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"See you in chemistry!"
Josh to Mindy
Mindy Loves Josh
Season 4, Episode 4
Mindy Loves Josh
Air date October 22, 2006
Written by Arthur Gradstein
Directed by Adam Weissman
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Mindy Loves Josh is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


The school science fair is coming up, and while working on a project together, Mindy says those three little words.


In the opening comments, Josh talks about a girl from the 4th grade named Becky Hummus who only used him because he had doodle cakes in his lunchbox. Becky ended up gaining a lot of weight. Drake talks about a girl named Alison Fletcher who asked him out, but only used him to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. After Allison dumped Drake for her ex-boyfriend, he started making out with her sister.

Josh and Mindy are working together on a laser for the science fair, and when Mindy leaves, she says "I love you" to Josh. After telling Mindy that he is not sure of his feelings towards her, he finds out from Drake that Mindy may have only said that to distract him from beating her in the Regional Science Fair. At the science fair, Josh's laser cannon fires a bigger discharge than Mindy's laser cannon and he wins first prize. Josh brags about his success to Mindy, but Mindy tells Josh that she let him win for all of those years she beat him. Josh doesn't believe her until she presses a button that extends the barrel of her laser cannon, and it fires a massive discharge through the wall. Later, Josh apologizes to Mindy, and he gives her the first prize ribbon. Mindy and Josh are no longer a couple, but they still remain friends and do homework together.

Meanwhile, Megan seeks revenge on Drake after he eats her cookie: she discovers a fictional disease that turns the hands and feet a sickly greenish color, and she dyes Drake's hands and feet green to make him believe he has the disease, making him suffer a disgusting cure, only though, while he is in the middle of it, she spills the beans.

During the end credits, Audrey found the buckets of yellow liquid that Drake used to cure his fake disease and demands Drake to tell her what it is. After Drake confesses that it is "lizard pee", Audrey makes him attend counseling twice a week. Josh finds Drake at the science fair even though he paid him ten bucks to stay away. Drake tells Josh that he got ripped off.



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  • Walter is absent in this episode.
  • Mindy's hair is noticeably shorter this season than in previous episodes, but her hair is long again in Merry Christmas Drake & Josh.
  • This episode aired one year after Sheep Thrills.
  • This is the first time Drake ate something of Megan's (in this instance, her big cookie). The next episode is Tree House when he ate her fruit popple.
  • The name of the fictional disease is called, Derma Temeculitis.
  • Josh Peck made a reference to this episode in a Tweet on November 10, 2015 (his birthday), where Allison Scagliotti wished him happy birthday and Josh responded, "Thanks babe and see you in chemistry."[1]
  • When Josh slams the door in Mindy's face and she say he hit her nose; this also takes us back to when Drake slams the door in Eric's face also hitting him on the nose in the previous episode The Wedding.
  • An internet meme came from a scene of this episode.
    • Carly (who is also played by Miranda Cosgrove in both the 2007 and 2021 series) references the iconic meme in the iCarly (2021) episode "iFauxpologize" by saying the exact same words and using a soda can. This could also suggest that the original scene from this episode may have served as the inspiration for iCarly.


  • In the scene where Megan sprays Drake's hands when he is sleeping, his right sleeve is not rolled up. But in the next scene, it's rolled up.
    • It's possible that Drake raised his sleeve in order to wash his hands.
  • Ethan was disqualified for doing a watermelon lamp two years in a row, but Josh did a big magnet last year in the last science fair (mentioned in Honor Council, seen in Mindy's Back), so Josh would have been disqualified as well, yet he did not.
    • However, the judges seemed impressed by both of Josh's big magnets, and they were probably not impressed with Ethan's first watermelon lamp.
  • When Josh is about to leave their room, he slaps Drake. But you can see his hand made no contact with Drake at all.
  • You can tell the marshmallows Drake is stacking at the beginning are glued together already, because they all stay when he holds only the top one.
  • Mindy says that her nose was hurt when Josh slammed the door in her face. However, when Josh slams the door, you can clearly see that she moves away before the door closes.
  • In the end credits, Drake shows up to the science fair, startling Josh. However, during the episode, while the science fair is happening, Drake is seemingly at home, attempting to cure his disease. Although it may be possible that Drake went to the school to see the science fair after Megan told him the truth.


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