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Mitch Gordon
Mitch Gordon
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Lives In: Los Angeles
Employment: MTV director
Friends: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Alan Krim
Production Info
Portrayed by: Jordan Belfi
Only Appearance: Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

Mitch Gordon is a minor character in Drake & Josh Go Hollywood.


Mitch Gordon is portrayed to be smooth, since he allow Drake as a Unside sound check Drake on TRL. And Hook Drake up with Alan Krim for a sound check.

Plot Overview[]

Mitch Gordon needs someone with an excellent performance to appear on TRL. Josh slid his laptop under the bathroom stall. Mitch walked out with Josh's laptop, and Josh convinced Mitch Gordon to allow Drake to play on TRL. Mitch Gordon then said, "Never in a million years would I book an inside artist on TRL, but he allowed Drake to perform on TRL. Mitch arranged a TRL soundcheck performance for Drake on TRL. He told Josh to have Drake arrive at Sun Set Studio at 4:00 soundcheck and that he would go on live at 5:30.


Mitch Gordon(6)

Drake Parker[]

Mitch Gordon hooks up Drake for a TRL performance on then afterwards suggests Drake pursue a Record Deal in New York with Alan Crim at Spin City Records.

Mitch Gordon(5)

Josh Nichols[]

Josh crosses paths with a Mitch Gordon and convinces him to give Drake a spot-on MTV's TRL.

Alan Krim[]

Mitch Gordon convinces Drake to pursue a Record Deal at Spin City Records where he could hook him up with Alan Crim in New York After watching Drake’s performance on MTV's TRL.



  • "Thanks for being too pushy in the men's room."
  • "You saved my butt."