Shrimp. She is a friend of Megan.


Molly is first seen when Megan invites her friends over to decorate cakes for their school bake sale in Drake and Josh's room, which Megan was sharing with Drake and Josh at the time. When Drake and Josh enter, Molly gets excited to see boys in the room, and when Megan demands that they get out Molly states "No, one of them is cute".

After Drake leaves the room after arguing with Josh about rules, Megan reluctantly tells Josh that Molly finds him cute, which results in Megan's friends saying "Ewwww!" When Josh, surprised by this, leaves the room, Molly calls out to him "Call me!", which results in Megan and her friends saying "Ewwww!" again.

Later on when Megan restores the boys room, Molly approaches Josh again and says "Call me!" resulting in Megan's friends saying "Ewwwww!" again.

Molly is played by Alysse Cepeda.